King Arthur (2004) Poster


Plot Keywords

roman knight
roman empire sarmatian
freedom britain
knights of the round table cavalry
saxon sarmatia
village catholic
magician dark ages
excalibur ambush
bishop two word title
no opening credits sword and shield
hand to hand combat showdown
duel hadriani morus
boy friend
stabbing god on earth
great wall military discharge papers
military throwing a knife
loner baby
godson arson
attack equality
burial ground underwear
flash forward dead boy
illegitimacy illegitimate son
heresy prison
fire knife
ice ice floe
caravan fort
prayer castle
trap whipping
reference to god snow
face slap falcon
song singing
singer drinking
drink catholic church
pope pagan
slaughter dead body
rain woods
peasant serf
christian ancient rome
452 a.d. 300 a.d.
4th century hadrian's wall
brother sister relationship mother son relationship
father daughter relationship husband wife relationship
axe violence
death murder
horse and carriage undressing
threatened with a knife stabbed to death
stabbed in the side stabbed in the chest
shot with an arrow shot in the side
shot in the chest punishment
person on fire marriage
impalement grave
flashback fight to the death
decapitation corpse
child in peril buried alive
broken finger box office flop
bare chested male arrow in chest
sword and sandal invasion
childhood bow and arrow
wedding tavern
sword throwing sword fight
shaman prologue
sex scene military officer
mercy forest
falling through ice decoy
combat battle
attempted rape armor
archery traitor
torture self sacrifice
refugee plunder
paganism mist
loss of father heroism
frozen lake friendship
father son relationship dungeon
dislocated finger christianity
catapult briton
battle axe barbarian
arthurian legend 5th century
flaming arrow destiny
sword shield
horse death of mother
death of father death of friend
title spoken by character character name in title

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