Alien Expo 2017 to Celebrate Science Facts & Science Fiction This May

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The technology of seemingly distant futures in science fiction films and novels is now seeping into the real world of the present day, and at the upcoming Alien Expo in Dallas, sci-fi fans can gather to celebrate the facts and the fiction of the beloved genre.

Press Release: From the producers of Alien Con comes an experience unlike any other! For three days at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel and Convention Center, Alien Expo will be bringing you the best in science fact, science fiction and pop culture!

The line between myth and reality is attenuating. What previous generations deemed unlikely or even impossible is sitting on the brink of mainstream exposure: missions to Mars, virtual reality gaming, evidence of alien lifeforms. When Paul Reiser and Sigourney Weaver filmed the scene in Aliens featuring a video phone call, they surely couldn’t have predicted the appeareance of internet programs like Skype or FaceTime.
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Summer Preview — Movies Edition!

Summer Preview — Movies Edition!
It’s going to be a full summer so to cut the wheat from the chaff, I’ve made a list of the most promising flicks! So pop some corn, gather round, and dim the lights!

June 10 Warcraft

The attention to detail looks jaw dropping in Duncan Jones’ (Source Code, Moon) adaptation of the beloved game series. I’m thinking some of these battles will leave us as breathless as those in Middle-Earth did!

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

If The Conjuring wasn’t terrifying enough, it was followed up by the underrated and unnerving Annabelle. Well, now the original Ghostbusters, Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are back with another spooky thrill ride, this time in Jolly Olde London with one of the most famous true-life ghost stories ever. Just to keep us on our toes on this side of the pond, they also visit
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Ancient Aliens Fan Event Alien Con Announced by History Channel and Cosmic-Con

The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens now has a con dedicated to the hit series and all things aliens. Alien Con will commence days before Halloween on October 28th and continue until October 30th in Santa Clara, California, and we have official details on the upcoming event:

Press Release: “New York – May 6th, 2016 – In a move to offer longtime fans and curious newcomers a deeper dive into all things Ancient Aliens, History® and leading event developer, Cosmic-Con®, have inked a multi-year licensing deal to create the first-ever Alien Con. The three-day immersive experience inspired by the network’s ground-breaking, hit franchise about ancient astronaut theory and exploration will take place October 28-30, 2016 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

Alien Con will provide show fans, sci-fi buffs and pop culture enthusiasts the ultimate in alien exploration with a riveting line-up of thought-provoking special presentations, interactive displays and exhibits,
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James Cameron on Aliens, 30 years later




Here's James Cameron on replicating the style of the original Alien for Aliens, and how he's unlikely to direct a future Alien sequel...

One of the best movie sequels of all time, Aliens, is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. And in a brand new interview, writer and director James Cameron has been looking back at one of his very best films.

Chatting to Famous Monsters Of Filmland, Cameron talked about picked up the mantle from Ridley Scott with the Alien sequel. “I felt that it was important to be stylistically continuous with the first film”, he said. “But in terms of the way the story is told, the elements of the story, introducing the idea of a future military, that was just a way into it that made it different, that was a distinguishing factor”.

On the practical effects work that underpins the film, he added
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Zack Snyder defends the ending of Man of Steel

While it has its supporters, Zack Synder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel has certainly had its detractors – particularly when it comes to the ending which saw Superman and Zod tear up Metropolis and presumably killing thousands of innocent people. However, there will always be one person who 100% defends it.

“I stand by it”, Snyder told Famous Monsters Of Filmland. “Because for me, I’ve always said when I was working on Watchmen – and maybe it’s sort of left over from a Watchmen philosophical sort of thing – that there should be consequences to superheroes’ interaction with the earth”.

“That was kind of the way that we approached Man Of Steel,” he adds. “I wanted a big consequence to Superman’s arrival on Earth. Certainly, Batman v Superman sort of cashes in all its chips on the ‘why’ of that destruction.”

