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This Hulk game much more of a smash than the 2003 movie.

Author: Aaron1375
12 December 2010

This game has a lot of smashing in it alright, but it is not as good a game as "Hulk: Ultimate Destruction" which came out two or three years later. This one would top that game in smashing thanks to minigames where all the Hulk just runs around destroying as many objects as he can and beating as many soldiers as he possibly can. To me this was the funnest part of the game. The game itself takes place after the game as Bruce is on the run and turning into the Hulk when cornered. One of the things I did not care for was the stealth missions involving Bruce, I bought this game to smash! For the most part that is what I did. At times you fought some other super powered foes and at times this was annoying too as Hulk is supposed to be the strongest one there is, and at times it seemed like the bad guy was. I did like how you could pick up stuff and then smash the stuff over your enemies. The fighting as the Hulk though overall was good and it is what made the game worth playing, that and the appearance of various villains from the comics. So while Ultimate Destruction is by far the more enjoyable game, this one is also smashingly good fun.

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Great game

Author: Rautus from United Kingdom
1 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hulk is based on the 2003 film but instead of following the plot of the film this one has a completely new plot that is quite good, set after the film Bruce Banner is trying to get rid of the Hulk and when he gets a call from his mentor Dr Crawford saying he can help him Bruce decides to go but he is tricked and instead of getting rid of the Hulk he takes some of it and becomes a completely new kind of Hulk.

So as Hulk he chases after Ravage and soon discovers that some Supervillians are planning to use the Hulk's power to create an army of Hulks. The game play sees you playing as the Hulk and Bruce Banner, has the Hulk you go through levels beating up Soldiers, Tanks, Mutant Dogs, Hulk soldiers, Robots and a variety of bosses.

While as Bruce Banner you play stealth based levels where you need to sneak past Guards and unlock doors to complete the level, the computer puzzles are not too difficult and the stealth levels are fun. Eric Bana from the movie does the voice of Bruce Banner in the game.

Hulk is a fun game that doesn't disappoint on the action. 10/10

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One Thousand Times Better than the Movie.

Author: nightwing60 from United States
20 January 2006

First off the People who love the Movie need to get over themselves. The Hulk Was Not That Good, and was a Boring Movie and there have been Far Better Comic Book Movies Made than the Hulk (i.e Batman Begins, Sin City, X-Men, Superman, Spider-man 2, The Punisher (2004), The Crow, Hellboy and Many More). The Video Game was Great and It really says something when the Video Game is better then the Movie its Based On. I haven't Played it for a while, But the Game and the Storyline in it really is more interesting than the Movie. Being able to have the Hulk Smash what ever you wanted was Great. Instead of suffering through hours of Bad Dialog, Acting, and Directing. In This Game you get right to the Main Character "THE HULK". and unlike The Movie, This has Classic Hulk Villains. Overall i would give the Game a 7 or 8. the Movie on the other hand i would only gets it 1. And TV Show is still a 9. Sorry Ang Lee you really should stay away for Stuff you know nothing About.

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Better than the movie

Author: swingit44 from Battlefield City aka Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada
23 July 2003

The story line in this game is better than the story line in the movie. Ang Lee can't do comic books period. At first I thought alrite Ang Lee is doin' the Hulk, since he did a good job in Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon but I forgot he aslo did "Ice Storm" and that was bad. But back to the game, its a really good game. The fight scenes get a little boring as your playing cause it just goes on and on. Like I said the story line is good, it can be a bit challenging. I just want you all to know its worth renting, I recommend it. Sorry if you can't understand it. I just want people to know its better than the movie.

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It's just good old fun.

Author: willywants
13 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers below! The Hulk video game tries to take off right where the movie ended, but generally it fails at that element. Plot aside, this is actually a really fun game. We are often thrown wave after wave of monsters (i.e. giant dogs, mutated soldiers, etc.), but then there are also level where we are aloud to just run around throwing soldiers off buildings, blow up cars and tanks, smash giant mutated dogs and more. The graphics are pretty good in this game, generally everything is brightly light and moves fairly realisticily. Game play is rather intermitent. At times things can be quite easily but as the film progresses game play seems to get harder, and, as you progress, more villians will attack in larger waves. Voice acting is pitiful--right in the middle of attacking a group of soldiers, they will often ask "Is it friendly?" and other such corny and idiotic lines. Overall a fun game,despite a few flaws. I beat it only a couple of hours and it isn't likely to be life-changing but it was fun nonetheless. 7/10.

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Not the greatest game but I'd have a good time with it

Author: Ilikehorrormovies
2 August 2017

This game is almost the same as Spider-Man The Movie Game but you can play as Bruce Banner in some levels and Hulk too. I'd have fun smashing things as the hulk like I unlock Grey hulk by entering a code and it's like if Peter Parker didn't get bit by the spider but just get exposed from Gama radiation. Why I think that because the Grey hulk being sarcastic while beating up bad guys. I like this game I'd really enjoy that one.

