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The Teen Titans' real names are: Beast Boy - Garfield Logan; Cyborg - Victor 'Vic' Stone; Raven - just 'Raven' (later she assumes the name 'Rachel Roth'); Starfire - Koriand'r (a.k.a. 'Kory Anders'); Terra - Tara Markov;Robin-Dick Grayson.
In the DC comics, Raven is not a telekinetic. Thanks to the popularity of the show and her character. Her comic counterpart was brought back from the dead.
The opening credits of the show featured two versions of the theme song: one in English and the other in Japanese. The Japanese version is not a direct translation of the English lyrics. Beast Boy sings a translation of the Japanese Lyrics in "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo."
Slade Wilson(aka Deathstroke The Terminator) and Brother Blood are significantly different from their comic book counterparts. In the comics, Slade was a high priced bounty hunter in the mold of Boba Fett. In addition, the name Deathstroke was considered too violent sounding, so the producers decided to stick with his real name. Brother Blood got to keep his codename, but his background was completely altered. He is still a sorceror, but he was changed to a more traditional criminal mastermind, instead of the demonic cult leader of the comics.
Killer Moth's house is decorated identically to that of the Brady Bunch.
In the episode "The Mad Mod", the Mad Mod tries to brainwash Starfire by propping her eyes open and forcing her to watch dizzying images. This is a reference to the Ludovico method used to make Alex non-violent in the movie A Clockwork Orange (1971) which starred Malcolm McDowell, who does the voice of the Mad Mod, as Alex.
Marv Wolfman, who wrote for the comic series, wrote two episodes, one of which was "Deep Six", the episode which involves Aqualad, the other, "Titans East", for the third season.
The show's theme song is sung by Japanese rockers Puffy Ami Yumi.
The show makes multiple references to Gotham City, the home of another DC comic hero, The Batman (2004) who was partners with Robin before he joined the Teen Titans.
Many parts of the series are inspired by the anime FLCL (2000) , most of them being animation style. Occasionally, these references actually involve story and character points. The most repeated example is Beast Boy's love of mopeds - a Vespa motor scooter (also used here in "Mad Mod") belongs to Haruhara Haruko, the female lead in FLCL
"Final Exam" was the third episode made, but the first aired. "Car Trouble" was the 11th made, but the 13th aired.
The Teen Titan lineup featured in this show is based on the "classic" lineup featured in the 1980s comic by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Building on the momentum of this series, the comic restored this lineup, teaming them with younger protégés.
Near the end of the episode "Revloution", Mad Mod has small statues of Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire on a chess-like strategy table. The poses are taken directly from the line of maquettes released from DC Direct. A Robin statue was made but wasn't included.
The Teen Titans were originally animated as part of "The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure" (1967) in three 7-minute cartoons ("The Monster Machine"; "The Space Beast Roundup"; and "Operation Rescue"). The team consisted of Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Speedy (omitting founding member Robin).
DEBUT: Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Slade, Mammoth, Jinx and Gizmo (episode 1.01 "Final Exam")
DEBUT: Red X (episode 1.09 "Masks")
DEBUT: Terra (episode 2.03 "Terra")
DEBUT: Kid Flash (episode 5.08 "Lightspeed")
DEBUT: Kole and Gnarrk (episode 5.06 "Kole")
DEBUT: Aqualad, Tramm and Trident (episode 1.08 "Deep Six")
Much of the second season was based on the comic saga "The Judas Contract" from the pages of The New Teen Titans by George Perez and Marv Wolfman.
DC Comics had originally optioned the Teen Titans to be an animated series in the early 1980s, but since the rights to Robin (in conjunction with Batman) were already held by another animation company at the time, a series never went beyond the development stage.
Writer 'Joe Esposito' noted that if there ever was a season, General Pain would make an appearance, with the main villain being Trechiarch: The Monarch to the Kindgom of Doom. The script for an episode called "The Monarch to the Kindgom of the Doomed" was written.
DEBUT: Brother Blood (episode 3.01 "Deception")
DEBUT: Bumblebee (episode 3.08 "Wavelength")
DEBUT: Mento, Robotman, Elastigirl, Negative Man, The Brain and Monsieur Mallah (episode 5.01 "Homecoming: Part 1")
DEBUT: Blackfire (episode 1.02 "Sisters")
DEBUT: Madame Rouge, Phobia and Cheshire (episode 5.02 "Homecoming: Part 2")
DEBUT: Redstar (episode 5.05 "Snowblind")
DEBUT: Speedy, Hotspot, Wildebeast and The Master of Games (episode 2.09 "Winner Take All")
DEBUT: Mas Y Menos and Steamroller (episode 3.12 "Titans East: Part 1")
Soto, the dim-witted villain in episode 2.2 ("Every Dog Has His Day"), is named after 'Alex Soto', one of the Teen Titan's directors.
DEBUT: Le Blanc (episode 5.04 "For Real")
DEBUT: Ding Dong Daddy (episode 5.09 "Revved Up")
DEBUT: Herald, Pantha, Jericho, Argent and Busido (episode 5.11 "Calling All Titans")
DEBUT: Mumbo (episode 1.05 "The Sum of His Parts")
DEBUT: Dr. Light and Trigon (episode 1.06 "Nevermore")
DEBUT: Puppet King (episode 1.07 "Switched")
DEBUT: Mad Mod (episode 1.10 "Mad Mod")
DEBUT: Overload (episode 1.11 "Car Trouble")
DEBUT: Wrap (episode 2.01 "How Long Is Forever?")
DEBUT: Atlas (episode 2.04 "Only Human")
DEBUT: Control Freak (episode 2.05 "Fear Itself")
DEBUT: Killer Moth, Fang and Kitten (episode 2.06 "Date with Destiny")
DEBUT: Johnny Rancid (episode 2.11 "Fractured")
DEBUT: Ternion (episode 2.13 "Aftershock: Part 2")
DEBUT: Professor Chang (episode 3.02 "X")
DEBUT: Adonis (episode 3.09 "The Beast Within")
DEBUT: Katarou (episode 4.04 "The Quest")
DEBUT: Billy Numerous (episode 4.09 "Overdrive)
DEBUT: Mother Mae-Eye, Seemore and Private HIVE (episode 4.10 "Mother Mae-Eye")
DEBUT: Cinderblock and Plasmus (episode 1.03 "Divide and Conquer")
DEBUT: Thunder and Lightning (episode 1.04 "Forces of Nature")
Episode 1.10, "Mad Mod", was originally called "Detention", and "Winner Take All" was originally "It's How You Play The Game."

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