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Chicago Sun-Times
Lighthearted fun.
Entertainment Weekly
Martin and Hunt are exactly the right lively but not sticky authority figures to keep the house (and the comedy pace) bouncing.
It's not just a feel-good holiday movie, though audiences, especially youngsters, will certainly walk out of it feeling good.
Cheaper entertains a broad audience by recalling an age of family filmmaking when that term wasn't synonymous with crap.
Equal parts fantasy and cautionary tale, a film that manages to be uplifting and off-putting simultaneously -- fortunately, more the former than the latter.
Chicago Tribune
Isn't without charm, or laughs. Director Shawn Levy's film features some of the best child actor casting since "The Little Rascals."
Wall Street Journal
Something of a shambles -- a shambles about a shambles -- but bound for big success and deservedly so.
Makes one long for Martin's edgy work in films such as "The Spanish Prisoner."
Philadelphia Inquirer
Much as I adore Martin and Hunt, whose matching tongue-in-cheek delivery and finite patience make them seem more like siblings than spouses, their movie is indistinguishable from an Afterschool Special.
The Hollywood Reporter
Thanks to Martin and Hunt, who both have a seemingly casual flair for mining laughs from even the most generic lines of dialogue, Cheaper by the Dozen works better than it might have in less capable hands, but even they're challenged by some of the picture's forced mood swings.
New York Daily News
There is not a frame of "Cheaper" that doesn't feel contrived. It fails the most fundamental test of movie logic.

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