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Tons Of Gags, Many For Adults
ccthemovieman-122 August 2006
"A nice surprise" is probably how I would best describe this animated film. The artwork on the cover makes it look as if it was made for four-year-old audiences but it is hardly that. It is very funny with so many gags I lost count. Those gags are both audio and visual.

Nathan Lane's New York City accent was funny as he voiced the lead character, "Spot," the dog who wanted to be changed into a little boy. Actually, all the characters are pretty funny and the songs aren't bad, either. I am not usually a fan of these kids' musicals but the songs were short and the lyrics were humorous. And - I didn't really view this as a kids movie since the vocabulary and the jokes were geared (in a non-offensive way) more toward adults.

I understand some parents, in fact, were upset at this movie for that very reason - the jokes go over the heads of most kids in here. Also, the references are not something kids would know. For an adult, this was a clever and big surprise. I would rent this, however, before considering buying it. On my second viewing, maybe it wasn't a surprise anymore, I found it only so-so for some strange reason.
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"Teacher's Pet" gets high marks
Templeton Moss18 January 2004
I went to see this film on its opening weekend for three reasons. Firstly, I felt like seeing a movie that day. Secondly, I am a fan of the TV series "Teacher's Pet" which concerns the exploits of a dog named Spot who dresses up as a boy because he wants to go to school. And thirdly, I wanted to do my part to pad the opening weekend box office of a Disney traditional animation film.

This comes about a week after the news that the company was shutting down their Orlando animation department, where the bulk of traditional animation is done for Disney, because they wanted to focus on computer-animated films. It is worth noting that, without Pixar (whose contract with Disney expires after two more films) Disney has yet to make ONE CG movie.

But, this film is not only a hilarious and enchanting story to entertain children of all ages (19, since you asked), it is a love letter to the rich legacy of Disney animation. Full to bursting with affectionate jabs at such classics as "101 Dalmatians," "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," and "Pinocchio."

Indeed, the film opens with a parody of this last film, in which Spot finds himself wishing he could be a real boy, and the motif continues throughout. Simply pretending to be a boy isn't enough for him, he wants the real deal. He sees his chance with Ivan Krank (voiced over the top and beyond by `Frasier' star Kelsey Grammer) a `wacko' scientist who claims he can turn animals into humans. Spot travels to Florida and undergoes the procedure, only to become a full-grown MAN, not a boy! This is a momentous day for Spot (or `Scott' as he disconcertingly calls himself when he's in human garb) but not so for his nine-year-old master, Leonard Helperman, who just wants a dog to play with.

Needless to say, but I will anyway, Leonard and Spot become a boy and his dog again and everyone gets what they deserve, all the ingredients for a happy ending. And indeed you would have to look far and wide for a family film more bright and joyful. The songs are beautifully written with clever lyrics and, again in the Disney tradition, exist to move the story along, as it should be for all musical comedies.

I would, however, use discretion in taking my family to this film. Though it's PG rated and definitely suitable for children, those with weaker constitutions (or more protective parents.I won't name names, you know who you are) might not be ready to see the results of Spot's transformation. It gets a little dark by the third act, but certainly no darker than any other animated film of late. And, ideally, there would be more in Act One to help those unfamiliar with the dynamic of the TV series, though you'll definitely enjoy it anyway.

The real strength of this film is in the voice cast, including series regulars Nathan Lane (as the super-intelligent dog himself), Jerry Stiller (as the bird), David Ogden Stiers (as the cat) and Shaun Fleming and Debra Jo Rup (as Leonard and his mother, who also happens to be his teacher. Unfortunate, no?) and new comedic talents such as Paul Ruebens, Megan Mullay and `Seinfeld's' Estelle Harris.

In conclusion, though it's nowhere near as good as the best of Disney, it's still better than anything Dreamworks has ever done.except maybe for `Chicken Run,' but come on! That's stiff competition that is.
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Amazing and wonderful film!
beaniebfan19 January 2004
Gary Baseman does it again! This movie is an amazing piece of film artistry based on the insanely brilliant tv series of the same name. Unfortunately, this show was really never given its due and suffers from limited viewing opportunities (right now it can be seen daily on Toon Disney). This movie offers a wider audience the chance to see what makes the show so fun to watch.