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It's OK, but it could have been better

Author: TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews from Earth
28 March 2004

After I have played all the way through this game, I can't say I enjoyed playing it an awful lot; the stealth portion of the game is decent, but the horrendous camera angles make it nearly impossible to get past(and unnecessarily frustrating to try your wits at). The Hulk portions of the game are at least a little more entertaining, but unfortunately they are limited to only consisting of the player controlling the huge brute, smashing things into tiny bits and throwing people into walls and such; nothing more is to be found here. It's fun at first, and they captured the style well(which may be enough for those who read about him for the senseless destruction and havoc that the big green misunderstood monster wreaks... looking past the modern-day Frankenstein's Monster tale and the tortured soul within the beast), but it gets old pretty quick, since few of the enemies are difficult to beat, and being practically invincible doesn't keep being entertaining for an entire game. In fact, the lack of any tangible challenge pretty much ensures that it stops being fun within much, much too short a period of playing time. The graphics are very good, crisp and smooth, with solid animation, and I like the diversity that the environment offers; you can pick up virtually any object and use it as a club, a throwing weapon or simply put it to good use, by smashing it directly over the next adversary's head. The controls are relatively simple, but at times you(I certainly did) wish that there had been more functions, as they only allow for reasonably few different ways of beating up your opponents(which, again, makes it get boring long before the game is over... and it's supposed to be the main attraction of the thing(honestly, the sneaking seems tacked on, more than anything)). I think the story is OK(though much of it seems as if it is written as an excuse to have a bunch of scenarios where the game can send endless swarms of mostly easily defeated enemies at you... and every so often turning The Hulk back into Bruce Banner, to put you through yet another insufferable stealth-level), it's kind of good that it picks up where the movie left off, but I think the numerous enemies, especially the bosses, were too much alike; every other boss is just another giant creature a la the title character itself. Another good thing is that they use so many well-knowns from the graphic novel as enemies; most fans will immediately recognize them. It's a pity that a game based on such a classic character, and one with such potential in many mediums, not just comic books(which is the only place I've seen him flourish so far), has to be a by-the-books beat-'em-up title. This could have been an interesting and intense production where you try to keep Banner's tension level(perhaps monitored through a meter in the HUD(Heads-Up Display, a la the suspicion meters of the Hit-man series or similar) down, to avoid turning into his unfriendly alter-ego and having to yet again live with more destroyed property, and possibly injured(I don't believe he's ever actually killed anyone, though I haven't read too many of the more recent stories) people. I'm not even particularly much of a fan of the character or the comic books... and that was just off the top of my head. Unfortunately, it would seem that the production company behind this fail to realize that not all comic book readers are children and/or have low standards... many of us appreciate depth, as well as thought and effort put into what we play, watch and read. This title is purely superficial. It looks and sounds nice, and it lets you control a fascinating creature, with all his physical strength and his impressive presence. If that is all you require of a game, then look no further... and good for you. I'm happy that some enjoy this game, but I'm afraid I was rather disappointed. The game is of reasonable length(though it could have ended sooner, in my opinion... but I may have been too tired of it by that point). The levels are fairly different from each other, though all are entirely linear. The visual design stays quite true to the source material... the colors all seem to have the exact right tone, and going by my limited knowledge of the graphic novels, the villains all look right, as well(and the choices aren't bad). In-between levels, there are animated cut-scenes that further the story, and I must admit, they are impressively done. The levels convey the sense that everyone's out to get you, which fits quite well with how the muscular and discolored man-like being must perceive the world, with his enormously limited intellect. If you accept that the game is a simple production that tries to do little more than put the player in the body of the title character, I suppose it's fine for what it is. It just feels like such a blatant attempt at cashing in on the popularity of the source material(I may not particularly care for Ang Lee, but I'd still say that he at least tried to do something interesting in the film), and I generally disapprove of such... if you just want to have fun and for your audience to enjoy themselves, then make up your own thing(or spoof someone else's), but if you're going to work from someone else's creation, show some respect and try to live up to the name and reputation of it. Overall, the game is OK if you loved the movie, or I suppose if you're a long-time fan, and one who's been waiting for a game for a long time. You just have to get used to the controls, and accept that the regular levels get tedious and repetitive very quickly... and that the Bruce Banner portions are overly difficult, due to a half-hearted attempt at programming a camera system. 6/10

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Exciting and fun

Author: billybobshatner from USA
6 June 2003

Hulk is a blast - there's two styles of gameplay, one is stealth-avoidance as Banner and fast-paced over the top action as Hulk.

Hulk gameplay is definitely the star, with Hulk able to smash just about everything in the world. The box claims "if you can see it, you can smash it" - when you play it, you'll find out that's true.

Hulk smashes walls, cracks the floor and can use pretty much anything as a weapon to fight with.

The voice acting from the cinema crew really adds to the experience. There are also a bunch of extras such as movies and photo galleries from the movie, so all in all it's a nice package.

Most striking are the graphics. The game has a snazzy visual style which looks somewhere in between the movie and a comic - it's really quite different.

Once you've gone through the game you can play through again as Grey Hulk, the wise-cracking version of the Hulk from the 80's comics. This feature really makes playing the game a different experience and extends playtime once you've been through the game.

My take: 8.5/10, recommended!

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Bad Movie

Author: david3668-1 from United States
23 September 2007

this movie sucked. For one, they made the hulk to freakishly big. He's supposed to be about 7 - 8 feet tall. Not 15 feet! On the second point, Bruce Banner was exposed to Gamma Rays by way of an explosion, not by some lab experiment or any other way. And third,why couldn't they have had one of the hulk's famous arch enemies appear in the film? Like the Abomination. The idea of the "hulk dogs" was absolutely stupid. Concerning his size, how do you explain his pants stretching that much? When he's running amok in San Francisco, the movie started to resemble King Kong. The good news is that a new, revamped, Hulk movie is coming out in 2008. I'm sure it will be better than this crap.

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It's an okay game...but nothing to get excited about.

Author: supershocker76 from USA
1 June 2003

Why did they release this game when the movie is a good month away for?. The Hulk is just what it sounds spend the entire game playing between Banner and The Hulk through various levels fighting troops and bosses etc. Almost every thing can be destroyed in the game and the Hulk has some nice graphics...but after a while it gets a little tedious.

The game play is broken down like this: Banner's stages are more stealth oriented (MGS/Splinter Cell)and The Hulk's are more like a classic beat em up game (Final Fight). This game is okay for fans of this cartoon...but casual fans will want to stay away from this title most likely.

The Hulk's Final Grade:


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