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Brilliant acting and excellent handling of the subject.

Author: Bakul Matiyani from India
21 August 2005

an amazing film. i remember seeing it when i was in class 7 i think and this film has just stuck with me ever since. powerful performances by Pankaj Kapoor and Shabana Azmi. the film tells the story of a doctor and what he faces while he tries find a cure for leprosy. and his struggle which begins after he has successfully invented such a vaccine. a very true to life account of an ordinary doctor who achieved something extra ordinary but failed to get his due credit. the film leaves the viewer sympathizing and wondering as to how many people and how many brilliant works have just passed us by unnoticed and unappreciated. an absolute must watch for the acting talent on display. the subject has been handled very well. all in all an excellent film.

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Struggle of a Doctor

Author: gaur-abhi from New Delhi
24 November 2005

I guess when a director (that too as acclaimed as Tapan Sinha) starts off with a script as strong as this one, the expectations are bound to be high. And to our very good fortune, the end product lives up to its expectations. The story is that of a doctor(Pankaj Kapur....FYI...Ek Doctor Ki Maut means 'Death of a Doctor') who is trying to find a cure for leprosy.

The trouble is he works for a Government Hospital, and all the research is being done at his home laboratory. With no one to support him except his wife(Shabana Azmi), he has to fight his way out of the system to get his work noticed.

Ultimately when he actually finds out the cure, due to lack of proper facilities, he publishes the paper a bit too late. Some other researcher from another nation had already presented the cure.

All through the movie the doctor(played as convincingly as possible by Pankaj Kapur) has to fight the press(who think he is playing a con), his fellow doctors(to try to suppress him and later try to steal his invention) and the bureaucracy and red tap-ism of the system.

By the end of the movie one becomes hopelessly frustrated with the system and begins to feel the pain and anguish of the doctor. As the movie ends on a tragic note, one is left to wonder how many other doctors, scientists, inventors of India(or other such corrupt developing nations) have missed out on their chance to fame and glory.

Its a movie made from the heart. Don't miss it !!.

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Science.. Science... Science

Author: sidhu-karna from India
22 January 2012

This movie will change the way we all think about science and the people who work for it.

There is a scene in the movie, where Doctor Roy says in the class that he created a compound from horse's blood and the whole class immediately starts laughing at him. It shows the state of scientific ignorance prevalent in the society today. Nothing more summarizes the intention of the movie. It is about the truth, a scientific truth and the way we try to undermine it, if its found by an Indian.

The actors are all world class. The story and the way its told is simply amazing.

Watch it to change the way we think.

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wonderful acting in a heart touching drama

Author: sajid ( from new delhi
11 July 2003

A wonderful movie. No one other than Pankaj Kapoor could have played a better leading role Shabana Aazmi is great too in her supporting role. Direction is superb too though it couldnt get much support from the technical departments like all other indian movies. This movie reminds me of Guru Datt's Pyasa which was the story of a struggling poet in corrupt Indian society and this is the story of a struggling doctor.

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Excellent movie

Author: harineem from United States
7 April 2007

This is a truly outstanding movie based on a real life story.Pankaj Kapur adds such passion to the character of the Doctor who spends 10 years of his life coming out with a vaccine against leprosy.In the process he totally ignores his wife Shabana azmi(again a great performance) and she is close to abandoning him.When finally he achieves the breakthrough he finds he has a bigger fight on his hands against the corrupt and lazy govt and scientific community.He gets no support from even his best friend a successful doctor(Vijayendra ghatge) due to jealousy.Though Vijayendra's wife played by deepa sahi sympathizes with Pankaj.Again a very subtle and good performance by Deepa Sahi. The climax forms the remaining story.Pankaj Kapur is definitely a great actor who somehow has not achieved by recognition he deserves.And this movie I think his best performance.

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one of the best

Author: sliddar121
27 January 2013

I think the other reviewers have said what I wanted to say already.

I just have to say this films is a top 10 best movies made in India. Too bad these films are largely ignored by Indian masses and most NRI's, who like to watch the no brain entertainers like KKKH, KKKG, DDLJ, Ready, Bodyguard etc..

This is a truly a film India can be proud of and show at international film festivals to western audiences and critics alike.

I wish Indians started to support films like these more and films made by Govind Nihlani, Shyam Benegal etc.. and this this would encourage more production of such movies.

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Don't quit this movie too early

Author: Aishwarya Raghavan
19 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a movie of science and the science talks can come off as boring for the first 30-40 minutes of it but at the heart this movie is story of a man's struggle to stand up for what he has dedicated his life to and what he believes in.

The characters - right from the supportive but helpless wife, jealous but guilty friend to the twisted chief doctor - are extremely compelling. Pankaj Kapoor does great justice to the role of the Dr.Dipankar Roy. Irfan Kapoor (a lesser-known actor then) and Shabana Azmi look hand-picked for their roles.

On the whole this movie is greatly moving and movie opens your eyes to the struggles of a researcher and makes you want to respect every one of them.

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One of the finest movie ever seen

Author: sam_rocksatnet from mumbai
20 May 2012

The movie which was made in 1991 has the same impact even today as it was earlier.. Dr. Roy who tried inventing the vaccine for leprosy, but due to poor response from the officials and the jealousy that delayed the man to submit the paper of his research and some one else bagged the credit..The movie very nicely placed the system and their corruption.. It portrayed how an individual who have the potential to make his mark on world's best invention, but due to some negligence and jealousy. Great acting by Mr. Kapur, one of the finest actors... Great directions and great story..

Best movie

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A fine, fine movie.

Author: Jagmeet Singh from India
14 August 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoiler alert

I believe any movie with Pankaj Kapoor should be watched at least once by all movie- lovers. And this one is a treat. Mr. Kapoor is simply phenomenal in his portrayal of Dr. Dipankar Roy, a brilliant/eccentric scientist/doctor. He is more than ably accompanied by stalwarts like Shabana Azmi and Irfan Khan, who are both flawless in their respective roles. The story touches upon the harsh realities of the world of science and in general.

Watch it for the peerless performance by Mr. Kapoor, who in my opinion is one of the finest artists we have around in this country.

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A great film, depressing tale of apathy and indomitable spirit

Author: sankara-narayanan from India
13 April 2014

A great film. It is a depressing tale of how the Indian govt, bureaucracy and jealousy kill a spirited, maverick medical scientist's original work which leaves him shattered and devastated. The delicate relationship between the doctor, who totally ignores domestic and family life immersing himself into research and his wife is portrayed so nicely.

It is a NFDC production and certainly belongs to the art house genre. The direction and screenplay are realistic and natural. The brilliant performances by Shabana Azmi and Pankaj Kapur in lead roles are so full of life and emotion. The background music with the full flair of Bengal is touching and throbbing in many frames of the film.

The movie was inspired a real life personality Subhash Mukhopadhyay, who was the first scientist in the world to create IVF baby, but was denied that honor and eventually committed suicide.

The film brought alive the overall cynicism and social mores around 70s and 80s. There is lot of public anger over state apathy and corruption in today's India too. The non recognition of true talent by the state and the society, humiliation (instead of recognition) for hard work - this still exists in some quarters. But, I think, things have improved and become better to a far greater extent compared to the times that this film portrays. After watching the film, I was overcome also with a sense of relief, along with depression and despondency, perhaps out of this reason.

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