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Worth watching at least once

Author: Julian from United Kingdom
15 June 2005

Apparently the son of god has returned for a second coming. First, will anyone believe him, including the person he is returning in? A couple of miracles later, and people are starting to take him seriously, but he has a message for the world. A few days to write the Third Testament, or its all over.

I thought it was a very interesting drama, that kept me hooked to the end. Some interesting issues approached, and taken on in a new way. Nearly two years on, and still some of the details are quite memorable. The conclusion is quite powerful, but probably not what anyone was expecting, which I think is also good in a drama.

It obviously has religious overtones, and depending where you are on the scale it may or may not fit with your views. However its written as drama, and it keeps the attention focused to the end.

Well worth a watch.

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Things that make you go "mmmmmm"

Author: (benc7ca)
8 April 2004

I rented the dvd (appropriately enough) over the Easter weekend and it made for a very interesting diversion from the usual sappy, soppy, silly "resurrection" of religious movies we get bombarded with at this time of year. The acting was very good and the premise even better. Episode one was excellent and I wondered how the director was going to bring this to a resolution in episode two. Well, I loved the ending but I am, like other viewers, foxed as to how it came about. The peculiar logic of the film was compromised by a sudden revelation I'm not convinced the character would have(or could have) had. Nevertheless, I recommend this to anyone who has had their fill of the Mel Gibson/right wing/heaven- forbid-we-have-an-original-thought treatments of spiritual subjects.

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Well done ITV - well worth watching

Author: gribbles1 from Perth, Western Australia
6 August 2005

Just discovered The Second Coming as a new release in our local DVD store. Was intrigued by the synopsis and thought it was worth watching. I'm so glad we did. Why hasn't this thought provoking film been aired in Australia? This is the sort of drama that would have fallen in a heap without the right lead and Christopher Ecclestone doesn't put a foot wrong. He is an excellent actor and this part allows him to show his range. (Can't understand why the Brits don't like him as Doctor Who!) He is ably supported by Lesley Roache in particular.

Other reviewers have criticised the ending for being lame compared with the rest of the movie. But surely after all you'd been through you didn't want a typical "Hollywood" candy coated ending? This makes you talk and think long after watching.

Highly recommended for anyone who can keep an open mind.

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Author: Withnail_fan from Willenhall:United Kingdom
2 October 2005

This is well worth the price of the DVD, a brilliant thought provoking TV drama that is a cut above the rest. Starring Christopher Eccleston and Leslep will fascinate and at the same time entertain you. Chris is Steven Baxter the Son of God..who gives the world 5 days to write a third testament or face judgement day!!! Not over the top like a Hollywood blockbuster but down to earth like Steve himself. Although the end may offend some religious people....although this does not include myself i loved the end despite believing in God, it is well worth spending 3 hours of your life watching and thinking.

If the story does not hold your attention then the acting will. Chris Eccleston gives one of his best performances to date....the rest of the cast are also brill too.

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Startling and Brave (spoilers)

Author: Caps Fan from Washington DC
16 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Maybe only British television could have got away with something like this, or would have been likely to try.

Christopher Eccleston gives us a rousing performance as Stephen Baxter, an ordinary "bloke" from the north of England who, having disappeared on bleak moorland for 40 days and 40 nights, turns up again, claiming to be the Son of God.

Nothing new about that, you might say - plenty of people have claimed that. The difference is that, in Stephen's case, the claim is true and he gives the human race five days to come up with a "Third Testament" or face Judgment Day and possible oblivion. To make sure he gets the world's attention, he throws in a couple of miracles for good measure.

The portrayed response of those around Stephen - friends, foes and in between - is plausible and interesting. I particularly liked Peter Wright as Len Chadwick, the sympathetic policeman placed in charge of protecting Stephen, and Lesley Sharp who, as always, turns in a strong and wholly credible performance as Stephen's nearly girlfriend.

Good music punctuates an intelligent and witty script that sometimes strays towards the cheesy, but usually veers away. The special effects are adequate, but nothing more, though the actual photography is spectacular at times.

I wasn't totally sold on the conclusion - it seemed, somehow, a bit of a letdown, even a copout, but maybe that was inevitable, given the buildup.