The story involves Spot/Scott (voiced brilliantly by the always-great Nathan Lane) in his quest to fulfill his dream of becoming a boy. When Mrs. Helperman and Leonard go to Florida for the NEATO Teacher's convention, Spot tags along to seek out the evil scientist Dr. Ivan Krank who is currently doing animal-to-human experiments. Hilarity ensues of course.

Baseman's unique animation style is a feast for the eyes with its constantly surprising and exciting twists. Watch for spoofs on classic Disney films, especially Pinocchio. While this film is a bit on the short side, the story is well told and fully developed (remember that other great movies of the past like Dumbo, Bambi, and Lilo and Stitch all had similar running times). It just goes to show that you don't need a 3+ hour movie and technology to make a heart-warming and hilarious film.

Children and adults alike will love it - there's something for everyone. And even if you're not familiar with the show, the writers have included enough background that you will be able to keep up with what is going on.

I give it a 9.5/10 and highly recommend it for everyone! A friend needs a friend, a boy needs a dog, and Disney needs to let Gary Baseman make more Teacher's Pet!
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Teacher's Pet, Film of the Year!
DaleandChip20 February 2004
I personally feel the the Teacher's Pet to me is film of the year. It is bright, funny, musical, and very different from the normal Disney we usually see. I have been a fan of the TV series ever since 2002 and when I saw that there was a movie coming out I thought I had died and gone to heaven, and it turned out the movie was exactly what I thought it would be (Very Entertaining). Sure the animation was strange, but thats the way Gary Baseman draws, what where you expecting? The music is very unique and many of the songs are quite toe-tapers. The voices are one of the best parts of the whole movie, Nathan Lane really does an awesome job as Spot, Scott Leadready, Scott "Manly" Manning. Also, the jokes are not stupid, they are very comical, sure they are not Adam Sandler type jokes but they are very funny none the less. Personally, I would take Teacher's Pet over any of those other movies that came out around that time Barbershop II, Calendar Girl, Along Came Polly etc. If you ask me the money that a movie brings in doesn't make the movie great it is how much a person enjoyed the movie that makes it great. I have seen this movie about five times so far and play to buy it the day it comes out on DVD just because it is so enjoyable. I hope to hear many other good reports for Teacher's Pet in the future.
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Good Family Movie
Sheryl9717 January 2004
This was a VERY funny movie. I took my 11 year-old (did I mention she's pre-adolescent?) daughter and didn't know what to expect. We both laughed SO hard throughout the whole movie! There's a lot of humor both for adults AND kids, so everyone has lots to laugh about. There are subtle and not-so-subtle references to old gag-lines from old movies (well, not SO old), but, most adults will recognize one of the running gag lines in this movie as reminiscent of the first "Airplane!" film. I was VERY pleased there was no bad language or inappropriate stuff. I'm pretty conservative and I got a kick out of all of it. Loved the house number of the Mad Scientist's house!! (I'm not telling!) This movie is played like a Broadway musical -- lots of "let's stop a minute and do a musical number" kind of stuff. It was a hoot, frankly. And VERY well done, I might add! Kudos to the creative team that put this one together. Might we see another soon? Hope so!
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Funny, smart and more adult-oriented.
simpsonsfan6211 November 2005
The person who wrote the review that this wasn't up to Disney standards must be an elementary school student. The truth is that this movie ranks up there with Emperor's New Groove and Lilo & Stitch as the best non-Pixar Disney movie since Lion King.

The animation is top quality based on the drawings of that guy--whose name escapes me at the moment--responsible for the drawings on the Cranium games, among other things. The songs, especially the opening number Want to be a Boy, are better than anything since Little Mermaid.

