An Unfinished Life (2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

bear car accident
wyoming ranch
friend morphine
sheriff injection
teenage girl camera focus on a female butt
lawn pottery loma nebraska
ishawooa outfitters talking to the dead
reference to mcdonald's restaurant talking to one's dead son
broken plate fan belt
breaking a car window shooting a car
trailways bus calgary alberta canada
abandoned house chin bruise
great falls montana treehouse
loss of wife playing cards
honey meat
flower crutches
cane interstate highway
iowa car breakdown
dry cleaners raccoon
secret redemption
calgary stampede playing pool
pool table cafe
donkey rain
cowboy printer
computer gravestone
tin snips chain
padlock camping
footprint dream
mauled by a bear sandwich
escargot snail
hit with a coffee pot lasso
rope animal refuge
rodeo trophy
log cabin bus
milking a cow barn
binoculars beating
horse riding policeman
police rifle
photograph reference to winnie the pooh
wichita kansas boyfriend girlfriend relationship
learning to drive jealousy
mirror shaving
broken rib boy
girl cigarette butt
cigarette smoking doctor
grief long underwear
underwear memory
death of husband homosexual
lesbian liar
lie robbery
theft thief
drunkenness drinking
drink husband wife relationship
butte montana cheyenne wyoming
family relationships sex
rural setting emotional healing
hypodermic needle loss of child
gay domestic abuse
teenager restaurant
poker motel
love loss of daughter
hospital grandfather granddaughter relationship
friendship forgiveness
farm dysfunctional relationship
father in law daughter in law relationship bully
basement zoo
waitress violence
vengeance tomb
scar runaway
police officer pickup truck
mother daughter relationship horse
gun fight
cow cat
animal cage bicycle
bar small town
abusive boyfriend death of father
death of son

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