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Side-Splitting, hysterically funny.
ellieweing-118 August 2004
These two junk yard gigolos get the idea to kidnap a politician for ransom in order to win the heart of a fair maiden. It's a comedy of

errors as anything that can go wrong-- does. The victim has a heart attack before they can execute their plan. These two bumbling idiots kidnap the wrong corpse and have to return it before they realize the real body has been ground into lunch meat. The heirs won't pay the ransom without a corpse which they need in order to collect their inheritance, so these losers set about re-creating a reasonable facsimile of the politician's body with slices of bologna in a bathtub. If this seems implausible, wait till you see what happens next. If you like laughs, this trip to "Butcher's Mill" is not to be missed!
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Sore Stomach
scalumnus16 February 2004
When I saw Bad Meat at a private screening, I got tired of laughing so much. This is one funny movie!!! Lance Barber was awesome...he carries this flick. It's a film of facial well as a cameo parade of really funny unknown actors from Chicago. Even though it's a bit grotesque at times, it's strangely sad, and human. Scott Dikkers has a hit here...if it ever is released it'll rock the box office...oh yes and Chevy is stellar-grossly funny.
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Maren Lindow Delivers Again....No big surprise
Dogg-321 October 2004
I saw this movie mostly because I'm a huge Maren Lindow fan. I was not disappointed. This role did not give her as much freedom as she had in Jigsaw, but the performance was fresh, honest and brilliant. I will look forward to her next production. The movie was very funny. Chevy is Chevy and if you looking for a good original film that will truly have you laughing, this is a great way to spend an evening. Bad Meat delivers Good Laughs.

Chevy Chase was good

Maren Lindow was Great

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