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Miami Herald
Tupac Amaru Shakur is riveting in Tupac: Resurrection. The rapper is a compelling, charismatic hero: articulate, well-read, politically radical, and movie-star handsome to boot (he in fact starred in Poetic Justice and Juice). Make that, was riveting.
Entertainment Weekly
It's no insult to Tupac to say that he was gangsta rap's greatest matinee idol, or that he lived the part only too well.
Film Threat
Takes a look at the man’s entire life and grants us an eye-opening look inside his brain. And now that the supposed be-all-end-all documentary has been made, let’s let the guy get some f----- rest, okay?
The Hollywood Reporter
A poet warrior of the first order emerges in this riveting chronicle of the brief life and times of rap superstar Tupac Shakur.
Rolling Stone
Lazin's remarkable achievement is to catch Tupac in the act of discovering himself. It's something to see.
It's a compelling piece of propaganda that argues for Shakur, whose 1996 murder in Las Vegas at age 25 remains unsolved, as a complicated individual, ambitious artist and magnetic personality by using the most persuasive weapons at its command: Tupac himself.
Lazin has without question skillfully assembled an entertaining, strongly narrative nonfiction package.
Village Voice
Though the edits can be too living-room smooth, the passion and pathology on display transcend the Tabitha Soren overload.
The A.V. Club
Doesn't pretend to be objective, and the film derives much of its power from the way it invites audiences to look at the rapper's life and times through his own soulful, animated eyes. It doesn't always succeed, and there are times when it feels terribly strained.
Dallas Observer
There's too much self-congratulatory showbiz overkill, and one is forced to wonder exactly who is getting paid, and how much, for leading this parade in his honor. Otherwise, this project makes it easy for anyone to understand the sanctified, semi-crazed star and the elements that created and destroyed him.

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