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Reflecting a Love of Film
tay-1516 November 2005
This is a show none of us in the U.S. will ever see, but it brings back fond memories. I lived in France 1985 - 86 and recall catching some of the episodes, hosted by the squeaky-voiced Mitterrand, nephew of France's president at the time. The title translates to "Stars & Screens" and of course was a play on words in French. Each show focused on a particular genre of film, as far as I recall.

What I appreciated was the level of analysis the show would go into. This was something I'd never seen in the U.S., and still don't for the most part. It also reflected the fact that the French are great film fans, and they appreciate films from any corner of the world (here, most people just assume U.S. films are it, and nothing could be further from the truth).

In all honesty, I only remember one episode specifically: It covered U.S. westerns, with a focus on Sam Peckinpah. (Ironically, you could find practically nothing about Peckinpah in the U.S. at the time.) It peaked my interest, and the cool thing was after seeing this show, I went out and saw the Wild Bunch in a Paris theater. (Paris is likely the cinema capital of the world, you can catch anything there.) The Wild Bunch remains one of my favorite films of all time, and Peckinpah one of my favorite directors. I give this show credit for alerting my interest, especially at a time when Peckinpah was still too controversial and basically ignored in the U.S.
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