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The Weekend It Lives
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Reviews & Ratings for
Ax 'Em More at IMDbPro »The Weekend It Lives (original title)

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32 out of 33 people found the following review useful:


Author: El_Guapo9 from La Crosse, Wisconsin
10 July 2004

When I watched "Ax 'Em" I found myself wondering one simple thing: How did this movie get distributed? Honestly, it is that bad. The film quality and sound quality are non-existent. Honestly, I've seen better quality from a VHS camcorder in a dark room recording Barbies. The plot is so asinine that I can't believe Michael Mfume actually got as many people to be in it as he did. I guess the best comparison of this movie is "The Evil Dead" made by Sam Raimi and a bunch of his friends (including Bruce Campbell) when they were in college. You could compare it to that, the only difference is while "The Evil Dead" is extremely well done for its budget and limited crew, this movie is just plain awful.

The title is spelled differently on the box than it is on the movie itself. There is really no ax in the movie at all, there is a small hatchet though. Words are misspelled everywhere in the movie's introduction. The opening credits look like something that could have been made on a 1986 camcorder and there is no editing. The same scene appears in the movie twice in a row. You really can't understand anything that the characters say, the sound is that bad.

The movie starts out with a bunch of young people dancing when a "Yo Momma" contest breaks out, and from here it actually goes downhill if you can believe that. When a group of characters like Rock and Breakfast go on a trip to a cabin in the middle of nowhere they are stalked by some guy. I'm not really sure if there was some connection there, but it was just basically some guy whose family was killed or something and now he's out for revenge.

This is a good movie for people who like bad movies. There are many parts that are so bad they are funny, although usually this isn't a good things in movies. If there was a way to give this film a zero I would.

1 out of 10.

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31 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

Yes friends, you can make a movie for $22.58.

Author: KCohere from Los Angeles
23 April 2004

Without exaggeration, I can safely say that this is the absolutely worst, most low-rent movie I have ever seen in my life. It simply has to be seen to be believed, and even when I was watching it I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Everything about it is atrocious from the effects to the "acting".

For one thing, I have never seen a movie that had a box around the picture. It's really hard to believe that this isn't someones bad student picture that accidently got on the shelves of the video store. The fact that this movie was actually distributed boggles my mind. The sound is so bad you can't hear half of what's being said. The direction is non-existent. The characters are the dumbest, most annoying jerks ever. The effects are so cheap they belong in an Ed Wood movie, not in a film made in 2002. The production values are worse that Manos: the Hands of Fate (chew on that for awhile). I can't say enough how phenomenally bad this movie is. Michael MFume, I hope you are hanging your head in shame.

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31 out of 34 people found the following review useful:

I actually saw this movie in the theater!!!!!

Author: moviemanic07
8 May 2005

A group of African-American college students head out to the country for a weekend of fun and find themselves being slaughtered instead in this film written and directed by Michael Mfume. Sadly, the killer's first victim must've been the sound man because barely a word spoken in this film is audible. Now let's be honest folks. We users of the IMDb tend to be a little too quick in declaring that this or that film the worst one ever made. People have certainly done that about this film too. The difference is that this time they are right! This film is simply unwatchable. Even cheese-lovers will be tempted to poke their eyes out. So many people have complained the time they wasted watching this DVD. Well, I'm one up on you. I actually saw this movie in the theater! That's right, back when it was made, around 1992, the film managed to get limited theatrical release in Mfume's hometown of Baltimore. (This disservice to the movie-going public was probably as a result of the fact that Mfume's father was a US Congressman from Baltimore at the time.) The film was originally called "The Weekend It Lives." I don't think I walked out on the movie. I was with some friends and I believe we were all too stunned to move. As stunned as I was at the time, I am even more stunned that someone actually released it on DVD. It's not simply that the movie is bad. There are plenty of bad movies out there, and I enjoy many of them. What surprises me about this film is it's total lack of film-making competence. The sound is horrible, as if they were only using the built-in microphone on a camcorder. The picture is almost as bad. I have seen better films made by grade school students.

