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The Shapies are small toys, each one based on a different shape: Bob Oblong, Paul the Ball, Starry Star, Tammy Triangle, Sammy Square, Sally Cylinder, Sarah Circle, Connie Cone, Perry Pyramid and Rex Rectangle.

The program is a 3D animated musical drama for lower primary school children. The Shapies love to sing, dance and have formed a band. They play and sing in a variety of music styles and dream of one day becoming the most popular band in the world.

Every episode includes songs woven into the stories; there are five per episode including the title song. Each program has a moral for all children and the messages are very positive, teaching skills such as leadership, team-playing, sharing and helping each other.

At the beginning of the story, The Shapies have become separated. Five of them Bob, Paul, Sally, Sarah and Rex are trapped in an old toy box. They dont know how they got there and have a strange feeling theyve been there for a very long time. They desperately want to get out to find their lost friends and get the whole band together again. Luckily for The Shapies, a magical character in the bedroom hears their wishes and opens the lid of the toy box for them. The Shapies emerge into a world theyve never seen ebfore, five-year-old Zacs bedroom.

The Shapies meet The (magical) Mirrorman, who appears in a tall mirror on the bedroom door. He tells The Shapies he is a fan of the band and encourages them to find their lost friends. He also warns them to be careful as there are strange kinds of magic in this world and things are not always as they seem. The Shapies soon discover this is true, and that the bedroom includes many magical doorways to other worlds.

So The Shapies go on their quest to find their lost friends. Each episode is about a new phase of the search which generates a self-contained fantasy adventure, mystery, action or drama story. Little by little, The Shapies have the reward of finding a lost friend, until the last lost Shapie, Perry, is found by the end of the first series. In the second series a new toy, Mr. Boo, with a magical ball of light tries to take over the bedroom and with his crafty plans rid the bedroom of The Shapies. Through a series of misadventures Mr. Boo discovers what great friends The Shapies really are and in the final episode Mr. Boo rescues them from being discarded as unwanted toys.


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