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Revealing mistakes 

When Dr. Pete takes Melinda's blood pressure, the needle on the pressure gauge doesn't move when he inflates the cuff.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Miranda emerges from the swimming pool where she hiding from the guards, she screams, but her voice doesn't echo throughout the room.


The length of Miranda's hair changes too much for the three week time span of the main plot in the film.
When Miranda arrives at the crime scene in her house after the great escape, her shirt is nearly dry, although she hid herself in the swimming pool a few minutes ago.
When Miranda flees from solitary after seeing Chloe and crashing into the two guards, she falls backwards with her head towards the solitary. In the next shot, she is lying the other way around, fighting.
When Sheriff Ryan comes to interview Miranda Grey, the bandage on her arm moves from the back of her arm to the forearm, and back again.
When Pete talks to Miranda for the first time after the murder, and is crouched with his back to the cell door, two plastic cups are on the floor. As he rises, the cups have changed positions. One is lying on the floor, facing Pete.
The cuts on Miranda's arm that spell "NOT ALONE" change starting positions throughout the movie. "NOT" starts at the elbow, then the wrist, then back to the elbow.
When Miranda breaks the window with the screwdriver, the glass shatters on the other side of the door. When she opens the door and runs, she should have had shards of glass in her feet.
The position of the cigar on Dr. Douglas Grey's desk.
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Errors in geography 

At the end of the movie, they are supposed to be in New York City. However, as Chloe is getting into the cab, you can see a (partially burnt out) Tim Horton's sign in the background. Tim Horton's is a Canadian coffee shop not found in New York.

Revealing mistakes 

When Miranda enters the shed, she is startled by an owl. You can hear it fly around. Owls fly silently.
In the storm scenes, the rainfall patterns are circular, a sign of rainmaking machines.

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