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Worth Seeing
Steve (Xploitedyouth)10 January 2003
This film is like a thinking man's concert film. A compilation of college lectures given by cult-favorite filmmaker Kevin Smith, it ranges in topics from religion to homosexuality, to Kevin's films to the cadre of odd young men who want to give him oral sex. It may sound boring at first, but that's because most people have never heard Kevin Smith talk. Why he gave himself the role of Silent Bob I will never know, because listening to this man speak is quite a treat. He has a natural charm and ease about him, and he fields questions from the students with a quick wit and often elaborates in a riveting and entertaining fashion. Some of my favorite moments include the prolonged story of the new SUPERMAN movie and his battle with Tim Burton, and the story of Kevin's first sexual encounter with his wife. At four hours, the film is a bit lengthy, so it may be misconstrued as strictly fan-only. It's not. I think that the film holds an appeal for anyone who likes to be entertained. If you can get a hold of a copy, check it out. It's worth the time.
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Even if you hate the guy...
da_flipboy19 June 2003
I love Kevin Smith. I revel in both the long, intellectual rants of the characters as much as the low-brow poo poo stuff. My friends and I quote his movies ad nauseum. I have seen each of his movies several times and would give my right arm to pick his brain for 5 minutes.

OBVIOUSLY, I like this movie... However...

Even if you've seen only ONE of his movies and barely snickered at all of the delightful moments, I pose a dare to you: Watch 30 minutes of this and then stop.

Shooting from the hip with the same sort of brash bluntness of his characters, Kevin fields questions and reveals truths about the movies you love... or maybe hate. Either way, it is terribly entertaining. Smith's ability to draw you in with stupid stories is absolutely intoxicating. Whether it's how he knew Jay was funny or how he met Prince, they are all gems. Yes, it's 3 hours and 45 minutes, but it's a great movie to watch with a bunch of friends.

I breathlessly await Jersey Girl, Kevin. Keep up the good work. Enjoy filmphiles.
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Funnier than his films
marobertson1 March 2006
Before any Kevin Smith fans get bent out of shape, I think Smith's films range from simply amusing (Mallrats) to laugh-out-loud hilarious (Clerks/Dogma). I even think that Smith has some very insightful turns (Chasing Amy/Jersey Girl).

That being said, simply watching this man stand and talk to an audience is the funniest thing I've ever seen him involved in. The stories of events that have actually happened in Kevin Smith's life, at least as told from his perspective, are more interesting and hilarious than any Hollywood script I can think of in recent years.

If Smith decided to stop making movies, I honestly think he could have a career as a spoken word artist along the lines of Spalding Gray. I don't care what you think about Kevin Smith as a filmmaker, this is well worth checking out.
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TimCalhoun22 June 2003
I didn't know how good this movie would be, I loved Kevin's films but would a simple Q&A be funny? In this case the answer is a definite yes. This is a must see for fans of any of Kevin's movies. In fact, you could not even know who he is and split your sides laughing at this movie. The questions range from serious ones about his career to jokes. He answers them all and even calls a few friends in the middle of it. This movie is the funniest I have seen in a long time.
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8/10 an evening of bliss
FilmOtaku25 August 2004
`An Evening with Kevin Smith' is a series of question and answer sessions between Kevin Smith and various college audiences across the country that is incredibly engaging, informative and entertaining. As a fan of Kevin Smith The Man, and not Kevin Smith The Director, I found it to be three and a half hours of sheer bliss. As a matter of fact, I'm not only not a fan of Kevin Smith's movies, (with the definite exception of `Clerks', both the film and the animated series) I absolutely HATE every film that he has produced since his debut, which makes the fact that I found the questions and answers about some of his film projects very interesting so important in epitomizing the greatness of this `documentary'.

I envision Kevin Smith's future as being this generation's Martin Scorsese – a filmmaker who is also a scholar and teacher of film. `An Evening with Kevin Smith' showcases Smith's humility, his sense of humor and his `everyman' quality, all factors that make him an endearing and engaging figure. This film is long, but it is definitely a must-see for any film fanatic, whether you like his films or, like me, simply love the man.

