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Our story opens in winter at the time when Mr. Shelby is forced to sell some of his slaves, owing to business reverses. Up to this time they have lived all their lives with him, and he has been noted for his kindness to them. Unfortunately, the man to whom he is compelled to sell is a slave owner of the other sort, brutal, heartless and a hard master. This man, Simon LeGree, comes to Shelby's home and agrees to buy as many of the slaves as he desires, providing Mr. Shelby gives him his choice. The slaves are passed in review, and LeGree selects Uncle Tom, one of the oldest and most trusted of Shelby's negroes, and the young son of Eliza, also a slave who has been with Shelby many years. Despite the protestations of Mr. Shelby and the entreaties of the poor slaves themselves, these two are heartlessly torn from their homes and families. LeGree refuses to buy any of the others, and as Shelby is in need of immediate money, he is forced to allow him to buy these two. The small boy is torn...

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