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20 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Holy b@#$%slap Buddha on a bicycle.

Author: HellOnWiehls from United States
31 May 2006

I was once happy. There was a time for me when life seemed worth living. There was a time when my mind wasn't constantly flooded with images of my own eviscerated corpse hanging from a noose. That was the time before I saw Ax 'Em.

The term "worst movie ever made" is thrown around quite often to describe films of this nature. No one ever anticipates, however, that somewhere in the world, there honestly is a worst movie ever made. I'm not one to make assumptions, but I seriously believe that this is, in fact, the greatest cinematic travesty in history. It's like this Mfume guy sat down and wrote a list of every movie-making no-no that could ever be committed, and then made it a point to stuff every single one of these into one incredibly terrible film (and I use the term "film" quite loosely).

The first thing you'll notice is that there seem to be about six or seven different cameras used, each one more awful than the last. The sound quality is horrendous in ways that simply cannot be understood until you see the movie. The plot seems to be that a bunch of African American individuals dressed in clothing that would've been considered fashionable in 1991 running around trying not to get killed by some sort of zombie/psycho or something. I think. I'm really not sure.

Despite the title, the killer guy only uses an ax like, once. He mostly uses a machete or a gun.

The horrid nature of this film is absolutely mind-boggling in a way that makes you wonder how such a thing even exists.

I've still not completely banished the theory that Mfune made this with the intention of creating some sort of bizarre ironic comedy movie. If this is true, then he should be hailed as a genius.

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20 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

You Axed For It!

Author: whammy666 from United States
21 May 2005

THis movie is amazing. I rented it from Hollywood Video after hearing it was the worst film ever, I though, "A movie worse than The Item? A Miracle!" No this is not worse than The Item. I rented it on VHS, and the small screen is funny as heck. Then I had to, I had to buy the DVD. The DVD sucks. No disc menu, and they enlarged the screen! The sound is supposed to be stereo sound or whatever but you still cant hear them....friggin hysterical. This movie has so many problems, it is just funny. I cant wait to show this crap to my friends. Check this one out if you wanna see a bad, bad, bad, bad movie. But get it on VHS cause of the small screen. Makes the movie funnier. Micheal Mfume we love you!!!!!!

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15 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Nothing to see here, keep moving

Author: MADMANMARZ from bklyn ny
11 March 2003

Normally I'm very cinematically tolerant, I can find good in very bad movies. For example I think "Invasion Of The Blood Farmers" is a great film. "Ax Em" has nothing redeeming about it. This is a backyard production but that does not always mean a bad viewing experience, there are several creative amateur productions on the video market. This is not one of them. The sound is inaudible most of the time, yet you can clearly hear the director say "cut" after every painful scene. The cast frequently all talks at once making it impossible to understand anything. There is not one effectively executed sequence in the whole production. It is absolutely amazing this film got distributed WIDELY on home video by a company which specializes in "Urban" features. If you subtract all the technical ineptness, you still have a poorly written, poorly directed, poorly photographed, creatively sterile waste of time. Take it from me I have watched 20 years worth of B horror movies.

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14 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Sloppy horror film should get the 'Ax'

Author: Michael Pilkington ( from Richmond, CA
1 March 2003

Sloppy horror film - and it shows - about a group of not-so-bright teens on a weekend getaway in the woods targeted by a hulking maniac whose family was murdered years earlier. Amateur film (shot on a camcorder) suffers due to terrible acting, writing, directing and editing. More than half the film is muted so you can't hear what everybody is saying. The only thing that comes in clear is the rap music. If you rent this trash to get some laughs out of this, you'll be disappointed. Rent "Scary Movie," instead. My evaluation: (no stars).

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11 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

No, this film will never be listed on my resume!

