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Very satisfying
Simon Booth13 March 2004
Followed up the over-rated EK HASINA THI with KHAKEE, and found it much more to my tastes. The script was pretty cliched and the melodrama and machismo were turned up way too high (actually *everything* was turned up way too high!), but I found it involving and compelling.

The production values in the film are extremely high, and it seems that Indian action scenes have really got a lot better over the past few years - still more Hollywood than Hong Kong, and there was too much random camera movement at times, but they were still very exciting to watch.

Amitabh is still king, but the film was really owned by Ajay Devgan - he's finally managed to shake off the ZAKHM character in my head (since it was the first role I saw him in, seeing him as anything else always felt wrong to me, but his performance in KHAKEE is now the one he'll have trouble escaping I suspect).

Recommended :)
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Undeniably amazing!
ozzyrocks8626 January 2004
Whoa!!!! This is one hell of a movie. When I walked into the theater, I was expecting a good movie as this movie was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi and boasted of stars Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai. I came out of the theater spellbounded as I had just witnessed a rare masterpiece of its genre. It's heartening to see movies like these come out in Bollywood, even with the over-abundance of love stories. This movie keeps you in the edge of the seat for the full length, and doesn't let up one bit. Bachchan is outstanding and proves why he is the greatest Bollywood actor ever. Devgan again mesmerizes in a negative role after Deewangee. Akshay impresses with his comic flair and his solid action sequences. Ash more than holds her own in a male-dominated movie, while Tusshar Kapoor makes his presence felt. The supporting cast are good as well. I just hope that movies like these come out with regularity in Bollywood. Incredible. A+
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good action movie
asaf_hussain12327 August 2006
Khakee is a good action movie..It is about Dr. Iqbal Ansari who has been accused of being a terrorist, but he is not a terrorist..some of the police are involved with some terrorist gangs who have put weapons in ansari's house, and Ansari who is innocent has been accused of being a terrorist..

Amitabh performs well throughout the movie..Akshay performs brilliantly as well..he is good in some comedy scenes..Ajay performs really well in a negative role..these type of roles suit ajay perfectly..tusshar acts well..aishwarya is just okay..she doesn't perform that well..

Overall, khakee is a must watch as it contains mostly everything: action, comedy, romance, musical...
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Re: Simply powerful
Shashi Krishna26 February 2005
"Khakhee" according to me is one of Rajkumar Santoshi's best works. It was a refreshing change to see Amit as a retiring, tired old police officer who has not achieved much in his life. This challenge of taking the terrorist to the destination becomes his only chance to prove himself to his struggling life. With a strong performance by Akshay,Ajay and Tusshar this makes a great movie for a lazy afternoon. Aishwarya Rai was strictly OK although she enacted a rather interestingly designed role. Not giving away anything here for those who have not seen it yet. Melodious soundtrack included, Khakhee is every Bollywood fan's treat. One of the best scenes has to be the one in the night where everyone has taken shelter during their journey and Akshay confronts Amit, and there onwards the alleged terrorist breaks down for the first time. Amazingly shot. And of course, who can forget the classic climax where Tusshar comes to his own form. One of the few movies I have seen with such a beautiful ending. Giving it a good 9 out of 10 for being so simple yet powerful.
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indian cinema is changing
roopamkhare30 January 2004
Bollywood seems to be changing. Directors like ramgopal varma , rajkumar santoshi are coming with new scripts and trying to present in new style that has never been tried. Thats what santoshii has done succesfully in khakee. movie starts from anant shrivastav(amitabh), an unsuccessful DCP whos is assigned job to transfer a terrorist ( atul kulkarni). this is a lifetime chance for him to prove himself. With him in this mission are young, honest tushar kapoor , intelligent but corrupt akshay kumar and aishwarya. The movie has lots of twists and suspenses in between. Performancewise, amitabh has biggest rola and he is amazing. I see amitabh winning his second national award. Akshay Kumar has few very good scenes and he has done full justice to them. Ajay Devgan is not as good as his other movies, may be he is not suited for such roles where he needs to overact as villain. but he is not bad. aishwarya, ii wud definitely say its a bad role for her. santoshi must have given her something more in the end. story seems to be a pulled in the end. but i rate it 8.5/10.
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Fantastic, one of the best action Hindi movie ever made
moviemaniacOK20 June 2005
I'm a big fan of Amitabh Baachan, and naturally I wouldn't miss this. His performance is superb. And I am not even Indian!!! I've watched hundreds of Hindi and Tamil movies. This is by far surpassed all of them. Rent it and watch it guys!!! The plot was very well written, some of them were a total surprise. It started out a little slow in the beginning, but there're some twists here and there. This is by far surpassed all of them. The newer actors carried out their performance very well, Ajay Devgan was awesome as the villain. And beautiful Aishwarya Rai, thought was great in the movie. Like I said , rent it and watch it!!!
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After Lagaan the complete film which can compete with Hollywood in all the departments of filmmaking
Warning: Spoilers
Assalam O Alaikum! What can I say for this Masterpiece? I don't have the words to say or you can say that words will be less for praising this film. I am happy that I am the first one who is going to write the comments on a film which will be a studyguide for all the film students. After The Legend of Bhagat Singh, RajKumar Santoshi again got 5 star for his movie and he is now on the Hattrick chance. Right from the beginning till end you can't keep your eyes away. Everything was too perect in this film i.e. direction, sets, costumes, choreography, cinematography, performances, dialogues, screenplay, actions, editing everyhting everything was excellent. Amitabh as a main protagonist gave best performance of his career, Watch this movie and you wil forget all his cops movie including zanjeer. Amitabh deserves National and all the awards of next year. Akshay Kumar is best as a supportive and ditto can be said for him as I said for Amitabh. Best performance of his career. Ajay Devgan the master performer, best villainous performance of his career after deewangee and he was the only one who could stand infront of Amitabh and could do a conflict with him. Tushaar Kapoor surprises you with his performance. Tushaar proved that if he gets a good director he can delivers his best and he got the good in the shape of RajKumar Santoshi. Aishwarya first villainous act, she proved that she is a complete actress. Atul Kulkarni natural performace after hey ram. A great welcome to the script writer Shridhar Raghavan whose brother Sriram Raghavan made his directorial debut one week before khakee with "Ek Hasina Thi". Welcome to the two new talents. Within one month we got three best newcomers behind the camera. RajKumar Hirani, Sriram Raghavan and Shridhar Raghavan. This movie will be nominated in all categories and going to win more than a half dozen awards including the prestigious national award. After Lagaan, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Munnabhai M.B.B.S., Ek Hasina Thi, this is my favourite movie. 5 out of 5 Allah Hafiz
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long but fun action flick
Roland E. Zwick13 August 2004
Audiences in India must have amazing attention spans if `Khakee' is any indication of what passes for `normal' in their cinema-going experience. This political action drama runs 180 minutes, a playing time usually reserved in the States for sweeping historical epics or theater-based musical comedies. Yet, despite its enormous length, `Khakee' is very rarely boring, mainly due to its no-holds-barred, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink shamelessness. Writer/director Rajkumar Santhosi throws just about every element he can get his hands on into the mix: car chases, hand-to-hand combat scenes, heroes who are dripping with nobility, a villain who wears sunglasses even at night and seems to be lurking around literally every corner, a pair of star-crossed lovers, innumerable plot twists, corrupt government officials, even a couple of delightful but utterly irrelevant fantasy musical sequences in the best Bollywood tradition. None of this really should work but somehow it all does. Credit the filmmakers for providing the high energy and exuberant spirit necessary to pull it off.

