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Misses just as often as it hits
GoD-s-LoNeLy-MaN6 November 2006
"(T)Raumschiff Surprise" is sometimes funny, sometimes hilarious but it is also embarrassingly stupid at times. It has some new jokes but what I found shocking is that some of the jokes were "borrowed" (from Austin Powers; Loriot,...). So really you have creative ideas and funny and original jokes but in the same scene you have old or plagiarized jokes and gags that are complete misses.

I like Bully and I think he is funny, loved "Der Schuh des Manitu". There was a huge hype around this movie and when I finally saw it I was disappointed as the movie did not deliver. About a year after watching it the first time, I watched it again and I laughed about 5 times and smiled maybe another 10 times. I remember laughing quite a bit the first time I watched it but even back then I found it disappointing.

This movie is not quite as bad as the IMDb-rating (5.4) suggests but way worse than the hype around it makes you believe it is. (Most of the time my ratings for a movie are below the IMDb-average so me rating it the same as the average voter while saying it deserves a higher score is not a contradiction. Hope you can follow.)

** 5.5/10 **
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It is not My Type of Humor
Claudio Carvalho27 July 2016
Three hundred years in the future, Mars is colonized by humans and their leader Regulator Rogul (Hans-Michael Rehberg) plans to conquer Earth. Queen Königin Metapha (Anja Kling) is advised to send the gays Captain Kork (Christian Tramitz), the Vulcannette Brigitte Spuck (Michael Herbig) and the engineer Schrotty (Rick Kavanian) from the Surprise to the past in an experimental time machine to destroy the spaceship that human discovered in Area 51 in 2004 and avoid their technological knowledge in spacecrafts. She summons the trio and the taxi driver Rock Fertig Aus (Til Schweiger) brings them to the meeting but Rogul attacks Earth. In the havoc, Kork, Spuck, Rock and Metapha travel to the past but they are hunted down by the evil Lord Jean Maul (Rick Kavanian). Now the only hope for the human race depends on the success of their mission.

"(T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1" has a promising storyline, with a parody to the cults "Star Trek" and "Star Wars". However this sci-fi comedy is not my type of humor and is indicated only for very specific audiences. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "A Espaçonave das Loucas" ("The Spacecraft of the Crazy Gays")
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Hilarious nonsense with a spicy gay flavor, just enjoy the ride !!
johannes2000-12 January 2007
I absolutely loved this movie. I didn't know exactly what to expect, probably some very under-the-waist gay-jokes (the fact that I still bought this DVD proofs that I'm not really above THAT). But this turned out to be much better and different! In fact there's hardly any actual sexual connotation (okay, the outer form of the spaceship DID remind me of something familiar and at one point there's some sexual innuendo concerning a gravely mistaken shadow!). But otherwise the gay premise is not exploited in nudity, or in provocative gay variations on tits-and-ass jokes, it's mostly limited to the being gay of the three protagonists, which colors their attitude, their actions and their conversation, in a very tongue-in-cheek way. This gives this parody of Star Wars and Star Trek (and probably Back to the Future) an extra dimension that's very original, to say the least, and to me it worked completely.

There were more surprises: the FX of this non-American movie is absolutely stunning, as was the sound on this DVD, which at times blew me out of my chair! The whole story develops in a very high pace, we get time-traveling, space trekking, medieval jousting, everything in a hilarious way yet enough believable to get yourself involved into the story and with the characters. The actors do a great job and are all very funny, especially of course the two bickering and ad-libbing male leads Michael Herbig (also the director) and Christian Tramitz. And Till Schweiger, although past forty, is still a treat for the eyes, I remember him from "Der Bewegte Mann", another German gay classic some ten years ago that's among my favorites: equally entertaining but with a bit more of a serious message underneath the very comical surface.

I guess that many hard-boiled gay-rightists will find that a movie like this is stereotyping gays, but not I (and being one myself I think I have a right to speak). On the contrary, I actually find it a treat to witness (albeit in a movie) a world in which gay characters (even such "extreme" ones) are considered by everyone around them as just an exotic variation of the human species and in every other aspect as valuable and worthwhile as anyone else. Notice for instance that no-one in the movie makes fun of the gay characters just for being gay or ridicules their all too obvious homosexuality. Alas: up until now such a world still is a fantasy!

