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  • During Christmas at the Simpsons, Bart asks for a tattoo. Marge takes them to the mall to buy presents. Bart sees a tattoo parlor and lies about his age to get a "Mother" tattoo. Marge catches Bart while the tattoo parlor is working on it. Marge runs in and drags Bart out. She spends all the Christmas money on removing Bart's tattoo, and Mr. Burns doesn't give out bonuses. Homer then gets a job at the mall as Santa Claus. Bart goes to the mall and pulls off Homer's beard. Homer is then left without a job, and only gets paid $13.00. Will Christmas get any better for the Simpsons?

    - Written by TnMovieFan2@aol.com
  • It's Christmas time and the Simpsons celebrate it in their own ways. But things take a turn for the worse when Homer's stingy boss, Mr. Burns, announces there would be no Christmas bonuses that year. Meanwhile, Marge, Bart and Lisa go to the mall. Bart get's a tattoo and when Marge tries to get it removed, it cost all their present money. Homer doesn't know how to tell the family they're completely broke. He tries earning money by playing Santa Claus at the mall, then tries betting on dog races and loses, but the loser dog proves loving so Homer brings it home and it turns out to be a merry Christmas after all.

    - Written by Dylan Self <robocoptng986127@aol.com>
  • In this Simpson Christmas Story, it all begins when Marge and the kids go christmas shopping, Bart decides to get a tatoo, and Homer's boss Mr. Burns gives no christmas bonuses to anyone. Magre had to spend all her christmas money to remove Bart's tatoo. Now, it's only up to Homer and Bart to save christmas. They for a dog called "Santa's Little Helper", but they lost and wasted their 13 dollars.

    - Written by Tom <tluia@netscape.net>


Opening Credits: The title, The Simpsons Christmas Special, appears on screen against a black snowy background and the camera pans down to start act one...

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