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Brimming with values that should serve its young audience well: altruism, friendship, self-sacrifice, responsibility.
Better for several reasons. First, they've jazzed up the animation. The backgrounds appear to be digital, and they are striking. The story is also less violent and combative.
New York Daily News
Clearly, interest has waned - both because children grow up and because they move on. It might be time for the folks behind this particular fad to do the same.
Chicago Tribune
An insubstantial addition to the cycle. It looks cheap and feels slapped together.
Sometimes the 2D and 3D animation doesn't blend, and the heinous pop songs would embarrass Peter Cetera, but there's plenty to like, including a fascinating mechanical contraption and musical score both shamelessly and lovingly stolen from "The Dark Crystal."
A sunny, gentle action yarn with numbingly repetitive chase scenes and bouncy interludes of playtime.
Gallops along at a quick, easygoing clip. Grown-ups may have to scrub the sugar from their frontal lobes. But it's not about them, is it? Never was. Never will be.
Given that most fans are very young, ignoring a key aspect of the Pokemon mythos is bound to confuse and disappoint them.
Any richness in the drawing of the backgrounds only underscores the weirdly flat, affectless renderings of the characters moving through them.
New York Post
Crudely animated, badly dubbed, incomprehensible, boring -- and headache-inducing -- attempt to wring a few more yen and dollars out of a thoroughly spent franchise.
Kids will revolt, parents will snooze, and I will be downright giddy if I never encounter another Pokémon movie as long as I live. Ack!

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