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Heart strings that once were rent asunder, 'neath love's most gentle touch, oft-times in old age quiver, when memory strikes a sacred chord like balsam to a soul with sorrow wrung. So be it, in this pictorial translation of Alfred Tennyson's poem, "Break, Break, Break." An echo of the past is resounded and a story of love and memory falls from the lips of an aged man, like a storm that vents its wrath and passing on into infinite space, leaves behind the random ruins of its wicked grave. A lad once was he, in love with a maiden who dwelt by the sea. "'Twas all beautiful in their youthful, loving hearts. Nor did he think then that cruel fate would interfere and pluck the happiness from out his life as the chill breath of a summer night sometimes a rose will kill. They were separated, however, by parental objection for many a weary day. Through grief and absence the girl is stricken ill and the father that stood in his daughter's light, relents from his firmness and seeks the father who...

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