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10 Jan. 2004
How Long Is Forever?
Starfire is accidentally sucked into a wormhole that sends her 20 years into the future.
17 Jan. 2004
Every Dog Has His Day
While taking the form of a dog, Beast Boy is mistaken for the lost dog of a lone alien.
24 Jan. 2004
The Titans meet and befriend an insecure girl named Terra who has tremendous power.
31 Jan. 2004
Only Human
Cyborg believes that his robotic limbs have their limit in strength. He gets a chance to prove it when it falls to him to rescue the rest of the titans from an enemy robot.
7 Feb. 2004
Fear Itself
After the titans watch a horror movie, Raven refuses to admit that she's scared. Suddenly, weird things start happening in Titan's Tower.
14 Feb. 2004
Date with Destiny
Killer Moth has amassed a large force of insects. He'll destroy the city with them unless Robin takes his daughter to her dance.
21 Feb. 2004
Starfire's growing up and going through changes. She tries to disguise her appearance fearing her friends won't approve of her; when that fails, she tries to run away, but the Titans come after their friend.
28 Feb. 2004
Titan Rising
Terra returns claiming to have more control over her powers. Slade unleashes giant drill worms to sink the Titan's Tower.
6 Mar. 2004
Winner Take All
Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg compete in a "Contest of Champions" against other super powered males. The Grand Master promises the winner will receive a prize.
31 Jul. 2004
Terra takes Beast Boy on a date just as Slade launches an attack on the Titans. Terra's loyalties are revealed.
7 Aug. 2004
Larry, Robin's double, from a different dimension arrives and causes havoc.
14 Aug. 2004
Aftershock: Part 1
Slade and Terra attack the city. The Titans try to stop them, but Terra knows their strengths and weaknesses.
21 Aug. 2004
Aftershock: Part 2
While Terra begins to subconsciously reconsider her betrayal of the Titans and her alliance with Slade, the disillusioned team regroups to counter attack.
28 Aug. 2004
When the Titans find out Brother Blood has an academy for young super villains, Cyborg goes undercover to find out more about the operation.
4 Sep. 2004
Someone has stolen the Red X suit and is planning on powering it up. Can Robin stop his own creation?
11 Sep. 2004
Starfire heads back to her home planet for her marriage. The Titans follow her.
18 Sep. 2004
When Cyborg becomes infected by a computer virus, the titans turn to Gizmo for assistance.
2 Oct. 2004
The Titans set out to stop Slade, who has mysteriously returned. The main problem: Robin is the only one who can see him.
9 Oct. 2004
Raven becomes obsessed with helping to free an ancient magician trapped in a spell book.
16 Oct. 2004
Mad Mod has taken Robin's youth for his own and has hypnotized the whole country into thinking that the American Revolution never happened.
23 Oct. 2004
Aqualad asks the titans for help when Brother Blood creates a new underwater fortress using Cyborg's technology. Cyborg takes it personally.
30 Oct. 2004
The Beast Within
Beast Boy takes flack about not being tough enough. Exposure to some chemicals sparks a change in him, but maybe not for the better.
6 Nov. 2004
Can I Keep Him?
Beast Boy has been secretly keeping one of Killer Moth's insects as a pet and asks Starfire to help hide him from the others. But Starfire becomes too attached.

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