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Author: vchimpanzee
25 November 2003

Rachel (Sara Topham), the daughter of Plaza owner Mr. Peabody (Victor A.Young), is supposed to marry Brooks Oliver (Rick Roberts), but she used to like Bill, a waiter (which may be one reason she was sent away to college). Eloise, the spoiled brat kid who lives on the top floor, is a good friend of Bill, and she thinks something is just not right about Brooks.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Thornton has threatened to turn Eloise's turtle into soup. But when she hears bad news about the cranky old lady, Eloise shows her compassionate side.

As in the first 'Eloise' movie, Sofia Vassilieva is wonderful as Eloise, at her best when she is getting on everyone's nerves or using her talent to solve problems, but also capable of being a quiet, decent and thoughtful child. Julie Andrews is good again as her patient Nanny, who takes care of Eloise when her mother is gone (which is often). And the actress playing Mrs. Thornton gave us a nice change of pace in a poignant dramatic performance when she talked about her son--this is not merely a comedy. Christine Baranski played a bigger part this time as the nasty event planner Prunella Stickler, and she overacted very nicely, in a way certain to appeal to kids. Gavin Creel is great as Bill, especially when Bill and Rachel sing together. Creel and Topham are both quite talented musically.

This movie was another winner. Great for kids of all ages.

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Eloise at Christmastime is great!

Author: kw80 from United States
20 December 2006

The person who previously reviewed this movie is a bitter, joyless, miserable human being, apparently. Eloise is not an obnoxious little brat or whatever they called her- she's a great character. This is a delightful movie that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike! It's a wonderful story that takes place in New York City, the Plaza hotel, actually, at Christmastime. There are many things going on at the Plaza, including a wedding, which Eloise is determined to stop. Eloise friends and other employees and residents of the Plaza are all wonderful characters. Julie Andrew's role, though not as acclaimed as other roles she's played, is truly entertaining. I would absolutely recommend this movie to anyone.

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Charming but frenetic

Author: Charly-25 from Memphis, TN
10 January 2004

This is a delightfully charming movie, with a shining young star. Sofia Vassilieva is an extremely energetic young actress, who certainly has captured the spirit of Kay Thompson's, Eloise. She held her own with Julie Andrews, who is wonderful as her Nanny. Much like an older and more exhausted Maria Von Trapp. Christine Baranski proves to be delicious in what could have been a two dimensional character role. She makes Prunella a woman you love to hate. Seeing Corinne Conley as Mrs. Thornton was very enjoyable. I first became fascinated with her in Days of Our Lives and I have loved watching her since. The only flaw to the film is it's exhausting pace. Eloise flits from one thought or deed to the next with such alarming rapidity that I wanted to spike her eggnog with Prozac.

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A story of an imaginative, energetic, and loving six-year-old.

Author: Sunah from Berkeley, California
22 November 2003

The little actress who portayed Eloise was absolutely spot-on. Other comments about the previous movie, _Eloise at the Plaza_, said the movie did not do

justice to the book. Because there was no boredom or inactivity in this movie, I can understand the point, but the plot of the movie is really incidental. It is a portrayal of the adaptation of an imaginative, energetic, and loving six-year-old to the straitlaced circumstances in which she finds herself, just as the book is, and it is delightful.

It was great to see Julie Andrews play against type, but we still saw that upper crust peeking through. Jeffrey Tambor was fine. However, for the most part,

secondary characters were too broad for adult moviegoers.

Other Disney movies with constant action and shallow characterization leave

me cold, but I will happily watch any others in this series.

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Excellent Family Movie

Author: Sweetypie1383
23 November 2003

This movie was really a nice treat! Our whole family enjoyed it. It was done just as zany as the books are. The little gal that plays Eloise is very believable. And of course, Julie Andrews is superb as usual. Singing, dancing, comedy and suspense make this an all around hit for everyone.

