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This delightfully spirited film is perfectly cast, and it's hard to imagine how Daniel Auteuil, José Garcia and Sandrine Kiberlain could possibly improve upon their irresistible, multifaceted portrayals.
Entertainment Weekly
Suicidal depression has rarely looked so amusing.
The humor is all over the place, veering from light to dark and from broad to subtle -- as if an "I Love Lucy" episode had been retooled by Woody Allen.
Maybe the movie does so much dawdling and meandering so we'll have more time to bask in their presence; in any case, the otherwise pleasant picture uses up its ideas long before it uses up its running time.
Chicago Tribune
A sweet, if dramatically overlong trifle.
New York Post
Après Vous arranges for a normal guy to get stuck with a blithering wreck. But whenever things threaten to get really silly, it pulls back.
Intended as a farce, but lacks farcical insanity and settles for being a sitcom, not a very good one.
The movie is largely set in a busy Paris restaurant, and, not surprisingly, the food looks terrific. You may come out hungry for poached sea bass and a little starved for drama.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Salvadori's choppy film never establishes a comic rhythm.
The Hollywood Reporter
The story itself is silly and exaggerated.
Like most contemporary romantic comedies, the film's plot works only if you accept that everyone behaves like a complete and utter idiot at all times.
Intends to be a farce, not a drama. The film never quite achieves either definition.

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