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Chicago Tribune
Vast, riveting, madly audacious movie biography.
Miami Herald
What Alexander lacks in narrative clarity, it makes up for with pomp and pageantry.
The best there is to say is that it's better than ''Troy."
The Hollywood Reporter
Since the movie lacks a vision of what Alexander was really about as a man and a figure in history, it falls back all too frequently on movie spectacle.
New York Daily News
Farrell plays all this as if he means it, but he seems slight in the role and without great physical presence. In a scene in which Alexander is roaring at his troops to rouse them to battle, he sounds like Mighty Mouse pretending to be Superman.
Entertainment Weekly
An exhausted epic, one that Stone has directed with an almost startling lack of personality or vision.
A movie that has neither dramatic focus nor a single memorable performance, aside from one or two that are memorable for the wrong reasons?
Wall Street Journal
There's no zest to the general depravity, no coherence to the script or the spectacle -- clarity is missing in some of the camera work -- and, most important, no character to give a Greek fig about.
Alexander breaks the key rule that makes movies move: Show, don't tell.
San Francisco Chronicle
Stone tries to make us like Alexander because he's good, when he should have made us want to watch Alexander because he's amazing.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Both the sex and the battle sequences here look like football plays drawn by an NFL coach and shot by the wide receiver's mother. Usually, even when I don't like a Stone film I admire its frenzied energy, but the editing here is as lethargic as the compositions are perfunctory.

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