The writing is far above the heads of many kids, directed just as much at adults as children. Even a quick animated view of a woman losing her clothes and standing in her underwear is included to show that this isn't just for the young set. Don't believe the ratings. This is a great cartoon that deserves a sequel. And while we're at it, how about putting the TV show on Disney Channel instead of Toon Disney so more people can enjoy it.
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Will people stop hating the movie just because of it's animation?
abrown97516 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly don't know how people can judge a movie just based on its animation. "Triplets of Belleville" is one of my favorite animated films, even though all the people are drawn ugly and the animation can get annoying at times. "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is also one of my favorite animated movies, even though the animation (especially the digging scenes) seem very cheesy. And what about "The Secret of Kells"? That's a great movie, even though the animation looks more like a Saturday morning cartoon. And ALL of them were Oscar nominated! If the Academy only based their judgments on the animation, well we'd be seeing more nominations for movies like "Space Chimps" and "Delgo", now wouldn't we? Which brings me to "Teacher's Pet".

I like this movie, regardless of animation! It's animated by the same guy who does the "Cranium" board games, and you wouldn't stop playing that game because of the graphics on the box, now would you? It's about a dog named Spot, voiced flawlessly by Nathan Lane (the KING of voice-overs, in my opinion), who only wants to be a boy. Then he hears of a crazy doctor in Florida, played by Kelsey Grammar, who has a machine that can turn animals into humans. So Spot and his owner, Leonard, go to Florida to seek out this doctor. The jokes always made me laugh, the songs were either funny or touching, the actors/actresses were matched perfectly with their characters, and the story is very creative! And you know what? The animation is great! I don't care what everyone else says about how the animation is sickening, I like it! I think that if you haven't seen the movie, you should rent it. The TV show that the movie is based on isn't bad either. And one more thing: Adults will see a child's movie and say it's horrible if it's not funny or has a bad story to it. But here's the thing: It's made for kids. It's not always going to be made for adults. Therefore, it's the kid's opinion that really matters on this subject, not the adult's. If the kid watches the movie and likes it, laughing the whole way, then it's a good movie. If the kid watches it and gets bored, then it's not a good movie. So the adult's opinion is not always valid for movies like this (However, if the child is laughing the whole way at fart and poop jokes, the adult's opinion is what matters most.). And when I saw this movie in theaters, everyone, including the children, laughed (no farts or poops, or at least I don't remember any). So the bottom line is go see this movie! It's great family fun!
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Possibly the most under-rated Disney movie,
dr_mario_rules19 January 2008
Timothy Björklund gives us a complete box-office flop of a Disney movie.

Our story follows Spot the dog on his adventure to become a boy. This time, in feature-length form, he travels to California to visit the sane (he swears) Dr. Ivan Krank, who says he can turn any animal human.

Nathan Lane plays Spot Helperman or Scott Leadready II when he dresses up like a boy. I love Nathan Lane's voice acting, he was great in the Lion King, and is great in this, no complaints.

Shaun Flemming plays Leonard Amadeus Helperman, Spot's owner and best friend. His voice acting is done well enough, not as great as Nathan Lane's, but nothing terrible.

Kelsey Grammar plays the SANE Dr. Ivan Krank, a scientist who has developed a very inept way of transforming animals to humans. Kelsey Grammar has fine voice acting, probably from his experience as Sideshow Bob on the hit series The Simpsons.

I have no complaints about this movie, it was well crafted, pretty well drawn, and I don't see why it wasn't a hit. Two big things kind of bothered me though, for one I hate Debra Jo Rupp's voice, I find her annoying! Second, the way the animators drew people kind of make them look creepy.
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"Teacher's Pet" is fun throughout
DirectorsCut197 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the Emmy-winning, yet unfortunately short-lived TV show, "Teacher's Pet" is a colorful, witty animated family comedy that would amuse even those who never heard of the series.

The story starts off at summer vacation (Which is weird, since this film was released in January), with super-perky mother/teacher Mrs. Helperman taking her son, Leonard, to Florida("Jersey with palm trees") when she is nominated for a N.E.A.T.O. (an award for teachers). When Spot is abandoned at home, he's sad, until he discovers a crazy scientist who thinks he can turn animals into people.