All in all, I rank this movie 9 out of 10.
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No surprise here, the German parody of Star Wars & Star Trek wasn't that hilarious. Still, it did had some funny moments.
ironhorse_iv27 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say, the movie directed by Michael Herbig was part of my childhood when I saw in Germany. It wasn't that funny, then. Its still, isn't that funny, today, when I just re-watch it. It wasn't as bad, other parodies I have saw, but it wasn't that good. Dreamship Surprise: Period 1 is one of those so bad, it's good. I can't truly hate the film because it really did try to be entertaining. The movie is based on a recurring skit from Herbig's 1997 to 2002's TV Show 'Bullyparade'. After making 2001's Manitou's Shoe, Michael Herbig allow his audience to choose, what subject his next movie should be. The viewers could choose between "Manitou's Shoe 2", "Lissi und der wilde Kaiser" (later made in 2007), "Ein Film, wo keiner mit rechnet" or "Dreamship Surprise". This movie claims to be the first democratically chosen movie. The movie is spoofing everything from 1960s American TV Show, Star Trek, to all the Star Wars movies, to 1990's Back to the Future Part 3, and even have bits of Das Traumschiff, a German television series, similar to the series 1977's American show, The Love Boat. Even characters from Michael Herbig's previous film 2001's Manitou's Shoe show up in this film. The movie is about the Space War between the colonies of Mars against Earth in 2304. When most of Earth's forces is destroyed by the fleet of the Mars Regulator and his henchman Jens Maul (Rick Kavanian), Queen Metaphor (Anja Kling) of Earth debate her last options with her staff. They decide to call for a three man crew from Dreamship Surprise, Earth's last available ship, to travel 300 years back in time. Their mission is to destroy a UFO which had crashed in Nevada in 2004. Its technology had enabled mankind to colonize Mars in the first place, hence its destruction would prevent the attack 300 years later. I know this plot is from a comedy, but wouldn't that cause a grandfather paradox? Anyways, most of the comedy come from the three men crew that is parodying Star Trek, made out of Captain Kork AKA Captain Kirk (Christian Tramitz), Mr. Spuck (Spit) AKA Dr. Spock (Michael 'Bully Herbig) and the engineer, Schrotty (Rick Kavanian) whom name is a play on words, meaning trash. All characters are stereotypically gay that speak in strong Bavarian accents that might annoy some people. It's only Schrotty that doesn't seem to match his Star Trek character counterpart. I think the creators, got confused, as he looks like Dr. Bones McCoy, while the doctor, in the film seem more like Scotty. Schrotty spends most of the movie, doing nothing as he was captured early on. It was kinda a waste, not to involve him in the adventures as the billing had these three characters playing off each other. Instead, we get a Han Solo's type character played by Til Schweiger named Rock that provide the action scenes that these three can't do. I have to say, the action scenes are pretty damn good. The CGI is pretty amazing for the time, and what time of film, this is. Still, there were some badly gone, green screen, and fake explosion. What makes this, different from most Star Wars & Star Trek movies is the time traveling. Not only do you get to see the future, but also Middle Ages Britain, and the Wild West. Most of the jokes fall flat. There are some certain ones, like how all the Americans agents have the name 'fields' in them. I do like, how they break the fourth wall, time after time. Some jokes seem borrowed from other comedies like 1997's Austin Powers like with the shadow sexual innuendo humor. The movie does have over the top offended stereotypes that some people might not like. The gay premise was mostly tongue-in-cheek humor. The movie even add credits outtakes bloopers for one last laugh. The music is pretty catchy. I found myself listening to the silly music of 'Miss Waikiki" and 'Space Taxi", even if it's a bit dumb. When Stefan Raab's "Space Taxi" comes on; memories come running down. The movie was so popular in Germany that a PC Game was create, and then was even a campaign for a burger restaurant theme of the movie. I wouldn't say the movie is a German film. Being American, and speaking little German, I did find some International humor here. Still, it was hard to find a copy of the film with English sub-titles. I watch it, twice in the original language with no sub-titles, and in French. I hope one day, they release a DVD version in English. Overall: Not bad of a parody. Just hard to find.
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A Nutshell Review: Dreamship Surprise
DICK STEEL22 October 2005
This movie is so insanely gay! And I mean it in both sense of the word. No wonder this comedy broke the German box office with its madcap, low-brow, at times, crass humour. But it's all in good fun.