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cute movie

Author: sncannon86 from United States
23 December 2007

This movie is a very cute movie, I've watched it every holiday since it came out. My cousins and I love sitting around watching and enjoying how cute the movie is. I think that Eloise is a very cute character, and I don't think she's a "horrible role model" for children, she's smart, outgoing, funny, and sees what others do not. I think she doesn't always follow the rules, but life's rules are meant to be broken. I am sure that tons of little children will enjoy watching this cute holiday movie.

The movie is all about this young girl who is trying to get her friend to marry his true love, the daughter of the hotel owner. The movie shows the sneaky Eloise preparing for the holiday and trying to help the people in the hotel that she cares about. It's a very cute movie that always puts a smile on my face. I think it's pretty funny and it is not extremely corny.

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Sophia Vassilieva as Eloise

Author: nnalezny1 from United States
17 February 2005

This actress should be doing movies - she is a great little actress and hope to see her more in the future. Why is she in this "Medium" series - she is too good for that (it's very disheartening to see her in this after seeing her in Eloise). Why can't she go to Paris, isn't there an "Eloise" story for that?? And please don't cast her in rude, violent movies. I have so much enjoyed the two movies that she made - I am very fussy about the movies I watch, and these were excellent - they should have received recognition - the casting, and everything about them was so good - hopefully quality producers and writers, etc will looking into some good family story lines (re the Eloise stories) using using this actress. Would you like my ideas??

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A Wonderful Christmas Movie!!!

Author: dcgirl21794-4 from United States
9 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Eloise at Christmastime is a cute Christmas movie!!! Whenever I watch this movie it makes me jump into the Christmas spirit. It is a wonderful kid friendly movie. This movie is about a 6 six year old Eloise who is getting ready for Christmas with Nanny (Julie Andrews). To get ready for Christmas she shops for gifts, has fun, and decorates for the holiday with her Nanny, friend Bill, her turtle, and her dog. Meanwhile she believes the hotel managers' daughter (who is getting married)is marrying the wrong guy. Eloise thinks he is up to something. Eloise also awaits her mothers return from Paris!!! Watch this movie to find out and experience Christmas spirit!!!

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Cute Christmas

Author: kez0 from United States
19 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Eloise at Christmastime is a Christmas movie my family watches every year, and it's one of the cutest movies. Just like Eloise, "I absolutely love Christmas!". Eloise is a six year old girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York City with her Nanny. In this movie, we get to see Eloise and Nanny prepare for Christmas, a wedding, and Eloise's movie star mother's return home. Many times, people refer to Eloise as a brat, but this movie reveals that Eloise is kinder and more insightful than people give her credit for. As a six year old, she is better at noticing true love, and true heartbreak (in its many forms), before even the adults do. She realizes that not everything is as it seems, as in the case of a grumpy neighbor, and that Christmas should be spent with the people you care about. The scenery and costumes make this movie charming and innocent, just as Christmas for a child should be. Costumes are bright and colorful, the Plaza is decked out with skyscraper sized Christmas trees and twinkle lights galore, and everything is just a bit exaggerated (such as Eloise's wish list and shopping spree), making the movie just as fun and dramatic as Eloise herself.

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So sweet, I'll watch it again

Author: Bkw150163 from United States
25 November 2012

I happened to come across this movie by accident. I had a bad cold and nothing looked good enough for me to watch. So I gave this movie a chance and all I can say is, I'm glad I did. It took my mind off me feeling bad and sucked me into Eloises world.

I don't know why anybody would call her a spoiled brat. She is a very sweet loving girl that happens to live in the Plaza as her (rich) mom is never there for her. All she has is her Nanny (wonderful Julie Andrews) and all the guests and staff at the Plaza. Yes, in the beginning you might be tempted to find her annoying, but this will change real quick and you will fall in love with her. I know I did.

Kudos to the girl who played Eloise, wonderful job, hope to see her again in another movie.

So anyway, I think it teaches us that money might help but is not the most important thing.

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