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Chicago Sun-Times
Not a comic masterpiece, but it's entertaining and efficient, and provides a showcase for its stars. It's on the level of a good sitcom.
Designed to be a date movie, Rules could have stronger male appeal than many comedies of its ilk.
Has something many movies don't these days: interesting and attractive people talking to each other.
New York Daily News
Plays strictly to formula, the only real surprise is its apparently ironic title.
Chicago Tribune
Isn't exactly a good movie, but it turns out not to be bad, either. It's a romantic comedy that strains to be screwball but at least is likable.
Entertainment Weekly
The rules of good screenwriting are mostly broken, though Jamie Foxx's smash-and-grab charisma remains intact.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The cast, headed by the divine Jamie Foxx, is better than the material. Director Daniel Taplitz is better than the material.
The Hollywood Reporter
Jamie Foxx finds his funny bone is firmly intact in the effervescent, urban-flavored romantic comedy Breakin' all the Rules.
Miami Herald
The film's failure to adhere to one of the most important rules of humor -- never give extensive screen time to someone who is not the slightest bit funny -- prevents it from being a completely enjoyable, if silly, romp.
New York Post
Not entirely bereft of chuckles, though it misses one comic opportunity after another (the best jokes are in the trailer).
San Francisco Chronicle
The freshest thing about Breakin' All the Rules is its dropped "g.''

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