What do you make of Snyder’s comments – did
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Ultimate Horror Poll: All the honorable mentions that didn't make the cut

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Ultimate Horror Poll: All the honorable mentions that didn't make the cut
In our ongoing recap of last week's Ultimate Horror Poll -- in which over 100 genre experts helped determine the 100 greatest horror movies of all time by voting for their personal "ten best" -- the time has come to take stock of every honorable mention and clarification given by the survey's participants that weren't included in the original piece. To be clear, voters weren't asked for honorable mentions specifically; but a handful felt strongly enough about their "bubbling under" choices to list them anyway (which proved extraordinarily useful in helping break ties on the Top 100). See below for a full listing, as well as explanations from Bloody-Disgusting founder/editor-in-chief Brad Miska and director Corin Hardy ("The Hallow") on why they voted the way they did. Honorable Mentions: Barbara Crampton (Actor, "Re-Animator") Dracula (1931) Jaws (1975) Nosferatu (1922) Poltergeist (1982) Vampyr (1932) Brad Miska (Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Bloody-Disgusting.com; Producer) -- See Full Explanations Below Beetlejuice (1988) Bill & Ted's
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Round-Up: The Walking Dead #1 Wizard World Variant, Sweet Madness, Creature From The Black Lagoon

A limited edition variant of The Walking Dead #1 by renowned artist Ken Kelly will be given to Wizard World Richmond Comic-Con-goers free of charge. Also: the short film Sweet Dreams featuring D.C. Comics super-villain Harley Quinn and details on the Creature From the Black Lagoon figure by Living Dead Dolls.

The Walking Dead #1: Press Release: "Wizard World, Inc. (Otcbb: Wizd) and Skybound, Robert Kirkman's imprint at Image Comics, today announced “Kiss” album cover artist Ken Kelly has drawn the 13th in a yearlong series of Limited Edition Exclusive Variant Covers of The Walking Dead #1 comic, to be provided free to all full-price attendees at Wizard World Comic Con Richmond, July 31 - Aug. 2. Skybound’s The Walking Dead created by Kirkman, the groundbreaking, Eisner-Award-winning comic book series, continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

The exclusive The Walking Dead #1 edition will be produced in extremely limited quantities and is available
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Fantasia 2014 Announces First Wave of Programming

The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival will be taking place once again in Montreal and the first wave of programming has been announced, revealing an eclectic mix of genre films from around the world:

“Montreal, June 19, 2014 – The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. Our full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime, here’s an early First Wave Announcement of several selected highlights and info to whet your appetite.

Unveiling Our 2014 Poster Art: Fantasia Pays Tribute To Three Legendary Figures Of The Fantastic

On May 7 of last year, Ray Harryhausen, filmmaker and stop-motion special effects pioneer, passed away at the age of 92. Mr. Harryhausen created some of the most beloved and innovative fantastic film imagery of all time in such classics as The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad
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Fantasia 2014: New Artwork; First Wave Titles Include Among the Living, Monsterz, Predestination, Cybernatural, The Harvest, Suburban Gothic, Killers, and More!

The grandaddy of all film fests, Fantasia 2014, is set to kick off on July 17th, and we have this year's artwork to share along with the first wave of event and film announcements.

From the Press Release:

The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. Our full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime here’s an early First Wave Announcement of several selected highlights and info to whet your appetite.

For this year’s edition and onwards, Fantasia will be returning to the freshly renovated Concordia Hall Cinema as its main base, which now features an even larger screen, new seating, and upgraded projection and sound.

Unveiling Our 2014 Poster Art: Fantasia Pays Tribute To Three Legendary Figures Of The Fantastic

On May 7 of last year,
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Fantasia Film Festival Announces An Astonishing First Wave of 2014 Programming

It is that time of the year again in which we start preparing for our favourite film festival in the world. For the unfamiliar, Sound On Sight has delivered some of the best coverage of the Fantasia Film Festival since we first launched back in 2008. In the past we’ve published up to 55 reviews, dozens of features and recorded six podcasts dedicated entirely to the three and a half week long event. So be sure to come visit us again and again throughout the months of July and August, as we will surely be all over the 2014 edition. The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is taking Montreal by storm, starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. They’ve just released their new poster and along with the first wave of films, and as expected, Fantasia’s programmers aren’t disappointing. Here’s the press release. Enjoy!


