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Nice but just above average
Jorge TC27 November 2005
After voting I noticed only people who rated this movie with 10 out 10 commented it so I thought I should do my service to the community by balancing a bit the comment department :)

I gave it 6 out of 10, which means I thought it was a bit over the average. I don't care if it's a low budget or a million dollar blockbuster, my parameters resume to my satisfaction while watching the movie.

This whole movie takes place in just one cell with about 8 guys in it. So the least you'll expect is 8 terrific actors and a perfect plot. I can't complain too much about the actors, some were great, others forced their "type" a bit too much and others were unnoticeable... still nothing shocking here. The plot, however, was nice but tried to give more than it should. The whole theme around the conversations within the cell resume to politics, racism, violence, etc... which is all very nice and interesting, but after almost 2 hours of condescending advice about how to reject sin and be good to your brother was just too much. I think they forced the idea a bit too much.

The plot disappointed me in more two items, the way it explained "God's" story, and the last part of the movie took a few strange and useless turns.

By the way, the soundtrack could have been much more interesting as well as the photography.
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BOOTY_PINCHER27 March 2005
With all the stupid,silly movies I see on cable night after night,I rented a copy of God has a rap sheet,and man was I happy to see a movie that told the truth about things Hollywood is too scared to talk about. Set in a grimy,stinky,holding cell on a hot summer's night- God has a rap sheet tackles touchy subjects like race,religion,sex and politics. (With eight different characters to represent all the different dilemmas discussed) Kamal Ahmed (the former Jerky boy) delivers a powerful debut,considering he wrote,directed and played all the music! I highly recommend this for anyone who supports low-budget,but high concept Independent movies. How or why the Sundance or IFC channel haven't picked this up,only points out their phony,going for the buck,star driven vehicle trash.
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Jerky Boy Grows Up - Great Film, Very Underrated
jamie-22328 April 2004
Being a huge Jerky Boys fan for many years, I decided to check out Kamal's new movie God Has a Rap Sheet. The result was an unexpectedly thought-provoking evening. Kamal has truly hit his true stride - the sharp dialog, excellent direction and across-the-board great acting performances made this a film to remember. The plot revolves around a group of misfits from all walks of life stuck in a holding cell for one night. John Ford Noonan's portrayal of a bum/God is amazing and the ensemble cast brings a great energy to the movie. Hopefully they'll release a DVD soon so I can check it out again. Look for really big things from Kamal, he knows how to make a great film.
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Makes you think
masum2710 March 2005
After seeing Kamal Ahmed's "God has a rap sheet" some time ago,I was left with a feeling of being hit over the head by a social studies teacher! The movie takes place on a hot summer's night in a New York city holding cell,where eight different men of all creeds,share the cell with a homeless man who claims to be God. The movie covered every issue that is concerning today's issues like history,race,sex and religion. Some of it seemed slightly heavy handed,but after thinking about it,I realized Ahmed's intention was to challenge one's views about these subjects. In today's world of Independent cinema,this movie to me is what "Independant" is all about- A Writer/Director with a vision,and making it all come together on the big (or should I say small) screen.
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Gritty and realistic human drama!
tjhl6 March 2005
I first saw this film at a theater in New York's East Village and found myself hooked within the first 5 minutes! I just saw it again on DVD and it was even better. Great commentary by the Director and a solid visual transfer - looks awesome! But more importantly, the script is "dead-on!" Solid writing truly brings this gritty, character drama to life. All in all, the film depicts realistic scenarios laced with many humorous parts - all the while featuring "Hell's Kitchen" as the backdrop. A must see for anyone who wants to understand what a strong, entertaining, independent film is supposed to look like. Also... The DVD extras (Commentary & Interview) provide insight as to how painstakingly difficult it was to bring this awesome film to life.
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A Gritty, Groundbreaking Film
jamie-2233 February 2009
First caught this back in 2003, own the DVD now and still impressed by this indie flick. This film has a Mean Streets look and feel to it, and the actors, with the exception of a few weak links, are impressive. Noonan's performance is once to remember, as is Ahmed's directorial debut. The soundtrack, instrumental rock with an edge, is memorable and fits into the desolate scenery of the movie.

While the plot is, for the most part, fresh, a few of the main characters (such as the the Hasidic Jew and the Irish mobster) present more engaging character studies than others (the yuppie professionals).

Overall, well worth watching for anyone who loves early Keitel, early Scorsese NYC-style films and the witty and interesting dialog of a Whit Stillman.
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What a Powerful movie
bateau8272527 January 2009
A close friend of mine recommended this movie to me and although it took several days to find it,I finally saw it on NetFlix. Well,let me start by saying I haven't seen so much honesty in a movie since the '70's. What made it special was that it was flawed and uneven,but that's what endeared me even more. Actor John Ford Noonan who played a sort of "God" mouthpiece,should of been singled out by Indie crowd as one of the best performances in years,but to my surprise,many people still have not heard of this film,and when I called the IFC channel to complain (I read one of the viewer's rants on the IFC's refusel to play it) They gave me no reasonable excuse,just a simple "We passed on that title". Curious,to me. But I think there is an obvious discrimination that reeks around this title.
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This movie deserves a lot of props!
dannynsk21 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Taken from i can smell your brains .com I Can Smell Your Brains Cinema returned last weekend with a movie that will blow your mind: God Has A Rap Sheet. Generally we feature horror or Sci-Fi films at our film showings, but in the case of God Has A Rap Sheet – the movie is so good we decided to bend the rules.

