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The improvised dialogue has a no-holds-barred quality that can hit or miss. But when it hits, it can be hysterical.
Entertainment Weekly
In his curdled-butterball way, Jiminy Glick may be the most acidic showbiz send-up since Andy Kaufman's Tony Clifton. This movie, though it has its moments, is a pedestal he didn't need.
Martin Short is so odd that apparently, neither he nor the film industry know what to do about it. In a way, Jiminy Glick in La La Wood is both a fictional riff on this very fact and hard proof of it.
Short does a good job playing Lynch but this whole Lynch thing might have played funnier ten years ago.
Director Vadim Jean is lucky that his low-octane comedy is long on Short.
New York Post
One of that film's funniest performers, John Michael Higgins, is on hand as a maniacal European celebrity handler who keeps swearing, "I am no homoist."
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The film has enough laughs to stock a 90-minute entertainment. Unfortunately it throws out enough material to fill five comedies. And most of the jokes die in silence, throwing off a flop-sweat tsunami that carries away Short's best work.
Jiminy Glick needs definition if he's to work as a character. We have to sense a consistent comic personality, and we don't; Short changes gears and redefines the character whenever he needs a laugh.
Where else are you going to find an extended riff on the weird, weird world of David Lynch movies, an homage to "The Shining" and flatulence gags in the same place?
New York Daily News
What Short does not deserve - and neither do we - is a feature-length movie about Jiminy.

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