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Chicago Sun-Times
One of the sly pleasures of Latter Days is the sight of this gay-themed movie recycling so many conventions from straight romantic cinema, as if it's time to catch up.
Such a well-meaning but unambitious work that it's tempting to take it seriously even as you dismiss it.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A modest and obviously heartfelt endeavor.
New York Daily News
In equal parts earnest and awkward, this romance between a Mormon missionary and an L.A. party boy falls significantly short of its lofty goals.
The Hollywood Reporter
This directorial debut from C. Jay Cox is a sometimes comic melodrama.
Chicago Tribune
An odd mix itself, of contemporary sexual realism and unabashed romantic fantasy. If "Days" works, it's mostly on a sheer fantasy level.
New York Post
A glossy gay soap opera that graphically illustrates new meanings for the term "missionary position."
What's wrong with Latter Days is that its banter is pedestrian and its lessons forced.
This tale of tortured love between a Mormon missionary and a West Hollywood tomcat renders its gay and religious characters so stereotypical that neither lifestyle appears attractive.
Miami Herald
The performances are shaky, rendering Latter Days as a movie that you've seen before, and done better, too.

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