Disguising as his school alter-ego Scott Leadready II, Spot hitches a ride to Florida with Leonard and Mrs. Helperman and finds the scientist, Dr. Ivan Krank.

...And the fun continues.

"Teacher's Pet" is a really good film, filled with the wild and weird animation of popular artist Gary Baseman. There are also many tuneful songs and funny jokes and gags, including the "Pinocchio" parody in the film's opening. The voice cast, which includes Nathan Lane, Kelsey Grammar, Mary Jo Rupp, and Jerry Stiller, does very good vocal talents here.

Unfortunately, Disney treated this film like trash; they didn't give it a big ad campaign nor a good film release, which led this film to flop at the box office. Despite this, "Teacher's Pet" is an enjoyable yet sadly underrated film.
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A Challenging Movie
Jiro-225 September 2004
Reading these comments has been very interesting. This seems to be a film that you either love or you hate. To some, that itself is testimony to the movie's faults, but to other's, it is a sign of a risqué flick that is worth close viewing, if not cult status. I tend to be of the latter persuasion. I can certainly imagine how those who expect wholesome Disney family entertainment would object to disturbingly transgressive moments as when it seems your dog might marry your mom (and then Oedipus enters the messy picture), but those who hate the stultifying pap that Disney is known for might love this work's challenges. This is more Ren and Stimpy than Little Mermaid. My 6-year-old son liked it and laughed hysterically many times (but he likes Ren and Stimpy, which we have on tape). But in the end he'd probably give it a 7 or 8 out of 10, because there was a lot of humor here that went above his head. It is also a very fast and busy film that can lose you (and bore you) if you don't grab on and pay attention. Multiple viewings might be necessary. Baseman's world is also a challenge, although I found it wonderfully imaginative. There are, I think, a few too many songs, although many are well-written in terms of lyrics. Having said all this, however, I was disappointed at the film's "be yourself" (which means "be a slave to your master") ending, which might be satisfying for the kids, but undermined the film's own playful transgressions.
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A nice alternative to the standard Disney output
Chuck-15616 January 2004
If you like your animation over-the-top and the jokes at a breakneck pace, then this one's for you. Nathan Lane does a great job as Spot the dog who wants to be a boy, along with fellow voices Kelsey Grammar, Paul Ruebens and Jerry Stiller.

The animation is unusual (imagine the drawings on the board game Cranium coming to life), but a nice break from the perfect Pixar flicks. The songs leave something to be desired, but most are brief and then its back to the jokes.

A nice alternative to the standard Disney output: 7 out of 10.
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Such a great movie!
bcroker17 June 2014
Teacher's Pet has an energy that makes it completely different from every animated film ever! The music matches the great Broadway feel of The Producers and the story is as zany as a Saturday morning cartoon. The cast and writing also helps capture the strangeness and bizarre nature as any painting its creator Gary Baseman has ever made! Highly Recommended to anyone looking for a different film experience! As someone once said, "If ever there were a dark, twisted, crazier, wackier, happier, sadder, madder, badder, better, lovely, scary, freakier, musically, crazily, psychotic, robotic, phonic, larger, smaller, lefter, righter, worser, greater, monster-filled, pun-filled, reference-filled, song-filled, awesome, cooler, jazzier, and just all around interesting film ever made, this would be that film." Oh wait, I said that. Well, anyway.
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Much better than Teen Beach Movie!
guldtoons25 July 2013
What you may find when you look at the cover of this movie is some oddly drawn people, one of which being a dog wearing clothes. What you find when you look at the movie, however, is an auroma of cute characters, funny jokes, a touching story, and hummable songs. Spot Helperman is quite frankly one of the best dog characters in cartoon history. Nathan Lane's portrayal of the character is stunning, to say the least. The cast is very well chosen, and the writing is clever beyond belief. Teacher's Pet has a peculiar animation style to match it's clever and original plot. The art is something you will only find from Gary Baseman. While the animation can be awkward at times, it has a rather adorable way of standing out in a crowd of millions. Let me be the first to say that Teacher's Pet is one treasure you want to cherish for years to come.
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Here's a review from someone who ACTUALLY WATCHED THE SHOW!
ndunsmo16 April 2010
This may not be as critically underrated as Hunchback of Notre Dame, but it was certainly financially underrated. I think where this film failed box-office wise was actually being given a theatrical release as it really does feel like a lengthened final episode. This should have been more of a direct-to-video/TV movie than a theatrical one because, really, who would want to pay full price to see a movie based off of a highly underrated show? Teacher's Pet, IMO, was the most well-written show on Disney's One Saturday Morning lineup, mostly backed up by a script that felt like it was written more for adults. The movie has most of this wit and that's why it works. Fans will truly enjoy it.

