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The movie is remarkably touching and engrossing, with Kline's spot-on acting and realistically second-rate singing balancing Judd's one-note performance as his wife.
Chicago Sun-Times
A musical and a biography, and brings to both of those genres a worldly sophistication that is rare in the movies.
Entertainment Weekly
De-Lovely is something dishy and rare: a biopic about a happy, and even enchanted, man.
At its best, De-Lovely evokes a time, a place and a sound with stylish wit and sophistication.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This intelligent, postmodern biography from director Irwin Winkler and screenwriter Jay Cocks uses Porter's songs, by turns haunting and hilarious, to decode and reconstruct a life hinted at in the familiar words and music.
Chicago Tribune
Kline, though, does give one of the great movie performances of the year so far.
The Hollywood Reporter
A sprightly musical revue built around Cole Porter songs and a few biographical tidbits culled from his extraordinary life.
De-Lovely has its moments of delight. Its defects lie mostly in failing to fully delineate what made musical icon Cole Porter tick.
New York Daily News
There are terrific performances from Kline and Judd, some breathtaking staging and production design, and, of course, some of the best music and lyrics of the 20th century.
A mishmash of a musical. The movie never gels -- despite Kline's nuanced performance, the stars' exquisite period clothes, designed by Armani, and, of course, Porter's great songs.
Wall Street Journal
A limited movie that can't animate its subject amid all the tricks and glitz. De-Lovely is devoid of life.

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