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Brilliant Theological Theory vs Scientific History
magid-110 February 2006
Be still my spiritual adventurous heart! If you are the type of individual that requires visible proof of every frame of belief that you hold anchored in your consciousness, then this amazing story line is not for you. This writer asks you embrace a theory unrecognized by science, medicine and all of the religions of the contemporary world. This story line truly shocked me. This concept is one of the most profound theories I have ever considered. The writer describes our mind as a data bank of learned and experienced memories locked in our DNA. Hence the reasons, we physically appear to resemble characteristics of our parents and our grandparents, and innately procure their physical abilities and talents, ie: athletic abilities, vocal quality, and psychological disposition.

I am astounded at the thought of tapping into that "reserve of instinct", which the writer describes as genetic memory. Brilliant! I assume this story line will create quite a controversy in the scientific circles, thus refuting all scientific findings, assumption and history.
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Awe Inspiring
grindo15 March 2006
It is very thought provoking. I think the need for "Science Fiction" which many seem to criticise can ultimately be inspiring, and medically creative for future generations remedies.

For those who criticised the writing, I think people missed the point. Each individual has their own motives and driving forces, whether you like them or not. This is simply a blue print for alternative methods of research and medicine. And I love the leap of faith/fiction the writer took to reach out to those that have passed on. The writer obviously loved someone very deeply, that is no longer with us.

This is not mind numbing sci fi. This is the kind of film that reminds you why films were so much more interesting back in the day before most of them relied upon digital special effects. This is a sweet, sad film about a time where people are searching for an answer to all of the bad things going on in the world. You get my vote for anything positive.
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Utter Intellectual Brilliance
ErraoSpain6 March 2006
As a writer, a creator of the unknown, I was completely stumped and dumbfound as I read the story line for this show. It didn't remind me of anything, because it's utterly original. O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L, and they said it couldn't be done. Only 9 or 10 story lines is all I ever heard. I'm shocked this story line hasn't blasted the theories of science since the beginning of time. It had one or two tints of color towards 'Altered States' which was the film that put Ken Russell back in the spotlight as a director. Russell claimed that the film had been passed on by 26 different directors (including Kubrick and Spielberg) before the author, Paddy Chayefsky, asked him to direct. William Hurt stars, in his film debut in Altered States, as Eddie Jessup, a scientist hell bent on finding the essence of human existence. At one point we are even asked to believe in the power of mind over body when Jessup regresses into a Neanderthal and goes on a rampage.

Fitzpatrick's character can assimilate anyone's DNA and relive a moment of THEIR life. Crazy-Brilliant.
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A great story is a great story
Isabel Tarafini8 May 2006
I don't know why in the world so many people are so angry and crazy with wanted to hurt somebody or to make somebody embarrassed. If you had a story to tell good things to make people a better than they are then you should try to make it. I love this whole idea to see my family if one of them was to die. I have a very close family with my mama and papa and my brothers and sisters. I can't think if something was to happen to one of them. This is why I like this idea. I don't know my death grandparents but I would to like to see them to get to know them. If there is anyone that wants to be with a gone family then they should hope to do. If you got a hard heart and you don't care about anything, this idea not good for you. If you don't care to hug your mamasita again, don't watch it, because you no understand.

I love this story
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I am sucker for softy story
Francise' Lemarje19 April 2006
Any thing to make me cry like a this movie TV show I will make a date to watch it. only thing is to me I want to make happen much like a doctor to make it work out. I lose many many of family members to the wars over the times it make think to the hope i can see them. I can want to give any thing to God to make able touching my mama. It is so much to think about what would I do if I could change the future. This writer I think has a very good idea and heart to share a story like this one. I want to think I would search for answer no matter how long it take. Life is to me most important in the whole big picture. When i was growing to be a girl i make believe that I want to make hospital work my life.
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This idea much better
joanath25 March 2006
i watch much of American TV but i done see much that make me want to watch to much more. when i see two TV shows same name i look to read which show i like more. this ideal much better than the one i watch on the TV. i done understand why this show with the same name is not on my TV when a better idea. when i can see one of my papas are gone to heaven i wish to see them again. i want to see a TV show much more than TV show i watch now. i like to think and feel like this guy jim fitzpatreck. i much want to to think about what not has been. i want to creative be more than the warner brothers show now. please someone tell me where i can watch jims TV show.
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Hollywood's Sexiest Entertainers
rinarose-120 January 2006
What in the world does the E-Channel know about sexy? Last evening after I arrived home exhausted from a big day at the Studio, I plopped my bum down on the chaise easy chair in my den to unwind. And as I was surfing the net's I stumbled upon the E-Channel's special on the Entertainment Industry's sexiest actors and actresses. There's only one problem, one BIG problem. They misled the general public due to the fact they did not mention one of my favorites, James Fitzpatrick. Then James entered the office I was interning in (Sheri Lansing's Office) and I almost had a coronary. Granted, James is not a BIG star, yet, he is better known than dozens of the actors that E profiled. If you are not aware of James, go to your Soap Channel, and watch the reruns of James as Pierce Riley. Sexy, sexy, sexy. His wife has got to be extremely happy to go to bed at night. I know it's not healthy, yet, I'm envious of her time in that man's chiseled arms.
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Hardly Original
the_revelator16 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
There is some serious deck stacking going on with these reviews. No way does this rate eight, nine, or ten stars. Two reviews don't even talk about the series but just go on about attractiveness and professionalism of Jim Fitzpatrick. Both may be true (although 'hot' is pretty subjective) but as neither discuss Supernatural at all. So to that point....

Genetic memory plays a central role in the Dune books, hardly minor works that could have slipped notice, so to call it brilliantly original is highly inaccurate. Additionally, acquiring someones memories and abilities via touch is the central power of the X-Man Rogue. Again this is a well known character (20 years in comic books and more recently and publicly three feature films). Escaping from a lab? As common in sci-fi as butter in Southern cooking. So no folks - this is not original in concept or execution.

As per the emotional hook - poorly singing grandma's favorite song at karaoke may be heartfelt but that doesn't make it good. Supernatural functions best as schedule filler and they probably should just consider an infomercial instead.
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Okay show
glddraco66616 December 2010
I feel that this show is okay not spectacular and I have some major problems with how the characters change and evolve throughout the show. It seems like they go back and forth and although sometimes funny I feel like that is all they fall back on when it should be more serious. Another major issue I had was the Judaic Christian theme's.

I feel like horror is always better without it as this becomes distracting. Although I find this show still enjoyable enough and its worth watching for sure as a form of light entertainment. I also feel that it has a certain lack of of substance to it that could have made this show great.
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