Author: George B ( from United States
9 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After recently finding out that this "film" was in distribution, I could not believe it myself. I offer my deepest apologies to the world for cutting this. My initial thoughts while editing this for what I believe was a first film ever for the Writer/ Producer was that I should be drinking adult beverages while pushing the buttons. But then again, the old saying comes to mind, "It doesn't matter if the publicity is good or bad just spell my name right." Which brings me to another point, I will have to review this film again, no matter how painful it will be. From what I am reading this is a re-cut of what I have been given "credit" for editing...I do not remember EVER putting my real name on this piece of work. Well generally, the comments are true about how it was technically done. It was really edited from a window-dub VHS tape blown up to cover that information for nearly 80% of the footage provided. But in my defense, I have several Telly Awards for editing among many other honors and you have seen my work on Discover Wings Channel, PBS, BET and perhaps CBS News feeds. Don't hold this movie against me PLEASE!!!

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10 out of 10 people found the following review useful:


Author: xredgarnetx from Connecticut
4 April 2006

AX EM, an "urban" flick purportedly about a slasher, is one of only two movies I have given a "1" rating here. The other is NIGHT OF THE GHOULS. I would place MANOS in the same category, but I forget if I ever wrote about it here. AX EM is not a film, and it is hardly even a home movie. It was shot using a camcorder and the cam's mike, so that the sound -- uncorrected, natch -- is beyond the point of muddy. AX EM makes that dancing killer scarecrow movie and that pot-bellied mummy movie look like CITIZEN KANE. A big piece of the running time is given over to footage of an actual urban parade! AX EM is truly unwatchable. I should have known better. I rented it from a store, behind which sits a huge Section 8 housing project. Truly a numbnuts film for numbnuts.

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10 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

If this movie was meant to be bad, it would've been great

Author: intime from United States
14 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie, obviously made by college kids while high, has got to be in the top 5 worst of all time. Minor story development, zero character devel, a $10 budget and that includes the equipment too. (I don't actually know the real budget but it can't be very high.) Plus, possibly the worst crew ever. You can easily see a befuddled pepsi fan (if you saw it you'd know what i mean.) trying to get out of the shot after he clicked on the scene. (this is possibly the best part of the movie. We rewound it a dozen times).

To say this film had a script and story written by a slow third grader, would be kind. It appears to be a collection of random scenes and shots thrown together in a horrible attempt to create, even a trace, of a real movie. One scene would just follow another with no causality or plot line.

Or maybe it did have a good script, but i couldn't hear or see much of it because the plastic camera and tape recorder was 14 miles away. It was 90% inaudible and so snowy I smacked the DVD player thinking it was a bad connection. All i could make out was a decaying zombie who made superman look disabled. and you really never learn who he is or why he was killing everyone.

The actors(AKA any friend of the director)were obviously hanging around for the wrap party. And, I swear, that there were more main people in the movie at the end, than at the beginning. Although I believe 2 left early because in a very awkward scene about 3/4 through, a couple abandon their car and haul off down the road and you never see them again. (i think they left, because like I said, I'm truly under the impression there were more people in it at the end. And that's scary for a writer to forget they are isolated in the woods). None of these people had an ounce of acting ability. I'd be shocked to learn they had even seen a movie before. Maybe the director offered them grass, Hell, i'd act in that mess for some herb.

One thing however, above all, that really confuses me is..HOW DID THIS PIECE OF CRAP FIND ITS WAY TO MY VIDEO STORE??!!!! Who was the poor sap that got roped into that one? Maybe the producer was promised drugs cause unless your def, dumb, blind, and slightly retarded you wouldn't have gone near this film, especially with big finance money.(I paid to watched it because i am, slightly retarded, I'd have to be.)

And how desperate would you have to be to distribute this Grade D atrocity. That guy's probably rummaging a couch for change right now.

In the end, for a decent laugh at a college student film, it's fine. Don't watch it looking for a scare or anything resembling reason. It is a confusing, mashed-up, dump of a movie.

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