The Good Shepherd (2006) Poster

Plot Keywords

o.s.s. student
cold war bay of pigs
poetry marriage
suspicion flashback
soviet idealism
cia spy
death murder of a pregnant woman
blood splatter pregnancy
theater going plagarism
reading poetry tailor shop
diabetic reference to eisenhower
horn rimmed glasses playing the violin
newspaper headline mobster
locust military coup
glee club reference to nikita khruschev
italian american fall to death
speaking russian third degree
black eye jump out of window
water boarding sex in bed
year 1962 u.s. foreign policy
hazing male rear nudity
bare chested male woman shot in the forehead
man with glasses deer island
foreign intelligence service isolationism
isolationist ceiling fan
church bell exit visa
swiss chocolate soviet flag
men's choir reference to the cherry orchard
reference to anton chekhov reference to south pacific the stage musical
year 1960 year 1958
year 1947 year 1945
year 1944 year 1940
year 1939 year 1961
burma snowman
trade advisor revolution
pigeon air raid shelter
american german cultural committee university professor
men's club wall safe
safe combination lock
caribbean swimsuit
restaurant cafe
wine silencer
crutches tape player
tape recording seminar
classroom class
burning a note crucifix
cane reference to the crimean war
reference to ulysses airplane museum
violinist violin
champagne casino owner
bathtub deportation
truth serum kgb
taxi teletype
bombed out church confessional
chicago illinois reference to gilbert and sullivan
musical trio band
saying grace class ring
pajamas civil servant
fraternity bicycle
u.s. secretary of the navy homosexual subtext
homosexual gay teacher
hiding in a closet plagiarism
briefcase fired from the job
u.s. president bus
ship in a bottle secret oath
oath urination
skull and crossbones the club initiation
mud wrestling ritual
secret ceremony movie theatre
watching a movie slide show
slide projector london blitz
london england cellar
bomb shelter syphilis
secret life double life
execution treason
book reference to a christmas carol
reference to charles dickens cambridge university
war ruins berlin germany
rifle santa claus
christmas party christmas
party top secret project
secret society singer
dancing dancer
brother in law brother in law relationship death of brother in law
death of brother coffee plantation
church african american
black american catholic
jewish jew
reference to winston churchill hearing aid
beach campfire
library lip reading
deaf girl deafness
magazine editor poetry magazine
listening to a radio radio news
backstage theatre production
top secret federal bureau of investigation
fbi fireworks
suicide by gunshot loyalty
reference to john f. kennedy dead body thrown into a river
beating dead body in water
magnifying glass wedding cake
wedding reception wedding
russian russia
cuba reference to fidel castro
reference to adolf hitler german american
nazi polygraph
surveillance counter spy
interrogation double agent
eavesdropping telephone call
unfaithfulness adultery
extramarital affair intrigue
conspiracy flash forward
undressing post world war two
pre world war two world war two
politics flashback within a flashback
teenage boy prologue
washington d.c. historical event
1950s father son relationship
mother son relationship lifelong friendship
brother sister relationship subtitled scene
newsreel footage cigarette smoking
teacher student relationship seduction
violence sex
three word title thrown from an airplane
produced by director produced by actor
fourth of july congo
1960s 1940s
directed by co star poet
patriotism moral ambiguity
husband wife relationship family relationships
cuban missile crisis cigar smoking
xenophobia racial slur
racial tension racial segregation
racial prejudice race relations
ethnic diversity ethnic conflict
racial bigotry wetting pants
torture suicide of father
shot in the head shot in the forehead
shot in the chest severed finger
secret murder
male nudity loss of father
jumping through a window marital infidelity
fling female nudity
estranged wife cross dressing
corpse bare breasts
betrayal beaten to death
directed by star yale university
cia agent secret service
death of father

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