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Chicago Tribune
A classy triple shot of film erotica from three brilliant writer-directors.
What might have been a cinephile's wet dream turns out instead to be seductive, stimulating and sodden, in that order, in the three-chapter reflection on love and desire.
Village Voice
The omnibus film usually saves its home run for the climax, but Eros begins with the best third, Wong Kar-wai's "The Hand."
The New York Times
Lovely though it is to look at, it does not reveal very much. Sampling the works of three prominent directors in one sitting may be what gives anthology films like this one their appeal, but the experience is often more frustrating than fulfilling.
Entertainment Weekly
For the invited filmmaker, the opportunity to make a statement is surely a thrill, but for the viewer - who can't pause indefinitely, as with a book, between stories - the focus-shifting is a demand.
The Hollywood Reporter
Only one of the three episodes of the anthology film Eros delivers on the title's promise.
The A.V. Club
It's a triptych of erotic-themed short films directed by contemporary giants Wong Kar-wai and Steven Soderbergh, and nonagenarian master Michelangelo Antonioni. But the auteurist feast turns out to be a paltry spread, with one director on autopilot, another playing it safe, and the last apparently working on assignment for the European "Red Shoe Diaries."
A maddeningly uneven triptych.
Like most anthology films, this thematically linked trio of shorts is a mixed bag.
It doesn't seem like overstating things to say that Eros becomes steadily worse as it goes along.

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