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A fine history of American drinks and drinking customs
oldreds26 January 2003
This is one of two documentaries (the other being "American Eats: History on a Bun") that examine the origin and histories of American comestibles. Together, these two documentaries convey a comprehensive study of the dietary habits of the American people from colonial times to the present. Both documentaries include interviews, film clips, photos, and focused commentaries; this one focuses on alcohol (as well as information on the Temperance Movement and Prohibition), sodas (aka pop or soft drinks), and other drinks, while the other focuses on such foodstuffs as pizza, hamburgers, etc. They are also great fun to watch, and bring to life areas of our history that are usually not explored in the classroom (but are essential to the understanding of those periods of history). I would recommend this for social studies classes from 5th grade up as an introduction and general survey on the subject.
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