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8 Jan. 2005
Bunny Raven or How to Make a Titananimal Disappear
Raven and the titans are sucked into Mumbo's hat where they play by his rules.
15 Jan. 2005
Titans East: Part 1
Aqualad, Bumblebee, Speed, Mos and Minos make up Titans East. They ask Cyborg for assistance in taking down Brother Blood.
22 Jan. 2005
Titans East: Part 2
Cyborg calls the titans for help when Brother Blood turns Titans East against him.
17 Jan. 2005
Don't Touch That Dial
When Control Freak transports himself into the television, the Titans must follow him through 500 channels of danger.
12 Feb. 2005
Cyborg the Barbarian
Cyborg gets transported into the past, With no way to recharge his cybernetic parts, he must learn to adapt to his new situation.
5 Feb. 2005
The Titans try to figure out why Raven despises her birthday while Slade mysteriously returns from the dead.
29 Jan. 2005
The Quest
After failing to beat a skilled martial artist criminal. Robin goes on a quest to find the "True Master" to improve his skills.
19 Feb. 2005
Employee of the Month
Beast Boy wants a moped, but can't afford one. So he gets a job at a fast food restaurant and stumbles on to an alien plot.
9 May 2005
The Titans team up with an alien hero to fight a mechanical menace, but fail to notice his prejudice towards Starfire.
4 Jun. 2005
The Prophecy
Slade returns and forces Raven to admit her role in the coming apocalypse to her friends.
11 Jun. 2005
The Titans go to a space station and get attacked by a monster. Their ship gets damaged and the Titans find themselves separated and stranded on a planet.
18 Jun. 2005
The Titans battle a thief who can duplicate himself. Cyborg upgrades his system with a faster processor.
25 Jun. 2005
Mother Mae-Eye
The Titans come under the spell of Mother Mae-Eye, who only wants to take care of them... forever.
2 Jul. 2005
The End: Part 1
The end of the world has come. The Titans try to keep Raven from opening the portal to release Trigon.
9 Jul. 2005
The End: Part 2
Slade teams up with Robin to find Raven while the rest of the Titans distract Trigon.
16 Jul. 2005
The End: Part 3
Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy fight Trigon to give Robin time to locate Raven. Robin finds an unexpected ally in his quest. Even when they find Raven, she's been changed. Will she have the power to stop Trigon?
24 Sep. 2005
Homecoming: Part 1
The Titans receive a distress call from Beast Boy's former team, the Doom Patrol.
1 Oct. 2005
Homecoming: Part 2
Beast Boy joins the Doom Patrol in trying to stop the Brain's quantum generator.
8 Oct. 2005
Madam Rouge tries to gain Hotspots trust in order to snag his Titans communicator.
15 Oct. 2005
For Real
Control Freak attempts to get revenge on the Titans. Unfortunately the Titans are out of town and left Titans East in charge.
28 Oct. 2005
The Titans get a distress call from Russia. They encounter Red Star, a super powered outcast and a creature that thrives on radiation.
4 Nov. 2005
While pursuing Dr. Light, the Titans stumble across a prehistoric jungle in the middle of the arctic. They make friends with a young girl named Kole and her friend Gnarrk.
12 Nov. 2005
Hide & Seek
Raven is forced to babysit three super-powered infants while she takes them to a safe place from the Brotherhood of Evil. Unfortunately, Monsieur Mallah is in pursuit.
3 Dec. 2005
To impress the Brotherhood of Evil, the HIVE FIVE attempt to deal with their new opponent, Kid Flash.
10 Dec. 2005
Revved Up
A thief manages to steal Robin's personal briefcase. He challenges the Titans to a race. Whomever wins the race gets to keep the briefcase.
17 Dec. 2005
Gordanian transports Starfire and tries to bring her to their home world. She escapes and causes havoc on Earth. Robin and other young heroes arrive to stop her. The origin of the Titans.
10 Jan. 2005
The Lost Episode
The Titans try to take down Punk Rocket as he creates chaos with his electric guitar.

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