The songs are good but do leave a bit to be desired. I loved most of them, but there were a couple I felt it could have done without.

Those who never saw the show may be turned off by the character designs. Gary's style of animation is very strange when it comes to appearances, however, animation-wise, this guy's a master as he puts so much energy into the actions.

The humour had that same wit that the TV show was known for, even paying homage to 7 Disney classics. You might not notice them all the first time, but that's part of why it's so fun watching the film again. Some jokes I thought were kinda lame like "I feel Von Trapped", but then again, I have grown tired of puns these days, so that's just me.

The story felt like a good way to end the series. Spot finally becomes human and realizes it's not for him and goes back to his old life, but again, newbies will probably feel lost as to what's going on and only a few things are ever explained to them.

The voice actors do an excellent job, retaining their performances from the show, naturally Nathan Lane providing the best acting. Not much else to say on that matter.
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Disney's Latest Excuse For Family Entertainment
David A Dein24 January 2004
The term "family film" really gets me angry. Why? Because for every film that is out there that is good enough to be for the entire family, there are at least 50 others that are not only wasting their parent's time, but they are not respecting their intended audience. Disney's new animated film TEACHER'S PET is both patronizing and extremely sloppy.

Spot Helperman(Voiced by Nathan Lane, The Lion King) is a dog who longs to be a real boy. He dresses up like a little boy and goes to school with his master Leonard (Shaun Fleming, Jeepers Creepers 2), and for some odd reason Leonard's mother (Debra Joy Rupp, TV's That 70's Show) is their teacher. When Leonard's mother wins a trip to Florida, Leonard longs to have fun on the beach with his dog. Spot wants to go to Florida to meet a wacko doctor (Kelsey Grammer) who can turn animals into humans.

As I sat through this supposed "musical comedy" I asked myself, Why? Who in their right mind said this film was worthy enough to make? Who said "hey the script is ready, let's make this movie?" The simple answer is money. But let's be honest, this turkey is not going to make any money. This is not the film that is going to be locked in the Disney Vault for ten years, to be released with much fanfare.

This is a shoddy movie that aspires to be HEY ARNOLD, THE MOVIE. Its script is not technically a story, it is bad jokes designed to stretch running time. TEACHER'S PET is a 15 minute animated short with over an hour of bad jokes designed to stretch the running time.

Most would probably say, "why are you being so hard on this movie? It's designed for little kids not a 24 year old male." I say if you are going to spend large amounts of money on a film and you expect parents to bring their little tykes, and you create a film that makes even a toddler bored, I cannot go easy on it.

This film has no charm. The jokes are too abrasive, and there are far too many things going on. It also features this really odd subplot involving Spot and Leonard's mother that made me feel really, really uncomfortable. Its inclusion was both unnecessary and hard to explain without making it sound sicker than it really is.

Finally I muse about the PG rating for this film. Why? It will play well only to four or five year olds. When I think of a PG movie I think of kids between 8-10. Why create a film geared at toddlers and market it to seven-year olds? You got me. I don't know why this film is PG. It contains no bad language, no sex, and no real violence. It's not even scary. If anyone can figure this out, I will give you a hearty handshake.

