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Michael Hirsch (writer/producer), Tim O'Malley (actor), Scott Dikkers (writer/director) Bad Meat 2003.Kevin Spengal, Ike Eichling, and Tim O'Malley as the Tim O'Malley and Bernie Allen on the set of On the set with Tim O'Malley and star Lance Barber, Bad Meat (2004)
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Welcome to Butcher's Mill, Illinois, home to a meat-packing plant, a junk yard, and Buddy and Earl, two likable losers who crave the sweet smell of success. Earl is a simple man with a simple desire--to marry Pam, the only available girl in town. But she'll only give herself to a man who meets her strict criteria, including trailer-home ownership. And Earl's conniving boss at the meat-packing plant will do anything to win Pam's heart first. Buddy, on the other hand, wrongly fancies himself a master criminal, scheming big and failing big while avoiding both legitimate employment and his heartless parole officer. When Buddy hatches a brainless scheme to kidnap a corrupt U.S. Congressman for ransom, Earl sees it as his only hope to put a down payment on a trailer. But their prime score turns into a raw deal when the Congressman ends up dead, and his body in the meat-packing plant--accidentally chopped up, turned into bologna, and sent out to market. Unless they can round up all the bad ...

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