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Provocative, quietly erotic, deeply romantic, and slyly witty (a cameo by a giant of punk rock is funny at first sight, and funnier still when you figure out the joke it's making), Code 46 is a very effective antidote to summer blockbuster bloat.
Entertainment Weekly
Code 46 has a noirish fatalism that renders it a close cousin to ''Blade Runner,'' but Winterbottom's film, shot mostly in the light, uses the theme of memory erasure to peer into the eternal sunshine of tragically altered minds.
Updates a classic premise -- the struggle for personal freedom -- by pairing it with ethical and moral quandaries.
Not always compellingly made, but intelligent and perhaps prophetic.
Wall Street Journal
At times somber, and now and then dangerously close to self-important, Code 46 is nonetheless a smart, mature film that examines who and what we can be to each other, in a world full of invention and change.
For at least half the movie, you need a code book a few inches thick to decipher Code 46.
New York Daily News
But for what is at heart a thriller, Code 46 lacks both energy and tension.
Chicago Sun-Times
The problem with Code 46 is that the movie, filled with ideas and imagination, is murky in its rules and intentions. I cannot say I understand the hows and whys of this future world, nor do I much care, since it's mostly a clever backdrop to a love affair that would easily teleport to many other genres.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It all contributes to a vision of the future that is as haunting as it is dispiriting.
The Hollywood Reporter
Code 46 lacks the visceral power of "28 Days Later," as well as what might be termed its "gross-out" appeal.
What doesn't spark is the love story. Morton still seems soggy from her "Minority Report" role as a drenched pre-cog. Who wants romance in a future where glum is the word?

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