If you are looking to waste a child's time, stay at home and rent ET. They'll love it. TEACHER'S PET on the other hand is a vapid mess. If you want my advice, instead of dropping forty bucks to take the brood to see this film, spend that money on a really big cardboard box. Your kids will have far more fun with that.
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And Bob Barker would like to remind you... have your pet spayed or... uh, right...
Nathan Lane voices a little blue dog who dresses up as a boy so he can go to school in this, the latest big screen version of a Disney Channel animated series (like their wonderful "Recess" film... uh, never mind...). The voice cast also boasts Jerry Stiller (in full-on shout mode, God bless him) and David Ogden Stiers (in perhaps his funniest voice performance). This one works as a witty and daring stylistic departure from Disney norm, perhaps outdoing even the much lauded "Lilo and Stitch" in that regard. Visual gags abound, taking several stylized shots at fellow "Disney icons" (i.e., Pinocchio, the Seven Dwarfs). In the big film story, Spot a.k.a. Scot follows his master and his master's clueless mom to Florida in his search for a mad scientist (voice of Kelsey Grammar) who has been trying to transform animals into people. Yup, that's right. He's no longer just going to dress the part. He's getting the operation! And transsexual/ gay subtexting? Fuhgeddaboutit.
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Who's Laughing Now? Nobody if you've just seen Teacher's Pet.
Shaun28 May 2005
Sometimes people irk me. More specifically are those people who, when in reference to some of the recent animated features, say things like "Oh it's such a great film, because, not only do the kids love it, it's funny for adults as well! (yay for us!)" This irks me because adults and kids alike have always been able to appreciate a well-made animated feature. So while I do hate this growing trend -one that has seen studios offering "condolences" to parents who drag concession-hungry children to see their movies by using two-tiered, age-discriminating humor (I guess so parents can nod knowingly to each other over the heads of their kids, while receiving these studio "winks", as if to say " They didn't get that one, but we sure did -it's because we're OLDER.")- I do feel the need to point out that Nemo is not the first fish to reference popular culture to adults.

Enter Teacher's Pet, Disney's hand-animated feature (released on the heels of the announcement that it is shutting down its Florida animation studio) based on the popular kids series about a dog named Spot (Nathan Lane) who wants nothing more then to become a boy. With its skewed color pallet, course lines and surrealistic characters and environments, creator Gary Baseman offers us a visually stimulating experience –one that provides a refreshing (if not nostalgic) breather to a genre on the verge of becoming sterilized by computers.

However, it takes a lot more then just strong visuals to form a well-crafted animated feature –and Teacher's Pet is a prime example of why. Written by former Cheers scribers Bill and Cheri Steinkellner and directed by first-timer Timothy Bjorklund, the humor in Teacher's Pet falls almost completely flat. By attempting to appeal simultaneously to adults and kids alike, they have taken a potentially strong premise for either audience and turned it into a convoluted mess that succeeds only in its ability to bring generations together through boredom. This is supposed to be a kids film -I don't need to explain to my four-year old niece why Spot is now a middle–aged man hitting on moms and shacked up in some sleazy motel- if they wanted "edgy" then they should have pitched it to Matt Stone. Sh*t or get off the pot I say.

Reviewed by Shaun English
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Straight to video
pliable326 January 2004
My 10 year old daughter and I both nodded off during this movie. My 8 year old liked it, though. Awful dialog, awful story, awful animation. . . Just awful. I thought it couldn't get much worse than The Cat in the Hat. I was wrong - very wrong. Straight to video would have been too lenient. It should have gone straight to the garbage dump.
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Talks down to kids while also being cynical and mean-spirited. Boring.
allison-758 September 2006
A disappointment. No, there is no bad language, no sex, no violence. Yes, it's animated and has some good music. But that's not all you need for a good family movie. How about a script? Narrative flow? The story was boring and the action was dragged out as filler. The real problem is that there just wasn't much of a story here. I was also bothered by the cynicism and irony. The movie is ostensibly meant for young kids (bright colors, simple story) but has the mean spirit of a movie made by (and for) a much older audience. The musical numbers were nice and the voice talent was top-notch, yet there was no there there. One more gripe: the stylized animation, although meant to be hip (I think) just seemed unappealing.
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I wasn't expecting to be blown away...
spanksmom23 March 2004
but I could not believe how dumb this was. It was bad with a capital F. It doesnt deserve the B. I figured the "Disney" name meant a decent story line. I usually love their cartoons. The animation was really cheap looking and the sound was terrible as well.

