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(I) (2005)

Plot Keywords

waiter dishwasher
flashing cook
restaurant 2000s
cooler sterilization
chicken leg work schedule
counseling bacon
dream whining
prime rib men's toilet
ketchup exposing one's penis
businessman video tape
ice tea scratching one's anus
over eagerness microwave oven
salad cash register
keychain ice pick
foreplay insecurity
self confidence electrical engineering
college graduate california
riverside community college california constipation
rap music rube goldberg machine
older man younger woman relationship metaphor
piercing down's syndrome
retardation carpe diem
hot fudge sundae dessert
senility gift certificate
chlamydia pipe smoking
card playing playing pool
pool table finger in one's anus
fisting blindness
bartender bar
listening to music bedroom
chicken as food chicken
spit snot
raised middle finger obscene finger gesture
humiliation degradation
venereal disease dandruff
pubic hair fire extinguisher
fire cell phone
pay phone telephone call
hangover birthday cake
birthday friend
urinal premature ejaculation
orgasm vagina
lobster costume polaroid camera
photograph fast motion scene
teenage boy anal sex
tampon drunkenness
homophobia male frontal nudity
female nudity nudity
underwear cafe
eating drinking
drink drug use
fired from the job workplace romance
twenty something statutory rape
marijuana joint loss of job
loser jerk
glass pipe friendship between women
friends who hate each other envy
slow motion scene foreigner
life changing decision interracial relationship
arrested development break up
sleeping on the job sex
sex talk love hate relationship
homosexual hatred
f word buddy
breakfast reference to pepsi
wannabe underage smoking
teenage girl talking to one's self
revenge public nudity
public humiliation pot smoking
payback old man
meth methadone
marijuana jackass
interracial friendship hopelessness
growing up difficult decison
crude humor coming to a decision
bong punctuation in title
one word title first part
ellipsis in title high school friend
white male pretending to be black job training
screaming redneck
parking lot office
lesbian job offer
speaking german friendship
friendship between men disgruntled customer
crying busboy
boyfriend girlfriend relationship anger
ambition merkin wig
fake female frontal nudity whipping
underage drinking tow truck
stress sex in a bathroom
romantic tension resignation
playing with food party
one day time span male nudity
job promotion film within a film
female frontal nudity fantasy sequence
dream sequence cigarette smoking
teenager kicked in the butt
happy birthday to you gay slur
surprise after end credits scene during end credits
waitress urination
tip the gratuity testicles
penis mother son relationship
restaurant manager kitchen
restaurant hostess high school
gay food
employer employee relationship drug humor
restaurant customer cruel joke
college men's bathroom
independent film title spoken by character

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