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20 Mar. 1992
Una notte di mezza estate a Daisy Town
The Daltons are performing highlights from Shakespeare as part of their latest escape plan and are invited to put on a show in Daisy Town. Also in town is Madame Esperanza, selling her patented love potion, which gets several townsfolk felling overly romantic.
27 Mar. 1992
La mamma dei Dalton
The shopkeepers of Daisy Town don't mind it when sweet old Ma Dalton comes into their shops and pretends to rob them. But when her four sons begin impersonating her and actually rob neighboring towns, Lucky Luke finds himself forced to arrest dear old Ma (who is like a mother to him).
10 Apr. 1992
Ghost Train
Axel, an old prospector, thinks he's being haunted by the Ghost Train, a wreck that nearly took him to his death twenty years before. When Axel vanishes, a circuit judge orders a trial for the banker who wanted Axel's claim. But Luke's suspects also include a nosy newspaperwoman...and just maybe, an actual ghost.
3 Apr. 1992
Chi è Mr. Josephs?
A group of settlers and a colony of farmers are fighting over the same piece of land and the mysterious Mr. Josephs is providing both with weapons.
10 Apr. 1992
Caffè Olè
Factory Owner Edgar Rockbottom and famed suffragette Susan B. Anthony visit Daisy Town. But the townsfolk are is all upset because of a coffee shortage. On top of that, Lucky Luke and Lotta Legs swap jobs.
17 Apr. 1992
Pesce D'Aprile
It's April Fools, and Lotta is treating the entire town to her annual tricks and gags. Then Lucky and Lotta are summoned to entertain the son of the Russian Tsar, Alexander Vladimir Romanov.
24 Apr. 1992
Magia Indiana
Lucky Luke returns to a deserted Daisy Town after tracking the Daltons. He hallucinates while in the desert following a snakebite, but wakes up after witnessing his own funeral. The Daltons come across him and leave him to die while they go on to Daisy Town to pillage and plunder. When Lotta finds out about Luke's condition, she tries to rescue him with a snakebite antidote, but the Daltons put her in jail when they learn what she plans to do. In the end, Luke makes the Daltons make restitution to the town.
22 May 1992
Le fidanzate di Lucky Luke
The men of the mining town Purgatory have send out for 12 mail order brides. Luke and his old buddy Frank agree to accompany the caravan of women on their journey. But hiding amongst them is a female bandit known as the Dead-Eye Kid.


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