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Somewhere in every episode of the second season, the same man can be seen intensely dancing "The Robot". He is Karl Lake, set dresser for the show. In the first season, he was asked to be in a crowd scene and do something funny. Chappelle liked the dance Lake was doing and made it a fixture of the second season.
Charlie Murphy first showed the infamous Rick James sketch to his brother Eddie Murphy before audience tapings. Eddie enjoyed the sketch so much that the two watched it again.
Sketches were shot for the aborted third season but did not air including:
  • A parody of Michael Jackson's videos Michael Jackson: Thriller (1983) and "Beat It" referencing his child molestation trial
  • A parody of Super Size Me (2004) called "Maximize Me"
  • A sequel to Daddy Day Care (2003) starring Charlie Murphy
  • Dave uses the speech patterns of politicians to receive special treatment at a coffee shop and a strip club
  • A parody of the Virgin Mobile commercials featuring two singers on the street
  • A "Hip-Hop Newsbreak" portraying the lyrics of Nas's "If I Ruled the World"
  • Dave imagines what would what happen if he sold a ringtone and spoke at the Republican National Convention
  • A "Hip-Hop Newsbreak" stating lyrics of Dr. Dre's "Still D.R.E."
  • Dave harasses his ex-girlfriend's husband at his job at a donut shop
  • A "Hip-Hop Newsbreak" stating lyrics of Das Efx's "They Want EFX"
All of Paul Mooney's lines are improvised.
Dave Chappelle was inspired to create the show after watching a documentary about Hugh Hefner that featured clips of Playboy After Dark (1969). Chappelle was inspired by the laid-back atmosphere of Hefner's show.
The original opening theme was supposed to have lyrics, but the "band" couldn't synch the lyrics to the music. Dave told them to just keep saying "Chappelle's Show" over and over.
Dave Chappelle left the show abruptly during filming of the third season. He later stated in interviews that he never intended to make a third season but he felt pressured by Comedy Central and his co-workers to continue. Comedy Central pulled the show from its 2005 schedule and decided to shelve the completed sketches in hopes that Chappelle would return to finish the season. Chappelle stated in interviews that if Comedy Central aired the episodes he would definitely not return to the show. After negotiations with Chappelle stalled, Comedy Central decided to repackage some of the completed sketches and air them in 2006. Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings took over the hosting duties.
After returning from his spiritual trip to Africa, Dave Chappelle has since expressed distaste for the show, as well as losing his partnership with writer Neal Brennan.
Paul Mooney originally wanted Negrodamus to be named "Niggadamus". But Chappelle felt that Comedy Central would not allow that to air.
The Beastie Boys taped a performance of their 1986 song "The New Style" for the third season. But the segment did not air.
During a stand-up performance in Sacramento, CA, Chappelle ended it abruptly after berating the audience for repeating the show's catchphrases and having difficulties with his career.
The song that plays when Chappelle walks on stage is "Hip-Hop" by Dead Prez. The group shot a performance of the song for the third season but it did not air.
The original sketches pitched for a pilot were Popcopy, Clayton Bigsby, and Reparations.
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A performance by John Legend doing his song "Ordinary People" was shot for the third season but did not air.
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According to Neal Brennan, noted political comedian Mort Sahl was offered a role in a sketch but he turned it down. The sketch was never shot.
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