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Not a particularly well acted biopic.

Author: VENEZIADOGE from Boston, Massachusetts
12 January 2003

This made for TV movie factually stays true to form, but gives way in the acting and presentation department. It was a mix of biographical acting and silly dramatic comments by people who knew or wanted to know the protagonists.

They did find actors who resembled the underlying people moderately well, but the actresses leave something to be desired. The "Breaking News" and news interview type scenes detracted from the rest of the movie, but some of it was necessary to detail the events. Overall for TV movies it doesn't stand out.

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ben affleck, where are you when we really need you?

Author: agacyb from Israel
12 January 2003

I'm a gossip addict, but this tv shlock was a disappointment, with second-rate casting -- particularly a zero sex appeal JFK Jr. who looked far too young and puppy-doggish to be the peer of his supposed colleagues -- and an insulting mocumentary-type format. Not to mention And the obnoxious and tacky framing concept of two idiotic bystanders commenting on every part of his life. The whole thing was so substandard as to make the viewer wonder what anyone ever saw in the subject himself. 5/10

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Oh dear...

Author: yuliasemail-registration from Australia
29 June 2010

I'm surprised at the positive reviews of this film, I thought it was awful! Very poor production values and bad voice dubbing (is it just me, or does anyone else think Jacqueline Bisset was re-voiced by a different actor?).

The poor actors did their best with the mediocrematerial - Portia de Rossi was good as always, but I found the style of the film very melodramatic, it was a bit like watching a daytime soap. John Jnr came across as a spoilt, angry, unlikeable young man. This was obviously shot on video, and the lighting was terrible. Could have been (and should have been!) so much better.

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Poor Attempt

Author: Floyydd Turrbbo from Los Angeles
30 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Other than Porcia De Rossi, whose acting is the only one that stands out, among the rest of the cast, including the famous-Jaqueline Bisset. Bisset, is annoying with her raspy soft voice, that undulates between Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe..more of the latter and a poor imitation of that.The sound track is good and few scenes are really heartwarming like a Love Story and seem to achieve certain melancholy at the end of the movie, but the casting and the acting is below the standards expected of a feature film. The main lead's only acting skills is his hair and the hairline of JFK Jr. It becomes obvious soon that this actor has no acting skills to speak of, or his forte is soap opera where good looks takes precedence over acting skills. The producer could have done a better service to the family by just doing a documentary instead of the hotch-potch of a movie which is very superficial and a caricature.

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Song in This Movie?

Author: emertxe from United States
4 February 2009

About 12 minutes into the song, in the scene where Daryl Hannah and JFK Jr are first embracing, there is a really pretty song playing...what is that song?! And, who is it sung by? It's a song that sounds very romantic and it is a female singer, piano playing, etc. I have tried everything in the world to look up the music on Google and on iTunes, etc., but it just doesn't come up, not even on Lyrics websites. So, if you hear it I would sure love to know enough about it so that I can try to either go get the CD with that song on it, or find it in iTunes. I don't know if my email will pulblish, I am new at this...but I will be looking back here.

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Good Movie.

Author: Molly (chipmunkmolly@aol.com) from NY NY
20 February 2003

I liked the movie but it should have been longer. The actors did a great job. Portia De Rossi is a fabulous actress and Kristoffer Polaha is a hottie. He didn't look like John at 100% but he did favor him from a distance. I look forward to seeing more of him on the big screen. He didn't have john's charisma, but he definitely has a charm about himself. He has beautiful eyes and a great smile. He reminds me of my boyfriend alot. Ms. Bissett was just too breathy for me. She should have that asthma checked out. Im not going to comment on the Darryl Hannah character. My mom always said, "If ya can't say anything nice, then shut the hell up!" so that's what Im gonna do.


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A Well Done Biographical Drama

Author: georgesh3 from Danville, Virginia, USA
14 January 2003

It is very hard to come up with new information about JFK Jr. and this fine movie had very little of it, but it was a joy to watch. The casting was very good and the script, while somewhat like a documentary, was also good. My only complaint was that it wasn't long enough. Perhaps a two-part movie could have told us more about his "pre-George" days and his relationships with his mother, sister, and other relatives. Some of the material in the book, "American Son," by Richard Blow would have enhanced the movie a lot. WTBS should be applauded for producing such an entertaining movie.

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an excellent movie

Author: mattsphotography2002 from Boston, MA
13 January 2003

This was a great movie! It was excellently made, with great realism and great acting. At times I forgot that it was a movie. I'm not a Kennedy, but I think it was very sensitively done, too. There were many perspectives and viewpoints explored, which added to the appeal of the movie. The flashbacks were also brilliant.

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did they best they could...

Author: carrie_713 from USA
23 January 2003

with what they had. John and Carolyn were very private so the writers had to put together what they could. I really liked Portia de Rossi as Carolyn, but Jacqueline Bisset's voice grated on my nerves. She should have used her regular voice. I would have preferred that the whole movie focus on John and Carolyn instead of rehashing stuff we already know about John.

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Author: yajeev from Grove City, Pennsylvania
14 January 2003

A movie about boring, talentless people who happen to be famous. And their death. For anyone who wants to learn about JFK, Jr., this seems to be a good place to start, but don't expect to be impressed by any sort of intellectual capacity, true business prowess, or special skills possessed by the prince. If you enjoy reading about celebrity marriages in tabloids, then you'll like it.

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