If you're looking for a plot, be reminded that a spoof-fest only has an outline of what resembles a story. The story's not award winning material to begin with, and it was never the intention of doing so.

In the future, Earth has colonized Mars, and some aliens aren't happy with it, so war is declared on the Earthlings. Somehow, Earth's last hope lies in the hands of Dreamship Surprise and its crew of merry men, led by the gayish Captain Kork, and equally feminine-like officers Mr Spuck and Schrotty. Needless to say, the crew of Dreamship Surprise is a complete spoof of Star Trek's Starship Enterprise crew, right down to the uniform, the multi-racial crew, and the technology available on board. Serious Trekkies might not take this too kindly though, to see their beloved franchise taken to "new" heights.

To save Earth from the aliens, the team has to travel back in time to prevent the discovery of alien lifeforms in Area 51. But it's made more difficult when Kork and crew are more interested in their rehearsals for an upcoming Miss Waikiki competition (don't ask). Which is crazy I tell you. If you think that the Chicken Little ad now showing in theatres is cute, you haven't seen nothing yet! Spoofing obvious movies like Star Wars - pod-racing, battleships hovering in orbit, the Jedi Council, Coruscant, Queen Amidala, Han Solo, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, the list goes on, and Star Trek - the main leads, there are also numerous references to movies like Austin Powers (the phallic-shaped starship), Back to the Future (time travel), Minority Report and even A Knight's Tale. Spoofing and combining key characters from Star Wars and Star Trek have been attempted before in Hollywood comedies, but definitely not in the manner that Dreamship Enterprise had.

Stay tuned during the credits, where some blooper scenes are shown, and if you stay until the end of the credits, you'll be rewarded with yet another short hilarious scene.

Definitely recommended for an evening after a hard day's work.
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Simply fond of it (ich mag's einfach)!
DerWixxer27 July 2004
After having read all postings and comments about the movie in this place up to now I simply want to tell that I love it! Surely the movie cannot be to everyone's taste especially not to the taste of those who run into cinema with a checklist about "will it be better than 'Schuh des Manitu'", "how many gay-jokes will be cracked", "does German comedy still exist" and so on. I myself was skeptical, too, whether Periode 1 will reach Schuh des Manitu but I was disappointed positively. Tonight I watched Periode 1 the second time and, like in Schuh des Manitu, I discovered gags I haven't perceived the first time because there are enough of it in there! Why do most of the commentators put emphasis on the gay-factor? Surely that was the original attention of "Unser Traumschiff" in Bullyparade but in the movie there surely is more! You remember "Men In Tights" (Helden in Strumpfhosen) by Mel Brooks, the Robin Hood-spoof? O.k., there was no gay-topic in it but it was very smug! Enjoy the details! The counselor of "William der Letzte", the rented spy, the taxi and so on - there's so much in it you can laugh about! Michael Bully Herbig surely accepts the inheritance of Monthy Pythons and Mel Brooks, in my eyes!

Simply enjoy it like me!
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A German "Spaceballs" and more...
Chris Nash (spam-1203)15 March 2006
Yeah, so, I'm not German (though I do speak it)...

The humour is not inherently German (i.e. there is some!), but it is funny. Very, very funny. Bully started with "Der Schuh des Manitu", and that was a poor German ape of Blazing Saddles... but this is different. For a start the special effects make you wonder how Star Wars I-III managed to spend their significantly larger budget. They're good. There's something almost British about the comedic understatement and dead-pan delivery. A knowledge of colloquial German is useful though.