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Silent Bob can Speak?
tonyfinley25 March 2003
I have followed Kevin's career for many years. I have seen his movies so many times I could almost recite every line. Then when the DVD's came out with the audio commentary I fell in love even more with the movies. It was incredibly fun to listen to Kevin tell these stories about all of his movies. Then when I found out that he would be making a movie with nothing but him talking I could not wait and he delivered to all my expectations and more with this DVD. The whole movie is just Kevin answering questions from college kids around the country. Although the questions range from as stupid as "want to party after the show?" to the well researched "what ever happened to the Prince thing?' his answers are always very sincere and amazingly funny. I would recommend this movie to any one who has ever liked a Kevin Smith movie. It gives incredible insight to Kevin as a person and as a Writer/Director. I just hope that someday living here in Texas I will get a chance to see the genius that is Kevin Smith live.
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The director talks!
jotix10011 April 2006
Kevin Smith is a talented writer and director. His films resonate with young people because he is a man who doesn't care to speak about whatever comes into his mind. This documentary, taped during some of his appearances at different universities, clearly shows how Mr. Smith and his audiences bond because he speaks their language.

The adoring fans are seen rapt in what their idol has to say. He is a man that doesn't b.s. these kids and therefore gains their trust from the moment he first opens his mouth. What comes out of that mouth is some of the funniest and most irreverent talk one has heard in presentations such as these.

Kevin Smith is not shy in telling his anecdotes about his experiences with the higher ups of the movie industry that don't seem to tame him, in spite of their efforts to tempt him to come to their side. Never fear, it appears unlikely this funny man would ever cross that line.
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Loved it!!!
joneschick12 November 2005
I liked Kevin Smith a lot before I saw this. But after having watched it, I think I fell in love. The guy is genuinely funny and seems ultra kewl. Definitely the kind of guy i'd wanna hang out with.

While the majority of it has no actual relevance to film making and aesthetics like i'd hoped, there are some Really GOOD stories. The whole thing (which I have on DVD and watch at least once a week) is like three hours of comedy. And I have to admit that I memorized the whole thing faster than I did any of his films.

I recommend to anyone that enjoyed ANY of his films that they see this. You'll definitely love it and it will be the shortest three hours of your life!!
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The U of Wyoming appearance
DeathByTelevision19 August 2005
I was at this appearance. It was totally free, and he talked for five hours, just like IMDb says he did at Cornell. He only taped for about the first three, and then he did a fake goodbye for the cameras. He told people in the audience to go ahead and leave if they wanted to, but he would stay and answer questions as long as they kept coming. This was the only appearance on the DVD that Jason Mewes was at. He seemed a little out of place. He just sat in his chair and occasionally answered a question, and he didn't give long, elaborate answers like Kevin did. He didn't stay on stage the whole time either. Kevin more than made up for it though. I didn't have the nerve to get on the mike, but I know a few of the guys that made it on the DVD.

I used to live in the same dorm as this guy that asked Kevin and Jason if they wanted to get down after the show as he made a gesture like he was smoking a joint. Kevin jokingly asked if the guy if he was saying he wanted to suck their @#%#%s.
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ThirtyFour4127 November 2005
I just watched this flick for the first time last night. First off, it was long as hell. So if you plan on watching it, make sure you plenty of time on your hands. But all in all, it was a great flick. Kevin is witty and humorous as usual, and answers some questions about his movies that we've all wanted to ask at some point. Like, "What is a Nubian?" Hehe. If you're a fan, check it out. If you're not, check it out anyway. The performance is topped off by a visit from Jason Mewes (Jay) and made even better when Kevin decides to make some phone calls on stage (his attempt to get one kid his job back fails). But I honestly think that if you're not a fan, you won't enjoy this as much as I did.

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