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New York Daily News
The perfect sci-fi movie for a post-9/11 world, in that it tells us we're afraid of threats hiding in plain sight.
This is a movie to restore the faith of those who had given up on science fiction after "The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions." By adeptly combining action and ideas, it proves that Hollywood can still produce astonishing entertainment.
San Francisco Chronicle
Although I, Robot provokes thought, it doesn't exactly deliver thought, despite the occasional Cartesian reference to "ghosts in the machine."
Philadelphia Inquirer
For its first two acts this flashy vehicle is an anodized titanium streamline baby. Then comes a robot rumble that brings the action to a crashing halt.
Chicago Tribune
It's a high-tech thriller that really works.
Less ambitious than "Blade Runner" but more coherent than "Artificial Intelligence: A.I.," which it vaguely resembles, I, Robot is best during homely moments when Smith shows his human side.
New York Post
Hollywood's umpteenth tale of robots run amok is surprisingly smart, cool-looking, nicely paced and well-acted.
Entertainment Weekly
A routine Will Smith cop-on-the-hunt thriller at heart, I, Robot lacks imaginative excitement.
Performances, plot and pacing are as mechanical as the hard-wired cast.
Wall Street Journal
Impressive for Patrick Tatopoulos's production design but depressive for the juiceless story.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film works best as a kind of mindless, action-packed B-movie. But on the A-level at which recent science fiction/fantasy films operate -- meaning the "Spider-Man," "Harry Potter" and "Terminator" series -- this movie falls woefully short.
More disturbing, yet another robot, or maybe two, seems to have written a Hollywood script and hijacked a major studio production. Given the film's assembly-line screenplay and mechanistic storytelling, no other explanation seems viable. Certainly no one with a heartbeat or taste would blow so much talent, time and resources on such rubbishy writing.

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