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Alternate Versions

In the Japanese intro, when it shows Jessica on the TV screen, she's shown torso only and wearing only a bra for a top. This was altered for all non-Japanese versions to her wearing the red dress we see her in several times later in the game. However, some non-Japanese prints don't even use the alternate outfit and only shows Damnd/Thrasher laughing into the TV screen. The two female characters (Roxy and Poison) do not appear in the US versions of the Super NES and GBA ports. They are replaced by Sid and Billy. Reason for this replacement is due to the "provocative outfits" of the original female characters (Very small tanktop and VERY short shorts). However, the female characters were reinstated for the US Sega CD release, yet their tanktops and shorts were lengthened to cover up more skin. In the home versions, after you break the car. When the guy comes out, he doesn't say "Oh! My God!!" Instead, he says "Oh! My Car!!" Two of the bosses had their names changed in the US version of the Super NES port:Stage 1 boss "Damnd" had his name changed to "Thrasher". Stage 2 boss "Sodom" had his name changed to "Katana". The "Industrial Area" stage is missing in Super NES version due to graphical limitations, yet reinstated in the Sega CD and Game Boy Advance editions.
Sega CD version of the game features a fully remixed stereo soundtrack as well as opening and ending voice acting not present in any other versions, not even the arcade edition.
The original Super NES release did not include the playable character Guy, leaving only Haggar and Cody.
The alternate Super Nintendo edition of the game, Final Fight Guy (1992), featured a slightly altered story line to explain Guy's reappearance, but Cody's sudden disappearance. In the original version, Cody was Jessica's boyfriend and fought alongside her father, Mike Haggar, to rescue her. However, in the "Guy" version, it is explained that Cody is still training in Japan and only Guy was able to leave for America. Also, an alternate ending was created in which Jessica asks Guy why he's leaving her after saving her. He simply replies that he wishes the best of luck for her and Cody. After he leaves, she says that she will miss him, implying that there may have been a relationship between Guy and Jessica before Cody and Jessica. This was implied slightly in the original 3-character edition when Cody is knocked down by Guy in the original ending, but even moreso here.

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