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'Bollywood horror' or 'horror from Bollywood?'

Author: rezabdg from bandung, Indonesia
16 February 2004

yeap, horror from India, or should we say thriller, since the murderscenes are not that explicit like in other movies. However, it is a refreshing thing: though there are still some songs, they are really part of the movie, without disturbing anything in the story.

I definately don't agree with the other comment I read. It is realistic, and the outcome, if you REALLY were watching, was definately predictable. Maybe you will know for 50%, the other half is still a bit surprising, but as long as you don't fall asleep, you will know 'who did it'. It is not an unique story. You will find much alike in other horror movies, but don't we all repeat sometimes?

The only problem I have with this movie is that a big part is filmed in a kind of Swiss village, only inhabited by Indians..... Regualry you have the feeling that you are walking through a 'one-street-only' village, where behind the facade of the houses you will only find empty space.

Anyway, the actors are all doing great, new talents give their best, and all in all, I would say 7 out of 10. Worth watching! nope, not Bollywood horror, but horror from Bollywood.

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Technically sound... but fails...

Author: Avinash Patalay from Middle Earth
6 December 2004

One of those whodonnit inspired by I Know What You Did Last Summer... did I see race it with Kuch Toh Hain - a flick with similar theme? How-ever a small problem - both of them faltered big time. Reason: Not backed up with adequate storyline to keep the audience glued to seats. And the ending was not at all justified the killing spree.

Must admit however that it was technically good.... shot at great locales..... sound department and cinematography are quite good for Indian standards.

Being Kajol's sis, Tanishaa could have chosen a better movie as a debut vehicle. She does have striking similarity to her sibling sister. Acting wise, none of the younger lot showed any potential.

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Well-made movie technically but too unrealistic

Author: AishFan from San Jose, CA, US
29 November 2003

For starters, this movie had terrific sound effects, camerawork, etc. Tanishaa's debut was not too impressive. However, if you scrutinize her, you can find some glimpses of Kajol. The serial killing just got way out of control and became totally unbelievable. Like Kucch To Hai, person after person was being murdered. The murder sequences were also predictable. Now, the end was completely unpredictable, but that isn't necessarily a good thing. It was one of those endings were it is absolutely impossible to guess the culprit because there was insufficient information. This was a good try at making a movie of a very demanding genre.

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Mad slasher film from India

Author: Glenn Andreiev ( from Huntington, NY
2 February 2004

This is a fascinating little film to catch. It's an Indian production that imitates every cliche of American mad slasher films of the 1980's. All the cliches are here- a killer, in clown get-up, targeting pretty young college girls. EVERY cliche is here, even down to the bit where our heroine hears a stange noise in her deserted house, and it turns out to be a cat. But, what makes the film interesting are the Indian characteristics. Unlike American genre films set in colleges, the students here are VERY SERIOUS about studying. There is no sex, women are not seen as sex objects (They are seen as second class citizens here.) The biggest culutre shock is the scene at the Indian frat party. The students are thrilled over the only beverage avialable- Pepsi.

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Old Tale Good Locations

Author: khayaal_e_yaar from Port Blair
17 October 2011

'Sssshhh' came out when most of the hopeless directors were either running short of ideas or glamorizing trashy tales with hi-tech SFX. Despite being a bastardized version of Wes Craven's well-received cult flick 'Scream', 'Sssshhh' succeeds in creating atmosphere of its own. The atmosphere it builds is not because of the plot, but outstanding locations. The locations are both fantastic and spooky at the same time. I remember when I left the cinema hall, I didn't have much to say about the plot but at the same time praised the director for being so wise in choosing locations that successfully induce the sense of solitude in one's mind. Amateur Tanisha doesn't have much god-gifted charms to throw on screen and Suvarna Jha looks like a slut with her horribly groomed and badly 'damaged' hair, and has nothing else to do than acting promiscuous; Nevertheless the role of female protagonist didn't fall to her. Well, better luck next time! Till then keep enjoying your slice of dumb family operas.

'Sssshhh' begins with Malini (Simone Singh), playing squash in the squash court, when she hears a strange and horrendous voice talking to her via announcement speakers. The voice (obviously a male voice) tells Malini of the imminent horrors she would soon be a part of. While Malini thinks that her boyfriend is trying to play a prank upon her, the voice makes clear that it is not her boyfriend's voice. Malini soon witnesses brutal murder of her boyfriend, who is stabbed mercilessly and is shoved on the glass wall of the squash room. A frightened Malini tries to save herself, but the killer, who has put on a joker mask and is clad in a black dress from head to toe, is bit too smart and manages to grab and stab her to death.

