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Designed to be a date movie, Rules could have stronger male appeal than many comedies of its ilk.
Entertainment Weekly
The rules of good screenwriting are mostly broken, though Jamie Foxx's smash-and-grab charisma remains intact.
Full of sharp ideas and wry moments awaiting the inspired ingenuity of a screwball comedy to pull it all together. It never comes.
Dallas Observer
Writer-director Daniel Taplitz seems to be trying to invoke classic screwball with this convoluted setup, but it plays like mediocre sitcom.
The Hollywood Reporter
Jamie Foxx finds his funny bone is firmly intact in the effervescent, urban-flavored romantic comedy Breakin' all the Rules.
L.A. Weekly
Yet another unfunny buppie sex comedy in the manner of "The Brothers," "Two Can Play That Game" and "Deliver Us From Eva."
The A.V. Club
Written and directed by Daniel Taplitz, Breakin' has a hard time building up steam and an even harder time distinguishing itself from any number of UPN sitcoms.
This tepid romantic comedy not only fails to break the rules, but it follows them to the letter.
Village Voice
The threadbare plot gets considerable padding from alternately psychotic, lecherous, and greedy Caucasians.
No movie this stupid should need a plot synopsis this complicated.

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