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It has a bloom on it like that of a bunch of fresh grapes
deickemeyer4 November 2016
A very good picture, presenting in a dramatic way a study of feminine character and masculine character in the first stages of a serious courtship. Perhaps it was ever thus, for, although one can always find people to differ from any proposition, the Greek poets, or at least Theocratus, can be cited in support. Such a picture as this gets over by means of a thousand subtle little things. Merely to say that, at first, the girl seemed to consider the man her enemy; but that, when she feared to love him, she surrendered to his plea and consented to marry him, tells hardly of the picture. It has a bloom on it like that of a bunch of fresh grapes. Mr. Costello plays the man; Miss Leah Baird, the girl. The producer, with these players' skill, has made the picture pretty, as well as significant. The camera work is perfect. - The Moving Picture World, May 4, 1912
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