Montreal, June 19, 2014 – The 18th annual Fantasia
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Live from Cannes 2014: Meet Our Cannes Critics’ Panel

Jeez. Time sure does fly by. It’s hard to fathom that we’re now in year number four with our world film critic on the La Croisette gallop poll, which we conveniently refer to simply as: our Cannes Critics’ Panel. I’m proud to say that a good dozen of us have remained a tight bunch. Back in 2011, our critics decided to “vote for Pedro” and La piel que habito over Von Trier, Kaurismäki, Dardennes and Palme d’Or winner Terrence Malick. In 2012, Haneke’s golden Amour won by a nose over 2nd place vote getter Holy Motors while last year’s Blue is the Warmest Color (aka La Vie d’Adèle – Chapitres 1 et 2) was the unanimous pick (and tallied the highest score ever) not only by the Spielberg jury, but our own collective. How will the stars align for the eighteen Palme hopefuls? Where will our set of
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Frank Frazetta Honored With “Art And Remembrances”

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 — For Immediate Release – Finally, the ultimate book about legendary artist Frank Frazetta, Art and Remembrances, is here! Now the definitive work about the twentieth century’s greatest fantasy artist has been crafted by his son, Frank Frazetta, Jr.

Legendary science-fiction/fantasy artist Frank Frazetta created some of the most memorable and iconic images of all time. Filled with insights and anecdotes, this full color art monograph takes readers behind the scenes to chronicle this great artist’s life and work.

Follow along and watch Frazetta develop his style and artistic sensibilities with never-before-seen photos, memorabilia, sketches, drawings, paintings, and early comic book work. This comprehensive look at Frazetta’s life is a very personal, detailed portrait of the man who created legendary images of Tarzan, Conan, John Carter of Mars, Buck Rogers, Vampirella, and others.

Frank Frazetta: Art and Remembrances is packed full of original artwork from the author’s personal collection,
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Ray Harryhausen, 1920-2013

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He brought out dreams to life.

Raymond “Ray” Harryhausen (June 29, 1920 – May 7, 2013) died today at age 92, leaving behind a legacy of pioneering special effects work and a filmography that has deeply influenced writers, artists, and filmmakers for generations.

Dubbed by Starlog as “The Man Who Work Miracles”, he was one of the most influential movie makers who was himself inspired by Willis O’Brien’s stop-motion animation in King Kong. He took O’Brien’s efforts and improved upon them, branding it as Dynamation.

Although he resided in England for the majority of his adult life, Harryhausen was born in Los Angeles. King Kong was the spark that set him on a course towards a career in film, meticulously creating miniatures that could be photographed a few frames at a time followed by the tiniest of movements, followed by more frames, until the model appeared to move across the screen. This
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Night Of The Lepus – The DVD Review

Review by Sam Moffitt

Bad movies have been a cult all their own at least since the publication of the Medved Brother’s book The 50 Worst Movies of All Time. Although my bet is that it started with the publication of Joe Dante’s article the 50 Worst Horror Movies of All Time (Or was it 25?) in Famous Monsters of Filmland in the 1960′s I had that issue and had seen some of those movies. I assumed Joe Dante was a grown man and found out years later he was about the same age as me when he submitted that article to Forry Ackerman. I loved reading Famous Monsters and Monster World but it never occurred to me to write an article and submit it as Joe Dante did (and Stephen King as Forry later told in interviews, although he made it a point not to publish fiction).

After the Medved
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Ray Harryhausen: the father of fantasy film

Special effects king Ray Harryhausen revolutionised cinema with skeletal armies and man-eating dinosaurs

Ownership of films is usually the preserve of directors and actors. You will hear of the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, or the new Tom Cruise vehicle. But such films as The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, (1958), Jason and the Argonauts (1963)and Clash of the Titans (1981) are Ray Harryhausen films, regardless of who directed and acted in them. One Million Years BC, a film for which, unusually in his career, he was brought in as a hired hand, (1966) isn't even regarded as a Hammer or Raquel Welch movie. No other technician or artist working in film can make such a claim.

