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Decent Entertainment
superindrajit27 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Surakshaa was Sunil Shetty's first release in 1995 after a terrible Hum Hain Bemisaal(1994) which flopped badly at the box office. Sunil didn't get a hit in the mid 90s till Krishna(1996) followed by Sapoot(1996). This basically means that Surakshaa is a flop film but despite the box office's verdict, the film is worth a watch. Surakshaa was also Raju Mavani's directional debut, he was the person who launched Sunil Shetty as a producer of his first film Balwaan.

Surakshaa is the story of injustice which has been the recurring theme of all Bollywood movies. The handling and the flow of these films decide whether the film is watchable. Surakshaa has a good dose of action and comedy but the romance and overacting make the film partly watchable. Another major problem are the villains who are completely sidelined. Tinnu Anand and Mukesh Rishi usually have larger roles to display their talent but here, they aren't given much important despite being the villains. Another major disappointment is the fact that Sunil Shetty only makes a special appearance. He fights when necessary and provides some funny moments like the scene where he has to save one of the heroines from some goons. The main protagonists of the movie are actually Saif Ali Khan and Aditya Pancholi, the problems in the storyline and the problems with other characters mainly connect to them when Sunil is just some random hero who fights when required. This is probably why the film didn't do so well, sidelining Shetty was a bad decision. Another problem with the film is the loopholes in the script. Certain scenes aren't explained well and the comedy is overdone terribly in parts. In certain parts, the comedy is actually crosses the height of stupidity, it's not funny but extremely silly.

Direction by Raju Mavani is decent, he handles the comedy well in parts and the action in most parts. The romance however is not well handled, it is typically overdone. The drama scenes and the twist is extremely well handled for a 90s movie and the climax despite being the typical 90s action movie style is good.

Sunil Shetty doesn't have much of a meaty role but he does a fairly decent job. The stunts he performs are amazing and his expression is mostly decent. His romantic scenes are slightly awkward because he is unintentionally hilarious in these scenes. However, his role is mainly a friendly appearance, not one that connects well with the main plot. Saif Ali Khan for once does a fantastic job, his character is really important to the story and the twist. His comedy is good but his drama is even better. This is his second decent performance after Main Khiladi Tu Anari(1994). Aditya Pancholi is fairly OK, his situation makes the audience sympathise him but he doesn't act properly in the worried and angry scenes. Kader Khan is fantastic, his comedy despite being silly is good. He plays the dumb manager extremely well, he knows how to portray absurd characters well. The heroines including Sheeba are nothing great. The rest provide fairly decent support.

Background Music is good and better than the actual songs in the film, the fight theme song is good and the suspense song is good as well.

On the whole, Surakshaa is entertainment that successfully works in most parts. Despite the silliness and stale comedy in parts, the film works well because of many highlights like the plot and decent performances.
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Great comedy in a daft movie.
Liakot Ali15 June 2006
Surakshaa is a action movie packed with lots of comedy. The storyline is daft, but still manages to entertain. The movie stars Saif Ali Khan, in a comic performance. He delivers a very funny performance, which we have seen in movies like Love ke liye kuch bhi karega. Sunil Shetty co stars proving the action scenes in a boring role. Although his partnership with the Saif and Kader are funny. Aditya Pancholi tries comedy, we have seen him in great serious roles like Saathi, Maha Sangram and Aatish. He does deliver a few laughs through out the film. The actresses are all third class nobodies. Sheeba bores, Divya is irritating and the newcomer is annoying. The Whole movie belongs to the King of Comedy in Bollywood Kader Khan. Kader Khan in one of his funniest roles, you could say the main actor. If you haven't seen this film and like Kader Khan comedies. This movie is the right choice for you.
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silvan-desouza16 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For some reason, 2 films had a similar starcast Suraksha and Ek Tha Raja which released in 1996. Aditya, Sunil and Saif played the leads in both the films. This film has Saif double act as a waiter when actually he is someone else, It has Aditya who acts like the rich guy and then a murder happens. The end is typical

The suspense is well unveiled but too many subplots, corny scenes, clichés do harm.

The villains hardly look villainy and the end features lot of action which was liked in those days

Direction is not too great,quite good in parts though

Music is okay

Saif Ali Khan does well in his role, Aditya Panscholi is okay while Sunil Shetty has a briefer role and is okay Kader Khan is funny Monica Bedi is as usual, Sheeba and Divya Dutta are okay Mukesh Rishi is as usual, Tinnu Anand and Achyut Poddar are okay
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Real comedy circus! Non stop!
varghesejunior21 July 2012
This is just another circus. The makers have tried to crate a suspense thriller admixed with some masala and comedy but the recipe has gone real bad! Story is a mystery thriller revolving around 2 millionaires, and some goons trying to loot them.

The film has unbelievable and meaningless scenes, silly comedy,poor editing, poor costume designing.

Only a couple of songs are good (one of them being the title track), the choreography is good, few dialogues are noteworthy, and maybe 1 or 2 comedy scenes are worth laughing for.

Not worth!
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