The DVD version is divided irritatingly, but that detracts little from the impact of this gripping, mature drama. Strongly recommended.

Rating: 8/10.

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A Unique Take on the Second Coming

Author: ming666 from Bernardsville, NJ
15 January 2004

I saw "The Second Coming" during a business trip to the UK. It was a two part miniseries. I liked the first episode so much I held my trip over a couple of days in order to see the conclusion. I happen to like the Christopher Eccleston, the actor who plays the second coming of the savior from Manchester. He is always great to watch (see "Let Him Have It"; "Shallow Grave", and "28 Days Later") Its too bad he hasn't gotten more recognition in the US. The notion of a nobody slacker being thrust into the center of such a controversy was handled without cliche. I especially loved the resolution in the ending. I highly reccomend it.

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Author: Greg1138 from Gloucester, England
21 April 2003

Yep, the second episode of this two-parter is rather bum-numbing stuff, but it's worth the wait...

Written by Russell Davies - who has stirred up controversy before - this is a "What if?" story about the second coming of Jesus...on it's initial showing in the UK, it was criticised for it's "Blasphemy", which is a little odd since it's nothing of the sort...

Set in Manchester, England, Christopher Eccleston returns after disappearing for 40 days and nights and proclaims that he is the Son of God. I won't spoil things for any viewers out there with the "Is he or Isn't he?" stuff - suffice to say that he finds it somewhat difficult to convince people....

Well worth the price of a DVD to catch this interesting drama...

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Thought Provoking and Somewhat Entertaining

Author: Dan Secrest (dsecrest) from Detroit, Michigan
24 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*****Contains Spoilers*****

This is a 2-episode, made-for-TV, movie. The first episode was gripping. The second episode was a bit tedious, although I found the ending satisfying. It isn't for everybody, though, especially if you are any sort of fundamentalist. If you like to think about religion, though, then you should appreciate the the challenges the script presents.

As is the case with many stories that encompass the "supernatural", the film is engaging as the miracles take place, while much more difficult to follow and enjoy when the time comes to make sense of all that has come before.

The film is somewhat upbeat and inspirational, but that is limited by the atheistic philosophy that is promulgated...

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More TV like this please

Author: tommy-114 from United Kingdom
21 June 2005

Awesome. Granted the ending might not be to everyone's taste but if we could have more TV like this and that has had this much thought and less J list celebrity reality TV game shows on our screens we'd be on to a winner. I didn't know anything about this when i watched it which probably helped me enjoy it so i won't pre-empt your decision be telling you all about it, but in general it gives the viewer an interesting take on religion or more specifically religion in contemporary Britain. I'm not a religious person but found that the content got me thinking long after the show had finished which is more than can be said for most TV programmes. Buy it, watch it, enjoy it. Oh and Eccleston is fantastic.

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Still Brilliant After all These Years

Author: amyrourke56 from Australia
6 January 2014

I had seen this on television ~ ABC probably, but at a friend's house, at the time of release. We talked about that time a few years ago and I was saying remember that Dr Who episode ?..." I've never seen Dr Who." My pal replied and this set of a chain reaction of thinking about it further and consulting IMDb. I'd got it wrong, but thematically right. I realised that I'd only seen episode one and had subsequently devoted myself to the new Dr Who along with great fondness for Christopher Eccleston in his role in 'Cracker' back in the 90s. Add to the mix, the Russell T Davies connection and the crossed wire was well sorted! I found the DVD version in my local library and decided to revisit the experience, solo. Ah ~ the Eureka moment, I'd never seen the ending.

All the performances shine and the writing is fantastic. Lesley Sharp amazes and delights as the voice and face of reason ~ the woman who has to make the toughest decision and live with it. She is the one can see down the road ahead and has a handle on the concept of consequences. It is a post 9/11 piece as well, so that places it in great context also. So much international frenzy and fear that still sits in every airport to this day. The Second Coming ~ the title also a famous poem by Yeats ("And what rough beast, ... Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? "), stirs the pot something delicious. What do people really believe ? How do they react in a crisis ? What/Who matters most if you think there are only 5 days left ? The fact that it all takes place in Manchester, England, England, makes it all the more potent and powerful.

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