The plot seems as if it could have been ripped right out of today's headlines, what with the government bringing together a team of five crack policemen to escort a recently arrested Pakistani terrorist safely into the hands of justice so that he can stand trial for helping to incite a riot in an Indian city. Or is it really the government officials who are corrupt and the `terrorist' an innocent victim of their grand conspiracy? Despite the apparent topicality of the subject matter, `Khakee' is really nothing more than an enjoyably over-the-top, entertaining action picture with a surprising amount of humor and warmth to counterbalance the violence. The five policemen have an almost Keystone Kops quality to them at times, making them very likable from the outset. Santhosi also allows us just enough of a glimpse into their personal and family lives to make the characters believable and interesting. It doesn't hurt that the leader of the team is actually a craggy-faced, pot-bellied middle-aged man, far from the typical Hollywood action hero. As a result of this bond established between them and the audience, the trite and corny speeches the characters deliver extolling the virtues of dedication and honor are far more stirring and effective than they have any real right to be.

`Khakee' has an almost effortless quality to it that makes it preferable to most similar films made here in the United States. There seems so little sweating and straining going on here. While the editing is often very flashy and sophisticated, the somewhat muddy photography and almost laughably bad sound effects give the film a rough-around-the-edges, homespun quality that makes it especially endearing. The movie never stops moving, which is one of the reasons why one hardly notices its three-hour running time.

`Khakee' is no masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it knows what it wants to do and succeeds in doing it very well indeed.
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Amitabh v/s Ajay = A blast, terrific executed film
Dhaval Patel27 February 2004
Khakee had big names to its credit Amitabh, Ajay D. Aishwarya R., Akshay Kum., Tusshar, and above all Rajkumar Santoshi. Santoshi is so consitent with making good movies and making his performers give career best performances. The movie is not a routine cop drama or to best of my knowledge its not stolen of any Hollywood movie, but one may have an idea earlier in the film that it kind of looks like Swat but its not like Swat at all. It is an example of what a nice action thriller should be, it doesn't give its audience time to blink while the movie is going on. It surprises at every new scene. The movie is also a prime example of why Amitabh is till date consider a legend in Bollywood. There were couple scenes that he shows his skillz but some were simply best for example when he reminds the police officer in the police station of his duty was just so text book, No wonder he is called Mr. Institution. Amitabh gives a glimpse of Old Amitabh "Angry young man" in this case "Angry Ol' man" at the climax point when he beats Ajay down. It is undisputed actor is one of the best in the buisness despite of his age, he can still make his fan following grow. The story, direction and screenplay was really hot. The best man in the film was Amitabh B. but other performers were surely upto Bachchan's calibre. Ajay D. in a negative role was smashing, I liked his name "ANGRE"! The sequences amongst Ajay and Amitabh was so hot and best part of the whole product. Ajay with great performances one after another, he is sure one of the best emerging actors in Hindi Cinema, if continued with such performances he will be called among the best of all times.(in Hindi Cinema) Akshay Kumar had a career performance in the movie. Tusshar was alright but Akshay Khanna would have been lot better in his shoes. Aishwarya Rai was simple gorgeous and she too was alright. Atul Kulkarni had very little to say but lot to tell. He was just right for the role. Overall, as on behalf of Hindi cinema viewers i would like to urge Mr. Rajkumar Santoshi to make films that's as crafty as this (entertaining). I really liked it because it was out of the norm yet very effective and with master performers giving good performances. I would recommend it to any one who likes Amitabh B. or even who is a fan of Ajay D. must see cinema!!! Yep Amitabh rules No competition matters when it comes to Amitabh B. Still standing Tall.
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