The "icon" of the movie, the gay trio of Kirk (Kork), Spock (Spuck) and the other one (it isn't clear which Star Trek character he's meant to be), is the weakest point of the flick, but fortunately it is a minor intrusion. There is plenty of wit, spoofing and entertainment besides. Til Schweiger is excellent - a German Bruce Willis, maybe? Perhaps, as an Auslander, I find this movie more endearing than I should, but I highly recommend it.

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I support Spucky!
AnimationPhoenix5 January 2006
I am an American, but speak German fluently due to my mother being from Germany. I recently saw the film with family friends while in Germany for Christmas. I can't tell you how hard I was laughing the whole time I watched the film. I think the film was very well put together. The dialog is funny, the little hints here and there about Der Shuh Des Manitu was also very witty.

I can see why Herr Herbig laughs at night in his sleep from all the gags. I have to say though, the best part of the whole film has to be the sound track. I throughly enjoyed the music from the film. Especially the Miss Waikiki song...that just plan cracked me up.

All in all I give this movie a 10 out of 10 for wittiness, music, fantastic special effects, good plot and well thought out story, and for being something different from American films. Yes. It was very Mel Brooksish, though, and very very funny! I'd say it's a must have for all comedy lovers (I bought my copy already!)
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not really funny
dickbub@hotmail.com20 August 2004
German TV gets sillier every day. You must have seen it to believe. The same goes for Periode 1. It is actually a comedy show that runs once e week. Once upon a time these comedians decided to make a movie. It was called `Der Schuh des Manitu' and it became the greatest success in cinema history in Germany. I couldn't believe that. I found it not the least bit funny nor do I find the tv series funny. But both have a huge fan base. Bully, the star of the this whole travesty isn't funny either. The only thing he does, is pretending to be gay. You see this every week in his show you saw this in `Der Schuh des Manitu' and you see it now in `Periode 1'.

I don't know what is going on in peoples minds. The can laugh a thousand times about the same old joke as long as the media tells them that the jokes are good. It reminds me somewhat of Farenheit 451….

Being gay is even trendy now. Thanks to the German TV. They realised to construct e extremely positive stereotype about gays. You see gay dozens of times every day in lots of shows, films and commercials etc. And they do always follow the same stereotype. For example a gay man is always sympathetic, he knows much about fashion, he is the man who understands women, he behaves a little bit over the top in every aspect. But he is always very, very sympathetic. I do not have something against gays but I have something against this stereotype. Here in Germany there are two kinds of gay reactions to the film. The superficial ones that loves the movie because they are shown as most positive, sympathetic and nice guys and who are even influenced in their behaviour by the stereotype shown in the media. And the others, more sophisticated ones, how know that they are all thrown into one an the same pot. They know that gays are individual as every other person on this planet and not only a one dimensional stereotype or a trendy appearance that will be replaced in the future from some other appearances.

After `Der Schuh des Manitu' German people were allowed to vote for a sequel. For example one could vote for another western or a star trek like sequel etc. As you see the star trek parody has won. And so it came to the slogan that this is the first democratically voted movie in history. But most of the movie plays in medieval times. Bully (the main actor and director) said in an interview that he always wanted to make a medieval movie. That said you can mention for yourselves how democratic this movie is. But that doesn't matter because `Periode 1' is on its way to be even more successful than its predecessor.

There are certainly other dim-witted personalities in this movie that are very popular and that every child knows in Germany. For example the not-so-funny Stefan Raab. He made one of the most stupid songs for this movie that will be a number one smash-hit before long.

All these factors: the beloved stereotype, the democracy, the stars and the music in combination with the commercials that you are confronted with all day through and last but not least the pride of the Germans to have created an Hollywood-like movie with special effects and gay slapstick jokes that do not have hide behind American comedies make this movie look like the greatest achievement in cinema history but if you lift the veil a little bit you see that it is only an empty husk of a movie, a wanna-be Hollywood flick and unfunny as hell. The same jokes repeat throughout the whole movie. It is so boring and even worse it is a `positive-gay-propaganda'. Sounds kinda funny but it isn't. Tanks for reading. (2/10)
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