"Everyone has their own right way of doing things," explains Harryhausen, now aged 92. "I'd probably call myself a film-maker rather than just a special effects man. I'd often come up with the story, advise on the script,
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Best Films Never Made #1: The Beatles’ Lord of the Rings

Can you imagine a world without Indiana Jones, Back to the Future or Reservoir Dogs? These films are acknowledged as timeless classics, with generation after generation able to enjoy their brilliance. But in our cinematic world of blistering highs and gut wrenching lows, there are hundreds of projects that miss their chance to reach the big screen. Some are crazy projects and dreams of individuals, many remaining as scripts and doodles in attics and garages as the passing of time and people leads them to become little more than rumours in the wind. How different could things have been? Were we saved from these disasters or did we miss out on just as equally great films as mentioned earlier?

In this new weekly feature, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to celebrate the “what if?” projects that range from the greatest and grandest biographies to the alternative versions
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Live from Cannes 2012: Introducing Our Cannes Critics’ Panel

And the tradition continues here on Ioncinema.com. Our twice daily critical snapshot of the Main Competition selected films (22 films in all, plus the closing film) as rated by 16 film critics is in its sophomore year. Other than switching a four to five star grading system, not much has changed. Over the course of the next twelve days, our critics will supply star ratings (which will fill out the grid-like format below) and will then be converted into one final grade. It acts as a barometer or a snapshot of what the film critics like best in real time.

Last year’s top vote getter was a film that didn’t collect any awards in Cannes. Pedro Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In was the consensus favorite beating out the likes of Melancholia, Le Havre, The Kid With a Bike, Drive and Palme d’Or winner, The Tree of Life.
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Exclusive Interview With “Spider Baby” Star Beverly Washburn!

Exclusive Interview With “Spider Baby” Star Beverly Washburn!
Lianne Spiderbaby

By Lianne Spiderbaby

Can you think of a better way to open a film than with Lon Chaney singing, “This cannibal orgy is strange to behold – and the maddest story ever told!” over rattling piano keys? Me neither. Jack Hill’s solo directorial debut, Spider Baby, or The Maddest Story Ever Told (1968) has reached epic cult following heights, and filmmakers like Rob Zombie and Quentin Tarantino site it as one of their favorite films of all time. Spider Baby is a deliciously creepy tale about three orphaned, inbred siblings who suffer from Merrye Syndrome – making them demented, deranged, and dangerous. Ralph (Sid Haig), Virginia (Jill Banner), and Elizabeth (Beverly Washburn) are in the care of Bruno (Lon Chaney), a naïve chauffeur who loses control over the overgrown children as they partake in mischief, murder, and complete chaos.

Spider Baby orphan actress Beverly Washburn began acting at a very young age,
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Horrorwood Babbles On: Forrest J Ackerman's Imprint Still in Print!

Uncle Forry has been very active this month. In a New Yorker Magazine article by Daniel Zalewski, Monster-kid and maestro Guillermo Del Toro evokes Forry’s spirit and credits him as a big influence for him and other genre filmmakers. The Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy director has amassed a remarkable memorabilia collection of his own.

Make sure to follow this link to the article: Show The Monster – Guillermo del Toro’s Quest to get Amazing Monsters Onscreen. I thanked Gdt for bringing Forry back to us for a time in the article. His one-word e-mail response? “Yeah!” That says it all. Yeah!

"Tor Johnson, Forry Ackerman and Verne Langdon way back when ... "

Note: A big, “Hope You’re All Better” to Peter Jackson who reportedly had a recent hospital stay for stomach issues. We’re all wishing you’re 100% better by now. A fond farewell to two of Forry’s favorite femmes,
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Ode to Roger Corman, Part 1: Galaxy of Terror

By Fred Burdsall

If I were to make a list of my favorite directors it would look like this: 1. Alfred Hitchcock 2. Dario Argento 3. Ridley Scott 4. Lucio Fulci and 5. Roger Corman. Why Roger Corman? If you hand him half a mil and say “I need this pic by the end of the week”… he’ll deliver. Let’s see the almighty Spielberg do that. Roger Corman is the king of making something for nothing and we are the better for it because his movies are what movies should be…Fun. I would love to see what he could do with a budget and a solid script, but that won’t happen, so let’s accept him as the low budget God he is.

The list of people who have worked for him is ridiculous. Nicholson, Scorsese, Cameron, Coppola and a boatload of actors who’ve all made a mark on the
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