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Plot Keywords

memory patient
psychiatrist murder
ghost the devil
inmate car
car accident penitentiary
female protagonist dependence
panic purgatory
medical restraints freaking out
animal torture traffic pylon
prophet cutter
distorted sound listening to a car radio
highway patrolman satanism
blood pressure holding one's breath underwater
fire truck alarm instinct
electric chair woman on fire
neurosurgeon prisoner
pizza axe murder
clopped to death with an axe swimming goggles
broken car headlight listening to a radio
microphone evidence
explosion taxi
suicide by jumping off a bridge jumping off a bridge
footprints fingerprints
stethoscope suicide attempt
connecticut new hampshire
reference to god absent father
mother son relationship father son relationship
reckless driving flashlight
fight surveillance camera
missing child flickering light
chained to a bed chains
breaking glass janitor
falling subjective camera
time lapse photography reverse motion scene
death of daughter father daughter relationship
writing on one's arm self immolation
writing on a glass window electric generator
electricity drug use
throat slitting stepfather stepdaughter relationship
desperation seizure
paranoia running
screaming trust
floodlight cellar
pills blood stain
fire police car
prison guard denial
cigar smoking kiss
lightning thunder
sinkhole topless female nudity
pursuit chase
shooting shotgun
rifle gun
knife sedative
injection hypodermic needle
self cutting wrist bandage
wrist slitting scalpel
telephone call survival
sex tears
crying violence
hearing voices family relationships
female frontal nudity female nudity
murder of husband death of husband
husband wife relationship cell phone
policeman police
death shock
lawyer fantasy sequence
vagina bare breasts
buttocks nudity
insanity therapy
doctor catatonia
car crash detour
medication hospital
solitary confinement interview
confinement suicide
watching tv escape
barn kidnapping
rape torture
logic hallucination
unrequited love goth
woman in jeopardy temporary insanity
prison nightmare
mental illness mental breakdown
spreadeagle underwater scene
shower newspaper clipping
flashback false accusation
women's prison trapdoor
swimming serial killer
secret room repressed memory
possession owl
covered bridge brake failure
bathtub psychiatric hospital
marriage delusion
thunderstorm tattoo
syringe swimming pool
spontaneous combustion shot in the forehead
sheriff security guard
roadblock rape victim
pay phone psychopath
psychiatric ward escape from prison
police station photograph
nurse nervous breakdown
mirror mental patient
memory loss intimidation
hospital gown gas explosion
fugitive female doctor
doctor patient relationship defense attorney
death threat dead girl
criminally insane computer
co worker circumcision
cell block man on fire
blackout video tape
video camera car wreck
blood umbrella
self mutilation reporter
rain dead husband
bridge dream
blood spatter axe
mental institution supernatural power
surprise ending

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