After six months, we meet Mahek (Tanisha), a free-spirited and innocent teen, who is tormented by the untimely death of her elder sister Malini. Mahek has good chums, namely Rocky (Dino Morea), Nikhil (Kushal), Priya (Tina), Gehna (Suvarna) and Rajat (Gaurav). Mahek lives with her mother Mrs. Gujral (Maya Alagh), who separated from her husband Mr. Gujral (Nasir Abdullah) long back, when Malini and Mahek were young. The real story starts when Mahek meets a sober young man Karan (Karan Nath) at a departmental store and mistakes her for Malini's killer. Mahek finds that Karan is a student at her college and welcomes him in her group. Mahek's group, however, gives an unfriendly welcome to Karan. Few days later, one of the lady professors is ruthlessly killed in the lady's room. Inspector Kamath (Shivaji Satam) and Inspector Aakash (Aly Khan) arrive at the college for investigation. The only clue to the killer are his shoe impressions. At first the cops are skeptical about both Rocky and Karan, but they don't have anything more than shoe impressions to prove their guilt.

Karan and Mahek enjoy good times together and soon go hand-in-hand. An obviously turmoiled Rocky despises Mahek's relationship with Karan. However, he keeps things to himself and Rajat, his shabby pal. Everything seems fine, until Mahek is attacked by the killer. She somehow saves herself and mistakes Karan for the killer and calls for his arrest. Karan is taken to the police station but is soon released. Mahek feels sorry for her behavior and tries to rebuild her relationship with Karan. Meanwhile the friends are planning for a pleasant trip to Thailand. They soon go there and after few days end up at a lonely island. It is there when one by one they are killed by the killer, who has stalked them all the way and is looking for a remorseless payback.

So did you enjoy the story? I didn't. I told you, there is nothing in the story. What make this film great are the charismatic locations of Thailand. The deserted sea beach of the lonely island forces the viewer to remember the idyllic life Alexander Selkirk spent at Juan Fernandez Islands. What looks beautiful is mostly fatal. The vast expanse of sea and the fear of being alone at an abandoned but pristine beach will give you shivers. You set out all the way with your friends to enjoy the raw and unspoiled beauty of nature and suddenly realize that you are not able to bear the tremendous sense of isolation and are devoid of any means to reach the mainland. I really can understand what Tom Neale must have felt when he penned down his experiences in his book 'An Island For Oneself'. So friends, if you are looking for untouched but creepy, beautiful but lethal, and picturesque but grotesque locations, please go for it.

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The Joker who makes life miserable for everyone

Author: gavin_coolhgr from Guyana
28 November 2007

While playing squash one night Malini Gujral and her boyfriend is brutally killed by an unknown killer. After five months, an unknown male person is calling up Mahek Gujral (Tanisha) and threatening her about he is Malini killer and whats more. After that, Mahek reached up with a science student Suraj (Karan Nath) who attends the same college with her and both becomes friends. She is being attacked a few times by an unknown person wearing a joker's mask. Fed up of this Mahek has no more opinion in life than to turn insane. But before this could happen Mahek friends decides to take her on holiday trip to an island, where the joker shall unmasked himself and revealed his true identity in front of Mahek.

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The Opposite of SCREAM is... yup! you guessed it: Sssshhh!

Author: Sherazade from United States
11 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

it's a blatant rip-off of Hollywood cult hit flick Scream starring Drew Barrymore and Neve Campbell. Only here, you have over three hours of gut slashing blood spilling gore. The film introduces Kajol little sister Tanisha to Bollywood, but trust me she is nothing special. Her sister Kajol is Meryl Streep in comparison. Anyhow, since I've told you that this is a copy of Scream, you should already know the plot. Don't suspect anybody because I can assure you the director and writers have gone out of their way to really throw you off. You won't be able to guess who the killer is until they reveal the secret. Dino Morea co-stars as sexy Rocky who's secretly in love with Mehak (played by Tanisha)who is in love with Suraj (played by Karan Nath) who is brothers with Rajat (played by Gaurav Kapoor) who is in love with Gehna (played by Suvarna Jha) who is secretly sweet on Rocky. Yup! it's a teeny-bop-per-soap-opera mixed into a scary movie. People probably turned their noses up to this one at the Cineplexes, if the kissing scene and brutal almost rape scene are any indication. C-

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