God - a hell of a guy! Imagine taking eight totally different guys and locking them all up in a holding cell in a New York City jail over night. When I say different I am referring to each of them coming from completely opposite ethnic backgrounds. Combine a working class Muslin, a Hasidic Jew, your typical Italian Mob related underling, an insane Irish Skinhead, a Black aspiring hip hop wannabe, a Puerto Rican hustler, a cheery fella from Great Britain, and an Asian record industry executive together in the slammer and your bound to have some schism. Well, this recipe gets even more out of hand when a bum who was already incarcerated and inhabiting the cell claims to be God……….

The nights about to change! John Ford Noonan, the most degenerate looking guy on the planet, totally steals the show when he breaks the news to everyone that he is God. Noonan hasn't had a big career as an actor which is a shame; because when you see him in this you will be thoroughly impressed. I instantly recognized him from his role as "Handsome John Pruitt" the truck driver from Adventures in Babysitting. He is also the brother of actor Tom Noonan (You might remember him best as Ripper from The Last Action Hero), does an amazing job as a crazy old man that just might be God. Sure he stinks, his pajama pants are soiled, and he is missing a few of his front teeth, but who is to say what sort of human God finds interesting enough to inhabit. The guys in the cell begin to bump heads with their opinions on sex, religion, race, and creed. Of course fancy to meet you here!when things begin to heat up God tries to lend some advice and kind heartfelt solutions to their problems, which are obviously laughed off right away.

Similar to the style of Reservoir Dogs and Clerks, where the majority of the film is based on clever dialogs, the film also has that similar feel being generally filmed all in one location. But God has a Rap Sheet is an underground and much overlooked classic. Written and directed Kamal Ahmed of The Jerky Boys, the film is innovative and a fresh outlook on racial profiling as well as your average American's unfortunate typical stereotyping. But don't let Kamal's resume of the Jerky Boys fool you; though this is just Nice gun!as creative as any of his spontaneous phone calls, God has a Rap Sheet is not a slapstick comedy. Sure it has it's elements of humor, but it's the sort of film that may leave you questioning some of your own beliefs.

The end has an awesome surprise guest show up who is none other than the legendary William Smith. He is one of America's last tough guy actors with his past roles in classics such as Any Which Way But Loose, Red Dawn, and Conan's father in Conan The Barbarian.

I really enjoyed this movie and that's why we decided to show God Has A Rap Sheet this month instead of our typical horror themed film. This is my way of saying, "Wow,you all need to see this!" But instead of showing it to everyone that comes over the house, I wanted to do it on the big screen.
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The guy that bashed this movie is a moron.
skeema1716 December 2007
I saw this film, yea its not a block buster hit but if you had any type of intelligence you would be able comprehend the depth of this movie. Life is a dark and scary place, if no one has encountered anything horrible in their life Gob bless you but, in order to see how the rest of the world works... watch this film. Every human is born pure but it depends on the path you take. It's not hard to fall off the path and end up in a world of terror, drugs and fear. You should be happy that we have talented directors and actors to portray this terrible way of life rather than experiencing it our selves forever. If you think this film is b.s. then you're living on the high land and soon enough, you'll fall off A hole! From Alex.
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Hercules beware
manir1003 May 2007
Okay,let me start by saying "God has a rap sheet" was a flawed movie in many respects. I can point out several moments when the film took unnecessary turns or took unnecessary liberties with character development,but the honesty that comes from the written word along with the honesty in which the actors portrayed their characters made me absolutely love this movie. In fact,I realized how many things in the movie made me think for a moment (which made me watch it immediately again)and also made me feel what a true herculean effort writer/director Kamal Ahmed put into this almost,under-the-radar indie. After a few days of watching "God has a rap sheet",I wondered why I never caught this on the IFC or Sundance channel so I called both stations to see if they heard of this title and to my puzzlement,both replied "We past on that film." I was totally blown away,considering this movie is EXACTLY what those tired so-called indie cable channels have become. I said that they should reconsider,but both again replied- "Once we past on something,that's kinda it for the movie." Wow.
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God Has A Rap Sheet
bobbypittsburgh24 October 2005
An honest character study that is fearless in finding humor in certain racial stereotypes. Very well acted especially from the lead; John Ford Noonan, who I've had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with on many different subjects and levels. The direction is solid and specific from Kamal Ahmed who's created a fresh, raw and impressive take on the Independent film medium. Bonz Malone is another powerful character who takes the film to another level. The set and some of the visual choices made in this film are amazing and prove the level of commitment involved from Director, Ahmed and Cinematographer, Tom Agnello. Another great attribute to the film is it's soundtrack by The Sacred Groove Posse which mixes funk and an old seventies type feeling to the story.
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Archie Bunker is alive and well, and wrote this script!
skcdk@aol.com28 November 2003
This movie was a pleasant surprise! I watched the individual characters and said "I know these people!" They could be my neighbors or colleagues, or even relatives. The writer used the vehicle of stereotyping in a serious, as well as a comical manner. I have not seen this since "All In the Family" on TV in the late 60's. On one level, ideological conflicts (such as the Mid East crisis or the religious conflict in Northern Ireland) were brought to the surface. On another level, the indifference of a given character not involved in a given conflict was exploited for its humorous/serious value. On yet another level, there was humorous stereotyping; no one is spared - everybody gets insulted here! I saw the movie by accident; I cannot wait to buy it!
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