I thought the jokes were bad and very inappropriate at times. There was lots of "filler" that didnt need to be there either. (why did we need to se mom in her underwear? of the cat's skin being blown off by the wind?)

It was obvious they spent 99% of the budget on the actors. Every single voice was recognizable and this "movie" had to have hurt their careers.

It was a terrible story that couldnt keep an adults interest (I fell asleep) and a 4 year old seemed a little disturbed by. He watched it intently from beginning to end but not with the usual expressions on his face. He had a concerned look most of the time like he knew something wasnt right. The only time he cracked a smile was when the pet sitter thought the pillow was the dog. This from a kid with an AMAZING sense of humor.

Dont waste your time or money even renting it, not even when its on the 99 cent shelf. Not even if your kids BEG. Its just not worth the pain...
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TV comes to the movies ?
DameFlux21 January 2004
While critics will praise this Disney TV spin off because it doesn't look like a Disney film little else distinguishes this film from typical TV drek. It needs it's short running time because there really isn't much there beyond it's tv incarnation . The animation is average Korean junk . Unless you are a devoted lover of Basemans designs or a mindless Disney fanatic this film will bore you . It did me.
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weird, somewhat suggestive and random
andrewtheartist19 January 2004
Teacher's Pet.. even the name gives you a small clue. I saw this movie 1/19 (opening date?)? Well, if it was the opening date today, then I was surprised at how empty the theater was, in midday. Anyway, about the movie. Some kids would enjoy the type of humor displayed in the flick. A meager 74 minutes of sometimes suggestive material (you will know what I mean when you see it)...(mostly having to deal with women) and weird, zany humor will attract some but probably make them sick once they try to follow the story. It's just plain 'weird', strange, random, and somehow creative. I can tell you one thing for a fact... I didn't laugh once throughout the whole movie. And that is strange for me. Overall, see it if you have nothing else to do but watch the sometimes meandering, wandering dialogue and plot of 'Teachers Pet'. I am surprised it got a 7 something on the IMDb.
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Tedious and uninspired
bohab-219 January 2004
I watch the cartoon series with my son and think it is great. So we went to the movies hoping for more of the same wit and

great characters. Sadly, the story was poorly written, the songs were boring and repetitive and the humor was just not there.

The voice acting talent for Teachers pet is top notch. It is just sad that they threw together such a sloppy, boring and un-funny script and wasted the chance to make a really great kids movie.
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Hard to watch
mcrodas19 January 2004
This movie was hard to watch, and gave me a stomach ache. The fast moving visuals & dialogue, combined with the over the top eccentricity of plot line, made me glad for only one thing: that it was a short film.
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It's no Pinocchio...
cohete17 January 2004
Woe is me... I wasted $7 and saw one of the stupidest movies of the year: DISNEY'S TEACHER'S PET, a concept by Gary Baseman. You'd think that with a cast of: Nathan Lane, Kelsey Grammer, Jerry Stiller, Estelle Harris, Wallace Shawn, and a whole lot more... You'd think this would be a really fun movie!

It's not. It's a complete drag. It's something that if you saw it on tv, you'd flip the channel after a few seconds if you even have THAT much patience.

Really quickly, the movie is about a talking dog named Spot who wants to be a real boy. His best friend/master Leonard, in contrast, hopes his dog will act like a real dog. Spot finds a wacko scientist to do the trick and anyway... you can all guess how the movie ends.

This is the first Disney movie I've seen in the theaters done by the Television Animation department and it will definitely be the last. The executives think we can't tell the difference.. I beg to differ. This movie SUCKS.

The vocal performances are all fun (especially David Odgen Stiers and Jerry Stiller) but it doesn't make this annoying movie any better.

Grade: 4/5...oh wait... did I say 5? I meant 4/10
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