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Entertainment Weekly
At times too movieish, yet Ashkenazi creates a memorable figure: a spy who operates - admirably - out of the most unyielding nationalist conviction, only to learn that he needs to let some of that conviction go.
Hits a bulls-eye.
There's something happening here and it isn't exactly clear. What is clear is that Eytan Fox may yet make a great film for the 21st century.
Compassionate and marvelously acted, although a subplot about the gay grandson slows the story down for a while.
Charlotte Observer
Remains gripping until the final 15 minutes, when a series of sudden, unjustified plot twists leave us shaking our heads.
New York Daily News
The film nearly drowns in earnest morality.
Chicago Tribune
Despite the film's pat plot turns and instructional tone, there are moments of charm, thanks to the fetching, committed cast.
Miami Herald
An unexpected ode to peace.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The Israeli film works best in isolated spots early on as a series of intriguing character studies. Upon reaching to become a lesson to the world, however, Walk on Water goes off the deep end.
Unfortunately for Fox, the softer his movie gets, the more Ashkenazi and Berger grow to resemble Ben Stiller and Ashton Kutcher in some unreleased, homo-erotic comic romance.
The Hollywood Reporter
Well-meaning but implausible story.

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